To Whom Do These Toned Cougar Cakes And Quads Belong?

Spotted In Sao Paulo Brazil

We haven’t seen her out and about at night without her younger, soon-to-be better half in a minute… Can you guess who this is flossin’ her bawwwwdy in Brazil? Continue »

Basketball Wives L.A. Episode 3 Sneak Peek “Booty Poppin’” [Video]

Damn @ Jackie Christie Wanting Strippers At Her Wedding.

To Whom Do These Man Cakes Belong?

Fashion's Night Out 2011

Can you guess who this is bustin’ the mean sag while hopping into his ride with a purple Member’s Only jacket and jeggins on? Continue »

Hoes Beware: Impersonating A Stripper Will Get You A $450 Fine


Some of you ladies impersonate strippers every single day and don’t know it. Be careful! Continue »

Guess Who Went To Disneyland And Chopped Down Eva Mendes’ Saucy Cakes


Eva Mendes has been enjoying the single life lately, but she might be taken off the market. Continue »

Rumor Control: Did Rachel Uchitel REALLY Say She Was Glad Her Husband Died On 9/11?


Looks like Tiger Woods’ former slutbucket, Rachel Uchitel had some pretty stupid things to say recently. Continue »

Goodbye To The Mammaries: Jessica Simpson Is Getting A Breast Reduction To Look Slim For Her Wedding

jessica simpson

Some women will do anything to fit into their wedding dresses. Continue »

Some Morning Cakes

Coco Wears White Bikini In Vegas With Husband Ice-T

Here is your girl Nicole “Coco” Austin doing what she does best at the Hard Rock Hotel in Vegas. Continue »


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