Some Afternoon Cakes: Keyshia Dior, XXL: Eye Candy Of The Year

Take a moment to appreciate the magnificence that is Miss Keyshia Dior, who XXL named ‘Eye Candy Of The Year’. We would say “clap for her”, but she should be the one doing the clapping…*Kanye shrug*

Name That “Voluptuous” Cake…

gwyneth paltrow attends the "Country Strong" Los Angeles Special Screening at the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences

These backs were spotted at the “Country Strong” special screening looking flatter than a pancake. Continue »

Angela ‘See, I’m Not A Muff Diver!” Simmons Goes Shopping In A Hot Pink Hooker Dress

Angela Simmons Bossip

Angela probably thought this hot pink get up would get us up off her back. But the girl trip to Victoria’s Secret just makes her and her suspect crew look all the more suspect. Continue »

Who Looked More Bangin??? Nicki Minaj, Cassie, or Amber Rose….

Nicki Minaj Celebrates Her Birthday At Tao In Las Vegas With Cassie and Amber Rose

This looks like every man’s girl-on-girl threesome fantasy. Nicki Minaj in the middle of a Cassie and Amber Rose sandwich at Nicki’s birthday party at Tao in Vegas. Continue »

Name That Waxy Cake ‘N Bake

The Lady Gaga wax figure is unveiled at Madame Tussaud's Berlin

This lil waxed out donk was revealed at the Madame Tussauds in Berlin, Germany. Can you guess who it is??? Continue »

Some Afternoon Cakes: Cubana Lust Edition

This dot-com dimepiece has been featured on numerous sites and magazines, but we just can’t get enough of her. Continue »

Name The Tiny Tooted Up Cakes

One of our nominees in the “Attention Whore of the Year” category for this year’s Bossip Awards assumed this classy position in a recent photo shoot with Can you name those tiny tooted up cakes? Continue »

Exclusive New Black Kid On The Block: Raekwon Signs Off On “Six” The Rapper As Future Plus Shoot With Rosa Acosta! [Video]

SIX is in negotiations with Atlantic & Universal right now and we are rooting for the young brother. His music is dope… and he seems to have a good head on his shoulders.

Click Here To Peep The HHW Exclusive Video With SIX And Rosa Acosta!!!

Name That Barbed Wire Covered Booty…

This booty was seen being offered some barbed wire protection…judging from the a$s to waist ratio, can you guess who it is??? Continue »

Caption This

Trey Songz Birthday Booty Cake

The OMG Tour just passed through Detroit the other day and Trey Songz popped through radio station Hot 107.2 to do a little promo for his new album, the tour and his birthday. Little did he know that the station had a little prank set up for him. But we all know that if it wasn’t a prank and it was a little bit more discrete, Trey would have probably indulged in some vanilla cakes… Continue »

Guess The Wrinkly Flatty-Cakes…

kathy griffin bikini

These backs were spotted looking all pancake-ish and wrinkled…can you guess who??? Continue »

Some Mid-Morning Cakes…And Biscuits

This amazing specimen named Laeann Amos is actually a 2-for-one, with cakes and motorboat potential. Make you wanna sop her up with a biscuit, cotdamn!

Sidenote: Does anyone else think she favors Lauryn Hill a little bit??


Question Of The Day: Would You Hit This Little Bit??

How many of you perverted guys would stuff this little thing???

Brooke Hogan Loves Her Cellulite-Free Body, But Says “It’s Not What You’re Supposed To Look Like In Real Life”

brooke hogan beach body


‘I love my body. Thick or not, I’m firm. I don’t have cellulite. I’m happy with how I am.’ Continue »


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