Question of the Day: Who are Our Female Role Models?


Remember the days when we used to look up to women who carried themselves like ladies and actually had class, elegance and intelligence? Well, seems like those days are long gone thanks to reality television, music videos and the internet.

For those Bossip fanatics who love to keep the convo rollin’ along, be sure to get back on the boards for extended commentary and debates about the Question of the Day. Who do our little girls have to look up to these days? Groupies, video vixens and wanna-bes?

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Question of The Day: Why Do Black People Have Problems with Kobe????

Posted by Bossip Staff


Now that the Lakers and the Nuggets are battling for a spot in the NBA finals, we think it’s a good time to address a lingering question that has been out there. Why do a lot of our people have problems with Kobe?

Question of the Day: Should We Fight the Current Drug Laws?

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Kimora Lee Simons 3

It’s hard to believe that Kimora Lee cares about anything other than herself, but she is fighting drug laws (BTW, she just happened to have her own drug issues). She just hit the blogs to talk about it:

I remember walking into Russell’s office years ago to the sight of a camera crew filming him. I listened as he spoke passionately to 20+ high school students all seated on the floor. He was speaking about the rally to repeal the Rockefeller Drug Laws.

I thought the cameras were just another news crew doing another story profile piece, but for weeks afterward, I kept seeing the same crew around the office. I soon learned that they were making a documentary about these laws. Continue »

Question of the Day: Is Cheating Considered Cool Now?

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It seems like cheating is the thing to do these days. Everytime you turn on the radio, someone’s singing about going behind their baby’s back and gettin’ a little lovin’ on the side (i.e. “Boyfriend #2″). Celebrities like Diddy and Lil’ Wayne have multiple baby’s mothers and women that seem to go along with the program of being just one of many. Is it okay to cheat now? Are we becoming a society that doesn’t think its a problem to have more than one man or woman at a time? Is it cool to have “sex buddies” while you’re in a relationship? What does cheating mean these days?


Question of the Day – Girlfriends: The Movie?

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The rumors have been swirling about this possible Girlfriends movie, and we just heard from a source close to Mara Brock Akil, Continue »

Question of the Day: Birth Control Pills for Men??

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In honor of Mother’s Day, we thought we’d pose this question about the recent push for birth control pills and shots for men. When it comes to sex and birth control, women are usually held responsible for protecting themselves against pregnancy. Would you trust your man to take the birth control pill every day and on time? Would you still continue to use your own birth control even if he swore he was using his? Are we finally going to be equals in the bedroom?

Question of the Day: Best and Worst Cities for Black Love?

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Does where you live impact your love life? We have heard and been witness to so many single black women and men complaining about the lack of decent dates out there which made us wonder if there were certain parts of the country where black love still reigned supreme? Where does your city fall on the black love meter?

Question of the Day: Is Russell Simmons Serious About This Wafer??

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This is BDR and Julie Henderson…again. The “couple” supported the Luxury Travel Service Fame Route Silent Auction and Performance. We got to thinking, is Russ serious about this one? He has been with her over 5 times and looks content as heaven.

Russ, if you come back with “this is just a friend”, we will be forced to warn our children to not make friends with women in this manner.

Pop the top to see more Russell, Alan Houston, and the crazy looking performer from last night, Mr. Eric Lewis…

Continue »

Question of the Day: Is Caviar from ‘For The Love of Ray-J’ a Man???

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They say Caviar is 6’2″ tall and we don’t know about ya’ll, but the way she talks sounds like a man trying to hide his real voice. We’ve seen the For the Love of Ray J show and the reunion and we’re convinced Caviar is not a female.

The second we saw these photos this morning, we were thrown for ANOTHER loop. Can you hide a peter in the shot above? Can a tranny look (dare we say) this good?

Pop the top to see more and come to your own conclusion… Continue »

Kim Kardashian Blonde or Brunette?

Posted by Bossip Staff


Kim K. was seen leaving Club Butter with her friends last night. Notice anything different? We don’t like the pant suit, and we’re definitely not feeling the “twisted sister” job her makeup artist did with her face.

On the real though, blonde or brunette for Kim Kardashian?

Pop the top to see more pictures from last night of Kim and Sanaa Continue »

Question of the Day: How Thin is “Too Thin”???

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Not to single out Keisha Whitaker’s bony booty or anything, but really? How thin is too thin? Hollyweird has these broads thinking that skeletor/bobblehead look is acceptable. Regina King, on the other hand, looks slim, toned and healthy…

Check out more of Keisha’s skin ‘n bones and Regina King when you… Continue »

Question of the Day: Can You Go From Gangbanger to Icon?

Posted by Bossip Staff


Some people refer to people who are no longer on the front lines as, Sell-outs. We here at Bossip were wondering what your thoughts are on people that once were militant or in the game, now being iconic figures in mainstream media?

A perfect example is Ice Cube who was once more militant than most of you youngsters can imagine. Cube  has since made numerous provocative films, and most recently, a few in the children’s genre.

Here, peep Cube’s old song, Enemy. Continue »

Question of the Day: What Makes the Sexiest Person???

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Dig this show that airs tonight on TV One Access about the perfect man/woman. These cats are trying their hand at sculpting the most beautifulest people by taking the best assets from celebs. Go ahead and pop it to peep it. Continue »

Why Do Black Women Hate Each Other So Much???

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All you have to do is pop in any thread on Bossip to see the pure an utter loathsome feelings black women hold towards one another, and Essence made an attempt at tackling the subject:

When people learned that we wanted to photograph Iman, Taraji P. Henson and Serena Williams for our April cover, the comments started immediately. “Oh, they’ll never get along” was the refrain most often heard. It was as if the notion that three beautiful and accomplished Black women might come together for a joint cover shoot was just too outrageous to entertain. Continue »

Question of The Day: Is Skinny Jeans and Jerkin Gay???

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We have all laughed at the kids and this new skinny jean fad. In the hoods of L.A. the highschoolers are taking it further than just skinny jeans. They have created a dance to compliment their new steez, Jerkin.

We here at Bossip can’t fade it, but, we understand these are kids trying to blaze their own path’s.

Pop the hood and watch the high school click, Power Rangers, do their thing. Continue »