Is This Hollyweird Hairdresser Khloe Kardashian’s Biological Father??

Khloe Kardashian & Alex Roldan

The question of “Is Khloe really a Kardashian?” has been in the news pretty heavy lately Continue »

What Is Wrong With This Picture: Has Beyonce Been Whitewashed Yet Again???


We have a pretty good idea of why this promo shot didn’t come out with the others last Spring! Continue »

Question Of The Day: What Exactly Was Yeezy Trying To Tell Us With His Three Hours’ Worth Of Tweets?

A Digest Of Kanye West's Three Hour Long Twitter Rant

Last night, Yeezy spent three hours on Twitter, posting a total of 80 tweets of slightly interconnected randomness. Continue »

A Lil’ Holiday Positivity: Yeezy Dedicates A Surprisingly Human Moment To The People Of ‘Hispanola’

Kanye West Waxes Philosophical About The Plight Of The Haitian People On Twitter

Most of you don’t even know where “Hispanola” is… even if you’ve been there. Continue »

Question Of The Day: Would You Give Your 5-Year-Old Child Medical Marijuana For Health Reasons?? [Video]

weed wars

If this was the only option to help your child live a better life, would you do it?? Continue »

Breaking News Update: The Power of Twitter is Real! Missing NYC Teen Found #FoundJaniceLewis

A Curious Case: Why Isn't #FindJaniceLewis Trending on Twitter?

This is Janice Lewis. The teen has been missing as of Decemeber 6, 2011 afternoon after she boarded the Uptown bound D train in NYC. Continue »

Should Multi-Millionaire Madonna Be Held Responsible For Her Brother Being Homeless And Living Under A Bridge???

Madonna and her older brother Anthony Ciccone

When the checks stop coming in… should you expect your younger more successful sibling to help you out? Continue »

Question Of The Day: When Does The Condom Come Off In A Relationship?


People form romantic relationships everyday, whether it be monogamous or friends with benefits situation. Continue »

Hide Ya Kids? Is Kimmy Cakes 15-Year-Old Sister Kendall Jenner Too Young To Be Flossin’ These Lil ‘Kinis???

Kendall Jenner models Leah Madden's White Sands Bikinis

Kimmy Cakes’ lil sister Kendall Jenner is definitely making it rain on them hoes with her burgeoning modeling career. Continue »


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