Thank You, From Your Girl Bey

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If you can get past the fugly wheffah yammering in the beginning, you’ll see Beyonce personally thank her devoted fans and clips of her two new videos. The highlight is most definitely the 3:47 mark where Bey’s dancing instructor is j-setting his @ss off. Girl, stop.

Click here for the direct link and peep the single cover below.


Kicking the Habit

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Barack Obama speaks on kicking the habit in the November issue of Men’s Health:

“There have been a couple of times during the campaign when I fell off the wagon and bummed one, and I had to kick it again,” Obama tells the November issue of Men’s Health. “But I figure, seeing as I’m running for president, I need to cut myself a little slack.”

The Democratic candidate, 47, has this recommendation for would-be quitters: Eliminate “certain key connections – that first cigarette in the morning, or after a meal, or with a drink,” he says.

The presidential candidate stress must be a motherf*cker. Probably needs a little more than a stogie to get through that ish. SMH.

Barack is on the upcoming Source cover as well:

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Beyonce: “Single Ladies”

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Here is one of Beyonce’s ga-zillion singles off of her upcoming album called “Single Ladies.” Have a listen below:

Any thoughts?

For the Stans

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Your humble queen Bey finally speaks on her “secret” marriage and bearing her soul on her new album in the latest issue of Essence:

In an intimate interview with ESSENCE, megastar Beyoncé dishes on her new album, Jay-Z, and life in the spotlight. Costarring in two upcoming films, the psychological thriller “Obsessed” and “Cadillac Records,” where she’ll star as Etta James, the Queen B is preparing to dominate the box office and the music charts. The singer says her new album, coming in November, is her most personal to date. For the first time ever, she opens up to ESSENCE about paparazzi, the wedding, the rumored engagement ring, and what we all missed!

This sounds like it could be interesting but we bet she’ll give the same ol’ non-answer answers that she and Jay are good for.

We would like to issue a cautionary advisory to the Stans: please do not mame, puncture, or assault one another before, during, or after the stampede to the news stands. We will not be held accountable for any of you catching a case behind this. SMH.


Kim and Her Adorable Paychecks

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These are hands down two of the cutest babies in Hollyweird and it’s fitting that these miniature models be trendsetters straight out of the womb. Don’t you just want to pinch their chubby little cheeks? Diddy can be aggravating but he is down right tolerable when seen holding Jesse and D’Lila.

And speaking of chubby cheeks, peep Bey’s flotation devices when you… Continue »

Last Chance For Change

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Here are some images from the Last Chance for Change concert held in Miami yesterday with Jay-Z and Wyclef. Today is the LAST day to register to vote in GA, FL, IN, MI, OH, PA, and VA. If you have not already done so, do it today! Click HERE for more information. YES WE CAN!!

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Beyonce Totes Ice on the Beach

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With 4 security guards and 1 gold mediallion stallion for a personal body guard, your girl Bey happily flaunted $5 million dollars worth of ice on the beach. We would have hired 5 burly @ss men too if we had to walk through sand carrying a rock that big.

More images when you…

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For The Stans

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beyonce perform

For Beyonce stans around the world, this is a dream come true:

Beyoncé’s third solo LP is just a month and a half from release, but aside from some teases promising collaborations with Justin Timberlake and producer Sean Garrett (Usher, Fergie), not much is known about the singer’s still-untitled album, set to drop November 18. “I have recorded over 70 songs and have created a sound that reveals all of me. I am in a different place right now, and I wanted people to see the many sides of me,” Beyoncé continued in the letter. “The music is upbeat for the dance, fun side, and it is reflective, passionate and serious for the personal side. I have taken risks here. I am not afraid. … There is no label or tag on my sound. It’s me, and I am so excited to share it with the world.”

70 songs, you say? Say what you want about her, but this is one hard working broad.


Camel Is Ready to Make Babies

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On Wednesday Jay-Z received an award at the at the UN Global Leadership Awards event for bringing clean water to the children in Africa. When asked if working with kids made him long for his own he replied:

“Most people I guess dream of having a family some day, so I’m just a regular American boy.”

A very typical non-answer answer. Why can’t you just say “Yes,” man? Despite what’s going on in his above the neck region, the man sure fills out a suit.

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For The Stans

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Hey there stans, here is a lil bit of info concerning your girl Bey and her new album:

The singer’s new album was due at her label Wednesday morning in order to make an announced Nov. 18 release date, but insiders tell us there have been problems. “It’s not going to be completed,” said a source close to folks who’ve been working on the CD. “She’s got to get it out early in the fourth quarter, when there’s so much competition among artists.” Part of the delay may be due to Beyoncé’s busy-than-ever acting schedule. The beauty spent months filming “Cadillac Records,” in which she plays Etta James, and she’s also working on the psychological thriller “Obsessed.” Another time-consumer was a duet with Justin Timberlake – the source says the two didn’t like the way it was turning out and kept doing it over until they got it right. Plus, “She clashes with Max Gousse, her father’s guy who’s involved.” Continue »

50 Cent to Jay-Z: Beyonce’ Made You!!!

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According to a report by Livesteez, 50 cent sheds some light on Jay-Z’s success:

“I’m a big fan of Jay-Z, but outside of the States and hip-hop circles, no one really knew who he was until he married Beyonce’. The G-Unit rapper has also disputed reports that Jay-Z is worth an estimated $1 billion, but is adamant he’s not jealous of his fortune. He adds, “I don’t believe he’s worth that much! It’s all been exaggerated. I’m comfortable. I don’t want for anything so I’m not in a race.”.

50, we will at least entertain your arguments with regard to the $1 Billion, because that is a hell of a lot of cheddar, we ain’t gonna lie. But to say that Beyonce’ made the Jigga Man is almost grounds for mandatory “wanksta” status, and we might also have to look into limiting your “recreational drug use.” SMDH.


The Married Couple’s Evening Out

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Beyonce and Jay-Z attended the New Yorkers for Children Gala last night in the Big Apple. It’s really nice to see the married couple out and about for good causes and wearing their wedding rings and all, but what the f*ck is really good with Camel rockin that sunglasses at night steez as of late. We mean, come on now, it’s a Children’s Gala for chrissakes.

More flicks for the stans below:

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For The Stans

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Beyonce was spotted shooting her new video “If I Were A Boy” in New York. We know you nutty stans would love to get cuffed up by Bey. Enjoy!

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Quote of the Day

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Rihanna discusses getting slizzard back in the day in a recent interview:

‘I’d go out and get drunk, but that’s what teenage girls do in Barbados,’ she says. ‘The country’s pretty laid-back about the legal age for drinking. But I never went too over the top. ‘I wasn’t exactly in Amy Winehouse mode. I’d seen what alcohol and drugs had done to my dad and I wasn’t going to follow in his footsteps. I knew my limits when I was a kid and I still do. ‘If I go to a club, I go for the sounds. I go out to have fun, to dance and laugh at people fighting or dressed like whores. I might have a few drinks, but I don’t get tipsy too easily. I don’t ever get to the point where I want to throw up, can’t stand up straight or say things I’m likely to regret in the morning.’


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For The Stans

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Your girl Bey’s new album has a release date, and guest appearances:

While details have been largely kept under wraps, some information has emerged about Beyoncé’s forthcoming, still-untitled third solo LP, which is slated for release on November 18 on Music World Music/ Columbia. Justin Timberlake will appear on the LP, although further details on his involvement were not available at press time. Timberlake told reporters outside the show, “I’ll be in the studio this week with Beyoncé. Who knows what will come out of that?” Beyoncé co-wrote or co-produced all the material on the album, which the label says comprises “her most personal, reflective and revelatory collection to-date.” Songwriter/ producer Sean Garrett (Mary J. Blige, Usher, Fergie) revealed to MTV News on the VMA red carpet that he’s been Beyoncé’s album. “I got to get a big secret out: Beyoncé!” he said. “I just finished some incredible records with her. She’s probably going to be mad at me for telling you all — sorry, B!”

Here’s one of her tracks called “Stop Sign.” Stans, let us know what you think:


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