Why Are Straight White Men Going Around Kissing Each Other???

Something strange is going on… Yesterday we showed you a picture of Jim Carrey and Ewan McGregor kissing each other. Now, we found a pic of Katy Perry’s fiance Russell Brand and Jason Segel kissing at the Stand With Haiti Benefit Concert.

Maybe them kissing helps raise more money???

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Fill In The Blank

Pop the hood for some more Random Ridiculousness from that guy we’d like to forget… and while you’re at it, don’t neglect to Fill In The Blank!!!! Continue »

What’s Wrong With This Picture? Vanity Fair Doesn’t Care About Black People

You mean to tell us — in all of Hollywood, they couldn’t find one Black, Latina, Native-American, Asian, multi-racial actress on the rise worthy of this group??? SERIOUSLY??? Don’t get us wrong, Vanity Fair has traditionally kept it pretty milky when it comes to their Young Hollywood issue over the years, but we thought they were on the road to progress after they featured both Zoe Saldana and America Ferrara in their 2008 lineup. Pop the hood for photos from both issues. Continue »

What is Wrong With This Picture???

Funny man Jim Carrey and actor Ewan McGregor shared a ‘special moment’ in France yesterday. Something is strange about this pic though…we can’t quite put our finger on it.

Perhaps you can help…What is Wrong With this Picture??

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What’s WRONG With This Picture???

Obama landed the cover of another magazine, but it definitely wasn’t like any of his other shoots so far. Pop the hood to find out what magazine used our President to help their newsstand presence and to tell us What’s WRONG With This Picture!!! Continue »

What is Wrong with This Picture???

Will Smith and his daughter Willow were seen out and about in Calabasas. We have nothing to say about Willow’s hair except… SMH. We also have more pics of Kanye and the Bald Headed Beast at Fashion Week. Amber, Really… Is that How You’re Feeling???

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What is Wrong With These Pictures??

Where our boy Freddy-O finds these people to take these pictures… We have NO IDEA!!! All we can say is WHY, WHY Would Someone Do This???

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What is Wrong With This Picture???

We’re not sure how old these pics are, but we came across this compilation of images of people up in Wal-Mart looking a goddamn fool.

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Attention Whore: Tila Tequila Shows the World How She Mourns

Tila Tequila showed the world that she has no sense a long time ago. So, it’s no surprise that while she’s mourning the death of her fiancée, she puts on a show for the paps outside of her house.

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What is Wrong With This Picture???

Regina King was spotted with a Michael Jackson impersonator, Micky J at the Ritz-Carlton in Philly for a screening of her show Southland. 

Why is he there??? From the look on Regina’s face she’s wondering the same thing too.

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What is Wrong with This Picture???

One of our Bossip readers just sent us this picture and said that it should go under the category of “What is Wrong with This Picture??? ” Our reader also thought that there may be some low key racism going on. What do you think???

What is Wrong with This Picture???

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Busta Rhymes went Shopping in Prince’s Closet for his New Year’s Gear

Miami was definitely on fiyyah for NYE. Tons of celebrities made their way down to the beach to bring in 2010. Just like Mariah, Keri Hilson was sequins out but Busta Rhymes looked like he just got off the set of Purple Rain. Busta, it’s great to be different but that right there is a little SUSPECT!!!!

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Is This Guy Really Freakin Serious??????

We don’t even have any words for the ridiculousness that is Flavor Flav. Please pop that hatch if you want to laugh your fu*king a*s off this morning.

Flavor Flav’s “I’ll Never Let You Go”….in 3, 2, 1 Continue »

What is Wrong With This Picture???: A T-Pain Christmas

T-Pain had a Christmas party just like every other celebrity did this holiday season but there is just one thing that is kind of odd about his party. Besides the fact that he has on a blue Santa suit under the hood… Look Very Closely at the BackGround!!! Continue »

Lady GaGa and Kanye West: What is Wrong With This Picture???

Lady GaGa released an artwork booklet with the re-release of her album, FAME MONSTER Deluxe. We are pretty sure this picture was probably promo for the tour that GaGa and Kanye were suppose to be on. Honestly, this is the best image to describe Kanye’s role in Amber’s world… Captin Sav-a-Hoe!!!

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