Incestuous Matrimony-dom: Cousins Chopping Down And Marrying Cousins Leads To Increase In Genetic Disorders In The UK


SMH… Somehow inbreeding has gotten to be a big problem over in England where marriages among cousins has grown so much that the country is trying to raise awareness about the danger such unions pose to children born of such unions.

Cousin marriages are on the rise in the U.K., putting children at ten times the risk of genetic disorders, reports the Telegraph.

The problem is the most prevalent in Britain’s Pakistani community, where more than half the marriages occur between first cousins.

Cousin marriage also occurs among British Bangladeshis as well as some Middle Eastern and East African communities.

The medical risks of first cousin marriages include higher rates of infant mortality, birth defects, learning difficulties, blindness, hearing problems and metabolic disorders, reports the Telegraph.

But the subject is nearly taboo in Britain.

Ann Cryer, a former member of Parliament, faced pushback for attempting to highlight this issue.

“It’s a public health issue and we deal with public health issues by raising awareness, by talking about subjects such as obesity, such as drug addiction, such as alcohol,” she said

Ew… We. Have. No. Words. Just ewwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww.

If your boyfriend’s mom is also your aunt, please don’t marry him. And if your dad makes you marry him, please don’t have children.


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What Is Wrong With This Picture???

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What Is Wrong With This Picture???


Woman Finds Out Husband Has Second Wife Via Facebook!!??

Woman finds out husband is already married on Facebook

Not only does Facebook unite you with people who you thought you would never see again but it will also get your ass caught!

When a married mom of two logged onto the social networking site, she stumbled upon the pictures of her husband’s storybook Disney World wedding – to another woman, according to the Daily Mail.

Lynn France had married John France on the Amalfi coast in Italy in 2005, and the couple were raising their two sons in Cleveland. But France, an occupational therapist, became worried that he was seeing another woman.

Her feelings of suspicion grew when John left his passport at home after telling her he was on a trip to China. Her next discovery was even more unsettling: John left a hotel website up on their computer screen just before leaving for yet another trip, so Lynn decided to check out the hotel with a friend.

“So I actually went there with a girlfriend, just to see for myself for sure,” Lynn told the Daily Mail. “He was there with this girlfriend. I said, ‘Hey, I’m his wife. We’ve got a baby.’ “

Amanda informed Lynn that she was engaged to John.

When Lynn’s friend recommended that she check out the woman on Facebook, she did – and found not just photos of the woman’s bridal shower but a Disney World wedding at which Amanda had dressed up like Sleeping Beauty and John as Prince Charming.

After the January, 2009 discovery, she began divorce proceedings. John France doesn’t deny that he married Amanda, but said he’s no bigamist. His first marriage to Lynn had been declared invalid due to a clerical error, according to

“This goes back years and years; it’s not new news,” John France told Matt Lauer on the Today show this week. “I hired an Italian attorney to go and confirm the marriage was illegal. The attorney came back with affidavits stating that it was invalid.”

France’s attorney, in a statement this week, indicated that his client will ask the courts to declare that his marriage to Lynn was “void since its inception.” The couple had signed a marriage license but that license was never filed, the attorney said.

“While it appears that John and Lynn France were both under the impression, once upon a time, that they were married, the fact of the matter is that their marriage was never legally proper,” the statement said. “And, therefore, it does not actually exist.”

In a cruel twist of fate, in addition to losing her husband, Lynn has also lost her sons – at least for now. John went back to his first wife in June 2009 and asked for a reconciliation, to which she agreed, she said.

But a few months ago, John took away their sons and left her, Lynn said. The boys are now with their dad and his new wife, Amanda, in Florida.

John France is attempting to get custody of his children, say his lawyers, and their mom hasn’t seen them – except when she sees the occasional picture on the same Facebook page where she found John’s Disney World wedding photos. He told the Today show that he’s filed for majority custody of his boys, and that he’s now barred from leaving Florida with them.

Amanda told Matt Lauer on the Today show that Lynn is not barred from seeing her sons, but that when she and John have bought her plane tickets to visit them in Florida, Lynn cancels them.

On the Facebook page, Amanda calls the boys her “little loves.”

“To the two of them, this is a big joke,” Lynn told NBC. “But to me, it is devastating because it’s my children.”

This dude put the term ‘Big Love’ to a whole new level! How low and cruddy can one be? Well this guy has shown the world that he can be.


Fill In The Blank: Freaky Azz BDR, AKA Russell Simmons, Wants To __________ Courtney Love

Russell Simmons and Courtney Love Russell Simmons's ARGYLECULTURE Fall 2010 Menswear Presentation

Dang BDR, what kind of yoga move is that??? The freakadocious mogul and fashion magnate held a presentation for his new ARGYLECULTURE Menswear line last night and it looked like he was a little excited to see Courtney Love. Keep reading for more shots of these freakazoids and don’t forget to Fill In The Blank… Continue »

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Jerry Douthett's infected toe

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traci bingham baywatch

Traci “Skanky-licious” Bingham and fellow old head broads from Baywatch, Nicole Eggert and Gena Lee Nolin, were at the David Hasselhoff roast in L.A. on Sunday. Something is a little off about this image, but we can’t quite put our finger on it. Perhaps you can help.

What Is Wrong With This Picture???

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sara and katey brandenburg with a dead deer

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Florida Church Plans To Mark The Anniversary Of 9/11 By Burning Copies Of The Koran

Burned Koran

SMH. A Gainesville, FL church is encouraging its congregation and other religious groups to participate in a ceremony where they will burn copies of the Koran to commemorate the 9th anniversary of 9/11 Continue »


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