What’s Wrong With This Picture???

This is just some real random foolishness. Why would anyone want to do this to their car??? This is just ri-damn-diculous. We have one more pic under the hood that has SMH written all over it!!!


What’s Wrong With This Picture?

Bump a ho stroll! Strippers in Tampa get to roll in the “Stripper Mobile” instead. Pop the hood for more details and 20+ photos of the dancers from Déjà Vu doing pole tricks down the avenue. Continue »

What Is Wrong With This Picture???: Granny and a Jesus Piece

One our BOSSIP readers sent us this pic of somebodies Grandma rocking a Jesus piece. Either she’s been listening to Yeezy’s “Jesus Walks” or this a joke, but what we want to know…

What’s Wrong with This Picture??? Continue »

Seen On The Scene: Camel & BDR Share A “Special Moment”

Jay-Z and Russell Simmons were in the building for the 4th Annual Bing Two Kings Dinner And After Party this weekend in Dallas. The two music moguls were spotted having a ‘close’ and ‘intimate’ conversation. No comment..

The Two Kings Dinner was apparently the place to be, because everyone and their mama was in attendance…for real!! Over 30+ pictures on the flippy!!! Continue »

Mortuary Technicians Get In Trouble For Playing With Bodies At Work!!!

BOSSIP recently learned of some pretty sickening behavior going on in several New York morgues. Photographic evidence has revealed some city morgue workers haven’t all been taking their jobs seriously — instead workers spent time goofing off, posing with dead body parts for candid shots. Pop the hood for the disgusting details. Continue »

What’s Wrong With this Picture???

Colts players Stover and McAfee were celebrating after kicking a field goal and Saints player Gay just happen to be running past them at the “RIGHT” time. We have more pics under the hood that are also suspect but in the meantime…

What’s Wrong with This Picture??? Continue »

Has Fashion Gone Too Far??? Moms Blast Same Sex Ads!!!

Fashion advertising rarely plays it safe, but a group called One Million Moms thinks Armani Exchange has gone too far with their new “Share Love” ads that are displayed in A|X store windows and on their website. Pop the hood for details: Continue »

Whitney Come Get Your Daughter

You won’t believe where we found Bobbi Kristina last weekend.  Pop the top for details. Continue »

What is Wrong With This Picture?? Super Bowl Miami Edition

There were tons of craziness going down in M-I-A this weekend for the Super Bowl, and BOSSIP has some funny random pics for your perusal under the hood… Continue »

Why Are Straight White Men Going Around Kissing Each Other???

Something strange is going on… Yesterday we showed you a picture of Jim Carrey and Ewan McGregor kissing each other. Now, we found a pic of Katy Perry’s fiance Russell Brand and Jason Segel kissing at the Stand With Haiti Benefit Concert.

Maybe them kissing helps raise more money???

Pop the Top for More Pics Continue »

Fill In The Blank

Pop the hood for some more Random Ridiculousness from that guy we’d like to forget… and while you’re at it, don’t neglect to Fill In The Blank!!!! Continue »

What’s Wrong With This Picture? Vanity Fair Doesn’t Care About Black People

You mean to tell us — in all of Hollywood, they couldn’t find one Black, Latina, Native-American, Asian, multi-racial actress on the rise worthy of this group??? SERIOUSLY??? Don’t get us wrong, Vanity Fair has traditionally kept it pretty milky when it comes to their Young Hollywood issue over the years, but we thought they were on the road to progress after they featured both Zoe Saldana and America Ferrara in their 2008 lineup. Pop the hood for photos from both issues. Continue »

What is Wrong With This Picture???

Funny man Jim Carrey and actor Ewan McGregor shared a ‘special moment’ in France yesterday. Something is strange about this pic though…we can’t quite put our finger on it.

Perhaps you can help…What is Wrong With this Picture??

More pics on the flippy Continue »

What’s WRONG With This Picture???

Obama landed the cover of another magazine, but it definitely wasn’t like any of his other shoots so far. Pop the hood to find out what magazine used our President to help their newsstand presence and to tell us What’s WRONG With This Picture!!! Continue »

What is Wrong with This Picture???

Will Smith and his daughter Willow were seen out and about in Calabasas. We have nothing to say about Willow’s hair except… SMH. We also have more pics of Kanye and the Bald Headed Beast at Fashion Week. Amber, Really… Is that How You’re Feeling???

Pop the Hood for More Continue »


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