Talk About Being Prisoner To Your Name, Akon Launches Konvict Fragrance (Handcuffs Included)

Akon is stanky rich thanks largely to Lady Gaga, but he’s covering up the funk with his new Konvict fragrance. While the name doesn’t exactly ring so fresh and so clean, we gotta give him credit for staying true to the brand all the way down to the packaging. Pop the hood for details. Continue »

Fantasia “Barefoot Country Bumpkin” Barrino Needs A Stylist… NOW!!!

Fantasia performed at the Jackie Robinson Foundation event last night rocking this get up. WHY does she continue to take her shoes off when she performs??? WHO continues to let her show up at events like this???

Someone Needs to be Fired… NOW!!! Continue »

What Is Wrong With This Picture???

Bobby V celebrated his birthday with family and some close friends last week. Most of the time people don’t really make faces like this when eating a birthday cake.

Pop the Top to Check Out More Flicks from Bobby’s Birthday Continue »

Samuel L. Jackson After Mo’Nique’s Speech: What Is Wrong With This Picture???

Samuel L. Jackson is very much respected for his profession in Hollyweird and the road he has traveled to get to this point BUT… What the hell was that look Sam gave after Mo’nique’s speech???

What’s Wrong with This Picture??? Continue »

What Is Wrong With This Picture???

Leona Lewis was photographed for Grazia magazine. Something is a bit off, but we can’t put our finger on it. Perhaps you guys can help us out…

What Is Wrong With This Picture???

What Is Wrong With This Picture???

SMH. Please people, we must do better than this ignorance!!!

Some Friday CrackCakes

Coco, being the uber classy lady that she is, decided to Twit Pic the image above and had this to say: Continue »

What Is Wrong With This Picture???

Malik So Chic hit up the The CW Network Reality Launch Party in this get up. If you’ve never heard of Malik, “shim” is an international nightlife fashion personality and event planner. His inspiration comes from Vogue Editor Andre Leon Talley, Pee Wee Herman and Grace Jones. We don’t really care about that, all we want to know is…

What Is Wrong With This Picture??? Continue »

Coupled Up: Rihanna and Matt Spotted At Her Birthday Party

More pics from Rihanna’s birthday bash have surfaced. Her beau Matt Kemp was in the building for the party along with a dancing midget.  Pop the top for more flicks and a vid. Continue »

SMH And WTF??? Racist Humor Takes Aim At “Sheneequa” Via Website

If you thought images like the one above were a thing of the past, you are sadly mistaken. This disgusting stereotypical picture is one of many posted on a horrible racist website… Pop the hood if you can stomach the bigotry. Continue »

What’s Wrong With This Picture???

This is just some real random foolishness. Why would anyone want to do this to their car??? This is just ri-damn-diculous. We have one more pic under the hood that has SMH written all over it!!!


What’s Wrong With This Picture?

Bump a ho stroll! Strippers in Tampa get to roll in the “Stripper Mobile” instead. Pop the hood for more details and 20+ photos of the dancers from Déjà Vu doing pole tricks down the avenue. Continue »

What Is Wrong With This Picture???: Granny and a Jesus Piece

One our BOSSIP readers sent us this pic of somebodies Grandma rocking a Jesus piece. Either she’s been listening to Yeezy’s “Jesus Walks” or this a joke, but what we want to know…

What’s Wrong with This Picture??? Continue »

Seen On The Scene: Camel & BDR Share A “Special Moment”

Jay-Z and Russell Simmons were in the building for the 4th Annual Bing Two Kings Dinner And After Party this weekend in Dallas. The two music moguls were spotted having a ‘close’ and ‘intimate’ conversation. No comment..

The Two Kings Dinner was apparently the place to be, because everyone and their mama was in attendance…for real!! Over 30+ pictures on the flippy!!! Continue »

Mortuary Technicians Get In Trouble For Playing With Bodies At Work!!!

BOSSIP recently learned of some pretty sickening behavior going on in several New York morgues. Photographic evidence has revealed some city morgue workers haven’t all been taking their jobs seriously — instead workers spent time goofing off, posing with dead body parts for candid shots. Pop the hood for the disgusting details. Continue »


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