The Cream Always Rises to the Top

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Jennifer Hudson
spoke from the heart last night while accepting her award for Best R&B album:

“I would like to thank God, who has brought me through. I would like to thank my family in heaven and those who are here today,” Hudson said, choking up during her first public comments since the murder of her brother, mother and nephew in October.

It’s great to see ole girl back in the mix and bringing some bona fide talent back to the game. Dig more pics of your girl, and Whitney Houston looking dazed and confused next to her on stage right about now Continue »

Ray J Don’t Give A Hell About A Whitney Houston

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Brandy and Whitney

Big sis, Brandy is setting the world straight on the truth rumors that Ray J and Whitney are a bonafied item:

In the Winter issue of Rap-Up magazine, Brandy reveals word-for-word Ray J’s sentiments about his relationship with Bobby Brown’s ex-wife, Whitney Houston.

“Well, every time I ask Ray J about Whitney he always says that’s just his friend. He’s not dating her. And I don’t think that he would lie to me. I said, ‘Well Ray, that’s not the way it looks. Continue »

Whitney Houston on Her Job

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Whitney Houston

Our auntie, Whitney Houston, was seen exiting a Beverly Hills medical facility, but hopefully it was just a routine check-up.  That thang looks focused man, and like she’s been getting after some home cooked meals with that meat on them bones.  You go, girl.

More pics of Whitney up under the hood… Continue »

Whitney Gets The Death Glare

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Whitney Houston and Bobbi Kristina Brown

Burnt-out fallen diva Whitney Houston and offspring Bobby Kristina were spotted at LAX recently. Between Whitney & Bobby and all their basehead shenanigans, you can bet they did quite a number on this poor chile. Get a close up of Bobby Kriss’ sheer look of disgust, and more after the jump. Continue »

Bobby “BooBoo” Brown Embarking on 5th Kid

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As if Bobby Brown’s satanic loins have not produced enough crack induced sperm into society already…his new baby moms is stepping into the a.m.: Continue »

Ne-Yo Comes Out the Closet About Whitney Houston’s New Album

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Neyo and Whitney

Ne-Yo is telling people that Whitney’s got her mind right, and only wants to focus on the positive music:

He says, “People are expecting something fantastic and I think they are going to get it. Whitney doesn’t want any sad songs on this record. She isn’t going for tear jerkers. She’s happy raising her children and wants her music to reflect that. It’s already sounding great”.

You are right Ne-Yo. We don’t want to hear about how she beat the crack monster, and her divorce, or her stupid healing. We want to hear about this wonderful life she has had, and the way she just breezed by the last 10 yrs to this point. SMH


BET Honors: Whitney is That You???

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BET honors 1

Last night the BET Honors were held, and Whitney Houston made a appearance. She looks better especially with that weight on her arms.

Bossip was on the red carpet last night. You know every body and they mama showed up, Mary J., Gabrielle Union(fresh from the clinic), Magic Johnson and Cookie. The biggest surprise of the night…Ne-Yo showed up with a girl on his arm.

Pop that thang and see the rest, including Bossip exclusive pictures taken on the red carpet last night… Continue »

Whitney Houston to Come Back in Spectacular Fashion

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Clive Davis and Whitney Houston

WOW, not only is your auntie, Whitney Houston, planning to perform at Clive Davis’ pre-Grammy shindig, but cats are forking over upwards $20K+ to attend: Continue »

*Exclusive* Inside the Bobby Brown Tell-All

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Bossip just exclusively received a copy of the forward of what will possibly be the most entertaining tell-all book of all damn time. Apparently, what started out as a clean autobiography of Bobby’s mishaps has spiraled out of control into an “un(authorized) biography” written by his good friend Derrick Handspike. It is rumored that Whitney is doing everything she can to destroy the book. Too late! The book came out yesterday and the crack has already hit the fan.

Let’s rewind. Here is how it all went down.

Bobby called me the morning the story broke in the media and he was baffled! He was confused! His voice was all low and he sounded wounded. I had never heard him like that before. First of all, he wanted to know how the story got leaked into the press. Second, he was dealing with how Whitney and their Bobbi Kris were feeling about yet another negative outburst of publicity drama about their family, and this time it was rightfully caused by him. I don’t think he was really ready for what had just happened!

Continue »

Together Again?

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Sources say that Whitney & Bobby may soon reunite:

We’ve heard it before, but folks inside Whitney Houston’s circle of pals again insist the on-the-rebound diva and ex-husband Bobby Brown may be getting back together.

The official word from Camp Houston sticks to to the old line about the divorced couple remaining separate, ”but good friends whose primary interest is the well-being of their daughter.” Yet, several Georgia sightings of Houston and Brown in recent days — clearly looking very romantic while dining together — seem to boost the reliability of what I’m hearing. I’m also hearing that the divorced couple’s daughter Bobbi Kristina is eager for her parents to remarry.

This comes as no shock. Those two nutballs are made for each other. Pity.

Another Day, Another Lawsuit

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Whitney’s back in the news once more. According to Livesteez:

R&B diva Whitney Houston is reportedly being sued by her step-mother for the remaining proceeds of her late father’s $1 million life insurance policy. Whitney was the beneficiary of the money following her father’s death in 2003. In a lawsuit filed in May (08), Barbara alleges her stepdaughter was instructed to use John Houston’s $1 million life insurance policy to pay off the mortgage on his apartment and hand over the title to the property and any remaining funds, according to

Barbara’s lawsuit claims she was supposed to get the remaining proceeds as well as the title to the property, and that Whitney has yet to give her either one.

Barbara might as well forget about seeing one cent from that policy. That sh*t got smoked the hell up a long time ago. SMH.

The Whitney Album Cover is a Fake

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It seems Whitney’s Stans have a rock addiction as well, because the album cover is a photoshopped picture of Naomi Campbell. SMH at the things crackheads will do to get a fix.

Whitney Houston’s New Album Cover

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If you think that is meat on Whitney’s thighs, think no more because that is an airbrush artist’s work at its finest hour. She looks good, which can probably be attributed to her kicking that crooked-mouthed demon, Bobby Brown, to the curb. Hopefully, the excess crack smoke has exited her throat and lungs so she can get back the voice that actually sounds good.

There’s Something Creepy About These Two

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As we reported earlier this week, here’s Whitney and Ray-J about to get their smooch on (yuck) after a night of clubbing. Here’s an “inside” report from that night at club Villa:

Whitney Houston and Ray J’s romance looked like it was going strong at West Hollywood nightclub Villa on July 26. “They sat very close together. She only had eyes for him,” says an insider. “At one point, she placed her hand on his leg.” The insider adds that Whitney only drank water and looked very happy. A friend insists that while their relationship sometimes appears rocky, they never stray too far from each other. “They’re on and off, but it’s never really over between them,” the pal says. “They always pick up where they left off.” Whitney, 45, showed off an enormous diamond when she hugged Ray J, 27.

This tale is mad suspect. First off, here they go with that Whitney sipping on water bs. Who the hell is buying that shyte? And that diamond ring crap sounds peculiar too. What is it with these interrupted aging divas and their cornball boy toys?

Coupled Up

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Odd couple Whitney Houston and Ray J were spotted this weekend in LA kickin tough. Damn, Whitney’s ass needs to lay off the rocks or the Botox or whatever…her ass is looking crazier than the fu*k.

Check the last thumbnail to view them getting a lil smoochie faced. Gross.

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