Question Of The Day: Would You Give Your 5-Year-Old Child Medical Marijuana For Health Reasons?? [Video]

weed wars

If this was the only option to help your child live a better life, would you do it?? Continue »

Breaking News Update: The Power of Twitter is Real! Missing NYC Teen Found #FoundJaniceLewis

A Curious Case: Why Isn't #FindJaniceLewis Trending on Twitter?

This is Janice Lewis. The teen has been missing as of Decemeber 6, 2011 afternoon after she boarded the Uptown bound D train in NYC. Continue »

Should Multi-Millionaire Madonna Be Held Responsible For Her Brother Being Homeless And Living Under A Bridge???

Madonna and her older brother Anthony Ciccone

When the checks stop coming in… should you expect your younger more successful sibling to help you out? Continue »

Question Of The Day: When Does The Condom Come Off In A Relationship?


People form romantic relationships everyday, whether it be monogamous or friends with benefits situation. Continue »

Question Of The Day: Would You Marry A Man Who Your Entire Family Hates?

Kim Kardashian and Kris Humphries with Khloe And Lamar Odom

From the time Kris Humphries first appeared on Keeping Up With The Kardashians, Kim’s family has made it abundantly clear that they were not feeling him. Continue »

Would You Pay $39,000 For This Bookbag???

Mary-Kate And Ashley Olsen Having A Hard Time Kepping Up With Demand For $39,000 Bag

This is an alligator backpack, created by Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen‘s fashion line “The Row.” Continue »

Word On The Street: “Do You Think Conrad Murray Is Guilty?” [Video]

True Or False: Is Chris Brown’s Little Model Jawn Toting A Gut Full?

Chris Brown Addresses Baby Rumors With Twitter Statement

Yesterday the internet was all abuzz about Breezy‘s pending dive into parenthood with his little blasian piece Karrueche. So much so that Chris actually opened up about the situation… Continue »

Question Of The Day: Is Michael Vick Being Treated Unfairly By NFL Officials As A Black Quarterback???

Although Michael Vick is one of the NFL premiere stars, he doesn’t seem to get the same treatment from referees like his peers Tom Brady and Peyton Manning… Continue »

Question Of The Day: Has President Obama Done Enough To Help Black People In The U.S.??

With black male unemployment at an all time high, do you think the POTUS has worked for our best interest?? Continue »

Suspect Pretend Matrimony-Dom: Gloria Govan Talks About How Much Matt Barnes Loves Her, But…

Gloria Govan And Matt Barnes Talk About Keeping Their Relationship Exciting As Parts

Thanks to some incredibly gifted, and we’re sure very persistent, publicist, someone thought asking Gloria Govan and Matt Barnes about their love life as parents would be interesting. Continue »

For Discussion: How Far Would You Go To Find A Husband? Would You Marry A Bi-Sexual Man?


Dating in the black community is always a topic that is up for discussion Continue »