Fill In The Blank

Bald Headed Beast is looking stank because ______________. Bald Headed Beast, AKA Amber Rose, was spotted Sunday at Birdman’s birthday celebration at LIV in Miami. Pop the hood to fill in the blank and to see her do some actual work along with some more pictures of her partying it up. Continue »

Got Nip?

Britney Spears and her classy little self were spotted getting some liquid refreshment without a bra. SMH. Those headlights look like they decided to fly south for the winter…

Pop it for more Brit Brit and an Amber Rose and Amber Rose look-a-like sighting in Miami… Continue »

Some Morning “Coupled Up-Ness”

Kim Kardashian and Reggie Bush were spotted in Los Angeles doing the same ‘ole same ‘ole…shopping. Exciting.

And as a special treat, we have another one your favorite couples spotted on the streets of NYC headed to the Black Eyed Peas concert on the flip…

The Chipmunk and The Muskrat (Kanye and Amber) Continue »

Kanye West Is Still Using Amber Rose For Attention… Posts Grace Jones Pose On New Website

Pimpin’ ain’t supposed to be easy but Kanye West sure makes it look that way… The rapper just launched his new website and he continues to follow the Ice-T business model for generating public interest. Pop the hood for yet another look at Amber’s backs. Continue »

The Odd Couple

Amber Rose and Whoopi Goldberg were having a great time chopping it up at the Laura Smalls New York Fashion Week presentation last week. We wonder what the two of them could possibly have in common to talk about.

If you think this picture of Amber and Whoopi is ‘interesting’ pop the hatch to peep one that is worse… Continue »

Amber Does Dallas!!! Bald Headed Beast Brings Her Blonde Fuzz To All-Star Event

Looks like Amber Rose was pretty busy this weekend. When she wasn’t playing karaoke, the bodacious blonde popped by Play-N-Skillz Allstar Finale event in Dallas. Pop the hood for a few more shots of Amber along with pictures of Tahiry, Bun B and producers Play-N-Skillz. Continue »

Dumb & Dumber: Amber Rose and Yeezy’s Cousin Spend V-Day Singing Backstreet Boys

Amber Rose and Kanye’s cousin, Ricky Anderson, spent Valentine’s Day serenading each other in front of the camera. Their song of choice was Backstreet Boys – “I Want It That Way” and it sounds like Amber is not singing in English.

This has to be the Gayest Video EVER…

Pop the Top for this Random Ridiculousness Continue »

The Bald Headed Beast Attacks NY Fashion Week With Her Terminator Steez

Amber Rose has made a mark in the fashion world as someone to pay attention too. She hit up NY Fashion Week at Bryant Park checking out Nicole Miller and Christian Siriano. According to Glamour, her presence sent the paps into a snapping frenzy:

It was an absolute crush of photographers clamoring to take Amber’s picture, falling over themselves, each other, and a few unlucky Continue »

Kanye Has Another B*tch Fit At The Airport

On Monday night when Kanye boarded his flight at LAX his seats had been bumped out of first class to business class. It’s either Kanye’s way or no way.

Flip the Lid to Find Out What Happen… Continue »

*We Broke It Here First!* Amber Rose’s Full “American Rebel” Short Film With Persona Mag

Kanye stays in hiding and the Beast stays working. Amber Rose gets another cover, Persona Magazine. Its funny how they went for the skinhead, American Rebel theme and Amber actually fits right in.

Pop the Top for  the full 3-minute short film “American Rebel” Continue »

True or False: The Bald Headed Beast is a Singer Now

From the looks of things Amber Rose may be trying to take a stab at singing.  Details on the flippy. Continue »

The Bald Headed Beast Channels Grace Jones in Black and White

Amber Rose’s transition is almost complete. Even though all she did was change clothes, get a tan and hold Yeezy down… 2010 may be the year people forget she used to be a stripper.

Flip the Lid for Another Grace Jones Shot Continue »

Ciara and Her Diesel Legs Hit Up Paris Fashion Week and Get Booed

Ciara “the muse for Givenchy” had a party in her honor at Paris’ Fashion Week, unfortunately she was booed by photographers for her tardiness: Continue »