Name That Dusty Donk…

Amber Rose Walking With Friends

These powdery cakes were seen strolling around Hollyweird…can you guess to whom do they belong? Continue »

Name These Cakes

Jessica Alba has an upskirt at her photoshoot

This Hollyweird actress probably didn’t plan on showcasing her cakes at a recent photoshoot. Can you guess who these cute little buns belong to??? Continue »

Guess The Malibu Beach Bum Cakes

Rachel Uchitel

Ewwww, whose little beach bum cakes are these? Here’s a big hint, she’s probably trying to put those skanky becky backs on the market!!! Continue »

Guess Who’s Dragging All Of This Donk Around??

alicia keys pregnant big butt

Someone was spotted getting into an SUV vehicle with her load looking a little wider than usual….stumped? Check it below: Continue »

Guess Who Was Coyly Covering Her Donk In An Attempt To Avoid Paparazzi Style Cake Shots???

Kim Kardashian Hides Butt After Working Out

These cakes were spotted acting like they don’t put themselves on blast on the regular. If you can guess who they belong to, then you seriously need help and we’re gonna pray for you. Continue »

Forget The AM Caffeine Fix, Here’s A Little Rosa Acosta In A Kini To Lift You Up

day at Venice Beach as part of A Day In The Life with Cover Model Rosa Acosta

Rosa Acosta and that body of hers, was photographed while attention whoring it up for “A Day In The Life with Cover Model Rosa Acosta.” Apparently, on any given day, Rosa is rollerblading on Venice Beach with rapper Hazel E, making milkshakes with her cake buddy Shakur, and frolicking around in a bikini taking pics and ish.

Wanna see it all in action? Be sure to peep game below: Continue »

Some Afternoon Cakes


If tattoos and piercings are your thing, you’ll probably dig Miss Paris. Keep reading for a better look Continue »

Is Irv Gotti Choppin’ Down __________________ Fine Cakes???

Hip hop music supremo Irv Gotti arrives at Katsuya in Hollywood with a new girlfriend

Irv Gotti had quite a hot date when he headed to Katsuya (aka Paparazzi Central) last night for dinner. Keep reading to find out who the banger is on his arm. Continue »

Some Morning Smut

Dollicia Bryan King Magazine

Happy Friday, party people! Last month BOSSIP gave you a sneak peek of Dollicia Bryan covering the Fall 2010 issue of the prestigious King Magazine along with all her jibber jabber about Reggie Bush, Kim Kardashian, and Darren Sharper.

Well, we now have her full spread and we would like to share them with our wonderful BOSSIP pervs who come on here every morning looking for some cakes :) Continue »

Kimmy Cakes Is Attention Whoring AGAIN! Gives Twitter A Sneak Peek Of Her Latest Calendar

Kim Kardashian Calendar

Kim Kardashian is putting her bangin’ body on blast again… but this time she’s not on a beach or by the pool, she just switched up her Twitter background for one day to help advertise her latest calendar. Continue »

Guess The Bubbalicious Backs

Tahiry Back 5

Guess whose bubbalicious backs were featured in XXL? Continue »

Random Ridiculousness: American Apparel Holds Booty Contest, Only One Black Booty Gets Honorable MENtion

american apparel butt contest

Here are some morning cakes courtesy of American Apparel, the clothing company who is not interested in selling their overpriced T-shirts and leggings to “Trashy Black Girls.”

They held a “Best Bottoms” contest, and only one brown booty was shown love…. Continue »

Some Afternoon Cakes

Scarlet Reyn KING Magazine WebGirl

As we kick off another week, we’ve got our eye on KING Magazine’s latest WebGirl — Dominican-born beauty Scarlet Reyn. Currently living in Miami, Reyn shared her freaky secrets with and we figured we’d share them Continue »

Can You Guess Who Worked Hard To Get These Cakes??

mel b stephen belafonte

Melanie Brown has quite the workout regime to keep her body on point: Continue »

Name These Captivating Curvaceous Cakes

Iman leaving the NYSE Closing Bell after attending the 40th anniversary of Essence magazine celebration

These captivating curves were spotted in Manhattan yesterday afternoon, can you guess who they belong to? Here’s a hint, she’s an iconic beauty who has built an empire! Keep scrolling to find out if you guessed right Continue »