Fill in the Blank: Amber Rose Looks Like __________ …

Yeezy and the Beast made an appearance at the Chanel-Haute Couture show. After seeing Breezy and his get-ups at fashion week, we have come to the conclusion that no matter how expensive “the fit” may be, you can still look like a total idiot.

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PETA Vice President to Kanye West: “Kanye Can’t Help Making Himself Look Like An Idiot”

Kamber got snapped at the Dior Homme Menswear show this weekend. The Bald Headed Beast picked up a dark orange glow, but at least she ditched her dome pubes!!! Between the LV mink bum bag (that joint is $7800 y’all!!!) beastie was wearing and the fur on Kanye’s coat these two should manage to keep their spots on PETA’s most wanted list. Look under the hood for a letter to Yeezy from PETA’s VP and more pics of Kamber. Continue »

Which One Would You Hit???

Both Kanyeezy and P. Willy were spotted at the Lanvin fashion show in Paris during fashion week looking like this. 

Which one of these kind fellows would you let moisten that kitten?

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What is Wrong with This Picture???

Will Smith and his daughter Willow were seen out and about in Calabasas. We have nothing to say about Willow’s hair except… SMH. We also have more pics of Kanye and the Bald Headed Beast at Fashion Week. Amber, Really… Is that How You’re Feeling???

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Dude Where’s My Stylist???

Kamber is still running around Europe looking like some danged fools… especially the bald-headed beast. Who knows where she found this monstrosity. Pop the hood for some more shots of Kamber trying to piss off PETA Continue »

Where is PETA???

Amber Rose and Kanye were coupled up at the Louis Vuitton fashion show in Paris with matching full length fur coats on. All we gotta say is where is PETA when you need them? Another flick of these two under the hood. Continue »

Amber Rose, Her Dome Pubes, Kanyeezy, and His Man Bag in Jiggaman’s Jeep…

Amber Rose and her girlfriend Kanye West were spotted in NYC getting picked up by no other than Camel, who was riding in a silver Jeep.

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*Exclusive Pics*: The Bald Headed Beast and her Pubie Mohawk have a Twin

Our boy Prince sent us these exclusive pics of Amber Rose hanging out at a club in Atlanta this past weekend with a clone. Kanye created one monster, we really don’t need another one.

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The Bald Beast Debuts Her New Dome Pubes In Miami

Amber Rose popped up at Fabolous’ performance at Mansion in Miami sporting this new ‘do. Are you feeling it??? Look under the hood for a few more flicks. Continue »

Kanye West Made Elton John a Believer

Kanye West and the Bald Headed Beast were spotted enjoying the themselves at the Elton John concert in Hawaii. They were definitely trying to keep a low profile until Elton John gave Kanye a shoutout and said, “Kanye is One of the Best!!!”

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The Bald Headed Beast Is Named One Of The Top 25 Faces Of 2009

Amber Rose was named to the list of COACD’s Top 25 Faces Of 2009 along with famed models Georgia Jagger and Chanel Iman. Check under the hood for a look at the bald headed beast’s sketch that appeared with the list. Continue »

Guess Who Chopped Down Amber Rose While She Was Dating Kanye? Part 2!

Bossip sources keep coming with the goods on the bald beast. Pop the hood to see who else Amber Rose got her naughty on with this year
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Amber Rose: Fashion Forward or Just Another Ho Playin’ Dress Up???

The Bald Headed Beast is really trying to leave the past behind, and we can’t knock her for trying. Besides the shoot that she did for Elle magazine, VIBE definitely took her to another level on this one. That little hairpiece is another story…but pop the hood and tell us what you think…

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Amber and her Girlfriend Spotted Out and About

Kanye and Amber were spotted in LA catching another movie and we are bit confused as to why Amber’s get up looks more manly than Yeezy’s. More flicks of Kanye and Amber coupled up on the flippy.  Continue »

Kanye West Says: “I Sold My Soul to the Devil” & Brags About Having a “Bad White B*tch Like Ice-T”

kanye West

Kanye West is officially back. He hit the stage the other night and blessed the crowd with a true Kanyeezy freestyle where he spits about being passionate about the industry, McDonald’s Happy Meals, selling his soul to the devil, and having a bad white b*tch like Ice-T. SMH.

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