50 Cent’s Lil Piece “Daphne Joy” And Friends Floss Their Lil Bikini Bawddies In San Diego

Jessica Burciaga Daphne Joy Suelyn Medeiros

Here is Daphne Joy along with Suelyn Medeiros and Jessica Burciaga at the Bikini Swim Club in San Diego with their lil bikini bodies on blast. Continue »

Guess These Cakes In A Kini…

Paula Patton On The Beach In A Bikini With Husband Robin Thicke

These cakes were spotted in Miami bending over and frolicking around the beach. Can you guess to whom they belong??? Continue »

Jill Scott Says You Can’t Smash Her THICKALICIOUS Cakes Until After The 5th Date

Jill Scott

Ms.Scott recently spoke on her rules for any of you fellas planning on taking a long walk with her after dark in her park…

Now the minimum is until the fifth date. The whole celibacy thing, you could throw that out the window. That’s over. But I don’t have physical intimacy until at least the fifth date. So I can get to know who I’m dealing with and they can get to know me. And with my schedule, five dates can take three or four months! It just gives me a chance to get to know the person. So we talk on the phone pretty much every day or maybe we Skype or have a date and we have fun. I’m getting to know someone so I know if they’re crazy or not. I just don’t want to waste my time. I’m just trying to look at the mistakes that I made. I got so caught up in the flesh and I’m not even allowing someone to get to know the best parts of me. I’m a single girl in the world, but if I don’t have some standards then I can be making the same mistakes that I made in the past. I do want love. Genuine love. And sometimes sex can get in the way

Preach it Jill! Nothing wrong with waiting on knocking the boots. Riiiight?


More Promo-Hoeing: BeyBey Puts Them Thighs And Luscious Legs On Blast In New Photos

Beyonce Promo Photos For Album 4

Hey stans. Itching for your daily overdose of Beyonce? Continue »

Esther “I Thought Swizz Beatz Made ‘Pump It Up’ “Baxter And Her Massive Flotation Devices Cover KING Magazine

Esther Baxter

Esther Baxter and her tig ole bitties grace the cover of the prestigious KING magazine’s WET issue. Continue »

Summatime Summatime Summa Summa Cakes In ‘Kinis Time

Elizabeth Velasquez

We neither know nor care what the hell Bikini Swim Club is, however we would like to thank the ladies for proudly suiting up and tooting them thangs up. Continue »

Guess These Lil Latina Backs

Eva Longoria and Boyfriend Eduardo Cruz On Vacation

These cakes were spotted on the beach in Spain vacationing with friends. Can you guess to whom they belong?? Continue »

Coupled Up: Tyra Banks Out In Mexico Flossin’ Her Bikini Body, Backs, And Baller Banker Boo John Utendahl

Former Top Model Tyra Banks and her boyfriend John Utendahl have a romantic weekend in Mexico.

Tyra Banks and her longtime boyfriend, John Utendahl, were spotted hot tubbing it up on a lil lovers vacay in Mexico this weekend.

Peep the pics and let us know if you think Ty Ty is still bangin…

“Obrigado, Brasil!!!” A Few Of Our Favorite Beautiful Black Brazilian Bangers

Valquira Ribeira

Don’t let these silly rappers and their silly rap songs and rap fantasies fool you: every woman in Brazil is not Adriana Lima or Gisele-looking. Continue »

Some BET Awards Cakes

nicki minaj arrives at the BET Awards '11 held at The Shrine Auditorium

Nicki Minaj and those luscious cakes of hers Continue »

Dark’N’Lovelies: These Bangers Make It Rain… Hot Chocolate!!!

Brownskin collage

Brown-skinned lady, how ya doin? Continue »

Spare Us: Kim Kardashian Gets A$$ X-Rays To Prove That World Famous Donk Of Hers Is 100% Authentic

kim kardashian butt xray

Kimmy Cakes’ big little sister Khloe took to her blog to post an image of Kim’s butt X-ray to “prove” that her backs are real…. Continue »


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