*BOSSIP Exclusive* Is India.Arie Getting Sacked By An NFL Star?

Remember India.Arie? No? Think Erykah Badu but darker with an acoustic guitar. Yeah, it took us a minute too but someone knows her name. Word has it she’s been getting chopped down by a well-known NFL star in the tropics. Pop the hood to see who might be smashing her.

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*BOSSIP Exclusive* Asia’h And “The Lotus Project” Part 2

Asia'h The Lotus Project

Last week BOSSIP.com officially presented Asia’h Epperson (Babyface’s newest protege) and now we’re bringing you part 2.

Flip the script to have a listen and a gander… Continue »

*BOSSIP Exclusive* Basketball Wives’ Jennifer Williams on The “Nervous” NBA

"Jennifer Williams Basketball Wives"

“Basketball Wives” star Jennifer Williams sat down with Bossip and talked about being a “private person” on reality TV and how the NBA has responded to the show, including rumors that Pat Riley tried to shut it down. Continue

*BossipVideo.com Exclusive* Naturi Naughton Says Kiely’s Moms Was Behind The Breakup Of Cheetah Girls/3LW And The Complexion Issue!

For the second part of the Naturi Naughton interview, we asked her to go into detail about the reasoning behind her leaving the group 3LW/Cheetah Girls. Also, we feel obligated to mention her dancers being out of pocket and disrespectful… little big headed busters.

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*Bossip Exclusive*: Guess Which Reality TV Star Threw Some D’s On That B*tch??

"Brandy, Chilli, Shaunie O'Neal, Tiny, Toya, Royce Reed"

BOSSIP just got wind that Heidi Montag is not the only Reality TV chick hitting up the plastic surgeon’s office. One of these ladies above felt the need to get clipped, snipped and stuffed…Can you guess which one?!?!

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*BOSSIP Exclusive* Dead Wrong Hoaxes

"Michael  Jackson Funeral"

The anniversary of Michael Jackson’s death is coming up on June 25th and not everybody wants to accept that the King of Pop is gone. The folks over at a site called Michael Jackson Death Hoax Investigators think he’s still kicking. And there are fans out there hanging on to the hope that Tupac is alive. This got us thinking about some of the celeb death hoaxes we’ve seen. Pop the hood. Continue »

*BOSSIP Exclusive* Is Flo-Rida Hittin’ This?!?!

"Flo-Rida and Laeann Amos"

We know Brandy is busy with her VH1 reality show, spitting hot 16s and… well, that’s it but she better check her man, Flo-Rida. Word is he’s been creeping on B-Rocka with a King Magazine model. Hey, who doesn’t love cakes? Pop the hood for more.

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*BOSSIP Exclusive*: Presenting Asia’h and The Lotus Project

Asia'h Epperson

Babyface’s newest protege Asia’h may also prove to be his most triumphant. Days after suffering the most tragic loss of her life, Asia’h delivered the most memorable “American Idol” audition to date. Continue »

*BOSSIP Exclusive* Artist J Blue The New R&B Kid On The Block!

J Blue is a new artist out of Cali who Bossip interviewed because of his old school music and K.C. of Jodeci resemblance. He and his teammate are doing some innovative things in Hollyweird right now, like spots where young visionaries can gather and brainstorm. J Blue is also trying to bring that old R&B back.

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Stacey Dash Exclusive Photos Dropped Here First!

Our friend Kate, from KRAVE Magazine, sent us a few exclusive photos from a new shoot with Stacey Dash. We know how some of your minds work, so pop the top and peep the others while they are still hot… Continue »

*Bossip Exclusive* Damn, Christina Milian’s Sister Is Holding More Cake Than A Reception Table!

Last night in Hollyweird, BOSSIP was invited to a store opening on Melrose. When we arrived, Meagan Good was leaving and asked us please not to take pictures of her next to some random dude, but we did anyways. We got the scoop on C-Milli and the Dream, as well as Meagan Good’s love interest, or lack thereof: Continue »

BOSSIP Exclusive: Inside LaLa’s V.I.P. Bachelorette Party

Carmelo Anthony and LaLa Vazquez Getting Married

It’s really, really official! BOSSIP reported early this year that after being “engaged” for a ga-zillion years, Carmelo Anthony and LaLa Vazquez are finally jumping the broom. First, she was seen shopping for dresses with Ciara, and now BOSSIP has exclusive info on the plans for her bachelorette party this weekend.

Details on bachelorette party planners and fun on the flip… Continue »


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