This Dude Must Have An Album Coming Out or Something

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Bobby Brown’s son has been running his yap in the “news” lately. Last week, he was talking about how he jumped-off Lindsay Lohan in a bathroom and now he has something to say about good ole Whitney:

Bobby Brown’s son Landon has revealed his former stepmother, Whitney Houston, treated him like an employee when he went to stay with the former couple. Landon Brown says Houston was a “nightmare” to grow up with, refusing to accept him as a member of her family. He tells the National Enquirer that his former stepmom insisted he slept in a guest house when he came to stay – and refused to let him spend time with her daughter – his half-sister – Bobbi Kristina.

He says, “Whitney and I never really got along. She didn’t necessarily hate me, but she wouldn’t really speak to me either. In Whitney’s eyes, I was the stepchild.” He adds, “She decided to turn me into one of her security personnel. I was a teenager but I was walking around dressed up in all black with a Security shirt and she’d have me work for her. I was just another one of her staff.”

SMH. We’re not saying that rocked-out Whitney is a saint or anything, but this little nicca is trying to get a little publicity by any means necessary. Poor thang.


Caught Red-Handed

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Whitney and Ray-J

Word is that Ray J was given tha boot from the Hyatt Regency in D.C., for possessing kush and a club drug called “Boat”.

We’re told Ray J went to his room after partying it up, when hotel management got a complaint. It appears security went up to the room where they allegedly found all the drug stuff.

Our sources say the singer tried to bribe hotel security so he could stay but they didn’t bite. We’re told Ray J went crazy, arguing like a mutha. Eventually, Mr. J’s own security came to the hotel and carted him away.

Police were called, but no one was busted [and] Ray J had to check into a Holiday Inn down the street.

Ray J’s rep [says] “The altercation did not directly affect Ray J — it was people in his entourage. But he did the gentlemanly thing and left the hotel anyway.”

This a sure sign he’s been hanging around Whitney too long. He’s lucky his ass didn’t get arrested – this time. Trife.


Goodbye Trouble

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Whitney 521

Looks like Whitney is off the hook:

“Misdemeanor drug possession charges against Whitney Houston have been dropped by a Hawaiian judge, following a substance abuse assessment of the star. The pop superstar allegedly disposed of less than half an ounce of the drug and three roaches (partially smoked marijuana cigarettes), before boarding a United Airlines flight from Keahole-Kona airport to San Francisco, California.

Houston’s record label bosses maintain she has been clean of all illegal substances since her most recent stint three years ago.”

We hope for her sake that this is true. She’s been given more chances to pull herself out of the quagmire that is her life. Once she kicks Ray-J to the curb, she may actually have a fighting chance.


Brain Damage

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Whitney Houston 512

Rocks are one helluva drug:

“Whitney Houston was reportedly so scared of forgetting the words to her hit songs at her recent comeback concert in London, she had the lyrics taped to her dressing room wall.

Houston, who is set for a career revival with a new album later this year, was determined not to make a mistake during the performance. So the hitmaker asked for the words to all the songs to be printed out and displayed in her dressing room – so she could memorize them thoroughly before going onstage.

A source tells British newspaper the Daily Mirror, ‘Whitney was really nervous before her set. She didn’t make any diva demands, and was polite to everyone. She spent 45 minutes reading the lyrics, mouthing the words and holding her hands as if in prayer.”

We got to give it up for Whitney for making that extra effort to over come being burnt the f*^k out. Word is she knocked ‘em dead in the concert, but then again, with low expectations, anything is possible.


Jesus Take The Wheel

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The National Enquirer is reporting that Bobbi Kristina tried to kill herself:

Whitney Houston’s 15 year-old daughter Bobbi Kristina tried to stab her mom during an argument – and then attempted to kill herself by slashing her wrists! The shocking suicide attempt landed Bobbi Kristina in a psychiatric ward in Atlanta, sources said. Ann Davis, a family member said that a few days before Bobbi’s 15th birthday party that Kristina “tried to stab Whitney” before turning the razor on herself. Davis confided that part of Kristina’s problem is that she doesn’t want to live with Whitney.”

Damn, hopefully this isn’t true. Poor thang.

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It’s Not Right..But It’s Ok

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Whitney Houston 428

Whitney’s up to her usual brand of madness again:

“R&B diva Whitney Houston disappointed a sold-out crowd who came to see a rare performance by the trouble-prone singer at the Plymouth Jazz Festival in Tobago on Sunday. Houston opened her show with ‘Its Not Right, But Its Okay’ and by her third song, ‘Saving All My Love,’ the once soprano’s newfound tenor tone was in full rasp. Wearing a white gown with a single shoulder strap, Houston skipped around the stage and continuously shouted to the crowd: ‘I love you Trinidad !’ Unfortunately, the concert was in Tobago! Locals shouted back each time: ‘This is Tobago!'”

The days when Whitney belted out those classic tunes are officially behind her. We’d actually feel sorry for her if she didn’t earn $3 million bucks for that mediocre 30 minute performance.


Jesus Take The Wheel

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Here are some pics of Bobbi Kristina and the King of R&B’s other daughter LaPrincia boozing it up and getting all kissy-faced with each other. This seems about ‘normal’ for the average 15 year-old girl, but with Bobbi Kris’ track record and set of parents we hope she is able to maintain all of her habits.

These babies look like they might need some intervention soon. Poor thangs.


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One Nutty Heffah

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Whitney Houston 422

Whitney and Ray-J were spotted at a boxing match on Saturday:

Whitney Houston was back to her bizarre ways at the Hopkins-Calzaghe fight in Vegas Saturday. ‘She was practically carried in by her staff, and her people snapped their fingers, saying, “‘Whitney needs a waitress!'” says our spy. ‘She couldn’t focus while Ray J sang the national anthem. But when he got back to her they were lovey-dovey all night.'”

At this point, bizarre is the norm for ole Whitney, and Ray-J has officially entered the black-hole that is her world. He might as well go ahead and reserve a bed at the Betty Ford clinic – he ’bout to get turned out!


Fill in The Blank

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Here is poor little Bobbi Christina spending some quality time with her Mom at LAX yesterday.

Fill in The Blank: Whitney is probably chopping it up with to Ray-J and Bobbi just hit up her______________.


Here We Go Again

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Ray-J & Whitney

Whitney and Ray-J were spotted at Atlanta’s Hot 107.9 Hip Hop fashion show last night. Whitney’s looking as crazy as ever. Hope she didn’t go tumbling off that wagon. Check out the thumbnails to view the madness up close.

Ray-J & Whitney1Ray-J & Whitney3Ray-J & Whitney4

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The Object of Rivalry

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Bobby laid it out in his new book. Now Ray-J responds to Bobby’s statements and how he was referred to as “little man”:

“’I think what Bobby’s saying in his book is just ridiculous. He should really go back in and pray and figure out what he should do on the positive tip. I don’t kiss and tell, I don’t exploit other people’s business and I don’t think it’s cool that Bobby’s doing that!’” Plus, Ray J says, “’We’re the same height, Bobby, come on!’”

SMH. Whitney used to be an World Class star. Now she’s a recovering addict who deals with mark-ass busters such as these. But it just goes to show that anything is possible. On that note, Ray-J is on some “pot calling the kettle” sh*t about kissing and telling.


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Whitney’s Pocket Blocking

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bobby and whitney in court

Bobby accuses Whitney of impeding potential income:

BOBBY BROWN is fuming with his ex-wife WHITNEY HOUSTON because she won’t sign off on a DVD release of the fallen R&B star’s BEING BOBBY BROWN reality TV show.

Houston, who appeared heavily in the series, and wasn’t always portrayed in a good light, is refusing to give Brown the OK to cash in on DVD sales, and he insists that’s eating heavily into his potential income.

He tells In Touch magazine, ‘Whitney blames the show for ruining her career and she won’t sign off on the contract to release the DVD. There’s a lot of money to be made, but, because she won’t cooperate, we’ll never see it. I have a serious problem with that because it affects my income.'”

That’s right, you broke ass individual. Time to try a new approach. Perhaps Bobby should try, say, ahh, working for a change. We heard the Roger Rabbit is due for a comeback. And no one can work it out like B Brown. A word of advice: Get your “Every Little Step” on, or shut the f*ck up already.


Ray-J vs. Bobby

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Whitney and Ray J

Ray-J says Bobby’s just not up to the job:

“As the 44-year-old diva with the legendary voice struggles to make her comeback, both of her exes have written scandalous things about her.

Her ex-husband Bobby Brown has come out with a tell-all autobiography, “Being Bobby Brown: The Whole Truth and Nothin’ But,” in which he details his and Houston’s drug use and addresses the rumors of her bi-sexuality.

And now her much younger lover, Ray J, 27, has written a song dissing Brown and detailing his sex life with Houston. In Ray J’s “Boyfriend,” off his just-released album, “All I Feel,” which debuts this week, Ray J croons, “Is that your wife, is that your shorty, well I’m her boyfriend . . . I think the problem is you don’t beat it right . . . Making love is cool, just pull her hair sometimes.”

These are some simple bastards. Is Ray J bragging about hittin it, or giving Bobby advice on how to bring it?

Now that she’s addressed her addiction to rocks (so we hope), Whitney should put her sites on improving her taste in men. This kiss and tell bullsh*t is getting out of hand.


Whitney Trying To Get Her Swag Back

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Whitney Houston and Dionne Warwick attended Muhammad Ali’s celebrity Fight night in Arizona where Auntie Dionne spoke on Whitney’s upcoming music ventures:

“Whitney Houston is back! I’m thrilled that she’s in the studio and working on her new album. No doubt she’s overcoming everything that has been put in front of her even this week.”

She must be talking about Bobby and all his bullsh*t this past week. She better be ready for more since there more from Bobby’s crazy ass trickling out each day.

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Whitney Takes the High Ground

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Whitney responds to Bobby’s accusations:

“Miss Houston is sad that Bobby feels he need to say such things but she choses to take the high road and will not speak badly about the father of her child even if it’s to set the record straight.”

Check out Whitney trying to play it humble. Either that or she’s keeping quiet because she knows Bobby speaks the truth. A word of advice to Whitney: It’s a little too late to try to save face.

Enjoy the pics of Bobby and Whitney in their early rocks days below: