For the Stans

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Here’s your girl Bey all tangled up with some geisha dominatrix boots on and below is a tack-free Keyshia Cole also promo-whoring it up. How many of you are feeling Keyshia’s new Pink Oil moisturized steez? We dare say the slicked back swag looks good. As for the flexible legs thrown back, we’re definitely feeling that.

We have a special treat for you stans. The official trailer to Cadillac Records is just waiting for you to Continue »

Sasha Is Not Fierce

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Bey looks a piping hot mess here while in character as the strung out Etta James. Judging by how utterly f*cked up she looks, perhaps there may be some truth to the Oscar buzz around her performance. We shall see.

Check out Bey singing Etta James’ song “At Last.”

Bey and Solange Set To Tour Together in 09′

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Looks like Mama Tina will have to concoct twice as many micro-mini chromatic, sequined, feathered frocks because Bey and her kid sister, Solange, will be touring together in ’09.

The Rap-Up reports that the 110-date world tour will touch down in such countries as Canada, Europe, the U.S., Mexico, South America, Japan, Africa, and Australia. The U.S. dates include a one-week stand in Las Vegas. Reports suggest that following the main show with Beyonce, fans will have access to an official after-party where they can see Solange perform at a smaller venue.

Beyonce’s new album “I Am…” is in stores November 18th with Solange’s sophomore album “SoL-AngeL and The Hadley St. Dreams” in stores now.

If Solange hasn’t paled in comparison to her sister enough, she sure will during the tour. Say what you want about her, but Beyonce puts on one helluva show. She’ll even roll down some stairs for the sake of entertainment. SMH

Man and Wife

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Jay and Bey were spotted leaving both Diddy’s L’Uomo event and Cipriani restaurant. They haven’t even been married one year yet and they’ve already begun to look like an old married couple. Jay has that older man look around his face and Bey’s even donning a mawmaw frock. Maybe Sasha Fierce should have gone to dinner with Camel to liven things up.

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At Last…..

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Here’s some shots of your girl Bey on the set of Cadillac Records. Although she doesn’t look one d@mn bit like Etta James and her acting isn’t really hittin’ it, aren’t you curious to see this movie? With a cast including Cedric the Entertainer, Gabrielle Union, and Mos Def we think this might be another Dreamgirls, read: Bey still won’t touch an Oscar.

Check out the talented cast below.

There’s a few more up under that thang including one of Bey bent over a pool table. You can can’t help but Continue »

Expect More, Pay Less

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Here’s your girl Bey looking fresh off of the set of a Target commercial. These are actually the cheesy photos from her spread in In Style Magazine, ironically enough. There are a few more pics below and a little more irony. Remember Bey talking that hot ish about wanting to be an icon? Well, you need a dash of originality for that and “If I were a Boy” is anything but. Check her out.

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Sasha Fierce…. Whatever.

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It’s officially Bey season. Here are the two covers for her new deluxe album. Which do you prefer? Sasha hiding her tasty nibblets or the melodramatics of Beyonce?

Seen on the Scene

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Your girl Bey was snapped shopping at Pattricia Fields with her saucy John Legend look-a-like stylist in tow while her cat daddy was caught leaving Katsuya.

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If She Were Solange….

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Your girl Bey was at TRL looking like her little sister dressed her saying, “Now, this is Sasha Fierce!” It’s not nearly as outlandish as some of the getups Solange trys to get away with, but it’s certainly not Bey’s style either. Check out Cousin Angie back there in the gray looking like she finally caught sight of herself in a mirror. Gold Star for you, Angie.

:::Update::: Want to see Bey’s inspiration for the “Single Ladies” video?? Enjoy.

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If I Were A Boy

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This Bey’s new Jawn, If I Were A Boy. Did she bite this off Ciara? Are you feelin’ it?

For the direct video go to Livesteez.

Thank You, From Your Girl Bey

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If you can get past the fugly wheffah yammering in the beginning, you’ll see Beyonce personally thank her devoted fans and clips of her two new videos. The highlight is most definitely the 3:47 mark where Bey’s dancing instructor is j-setting his @ss off. Girl, stop.

Click here for the direct link and peep the single cover below.


Kicking the Habit

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Barack Obama speaks on kicking the habit in the November issue of Men’s Health:

“There have been a couple of times during the campaign when I fell off the wagon and bummed one, and I had to kick it again,” Obama tells the November issue of Men’s Health. “But I figure, seeing as I’m running for president, I need to cut myself a little slack.”

The Democratic candidate, 47, has this recommendation for would-be quitters: Eliminate “certain key connections – that first cigarette in the morning, or after a meal, or with a drink,” he says.

The presidential candidate stress must be a motherf*cker. Probably needs a little more than a stogie to get through that ish. SMH.

Barack is on the upcoming Source cover as well:

Peep Beyonce’s inside Essence spread on the flipside… Continue »

Beyonce: “Single Ladies”

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Here is one of Beyonce’s ga-zillion singles off of her upcoming album called “Single Ladies.” Have a listen below:

Any thoughts?

For the Stans

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Your humble queen Bey finally speaks on her “secret” marriage and bearing her soul on her new album in the latest issue of Essence:

In an intimate interview with ESSENCE, megastar Beyoncé dishes on her new album, Jay-Z, and life in the spotlight. Costarring in two upcoming films, the psychological thriller “Obsessed” and “Cadillac Records,” where she’ll star as Etta James, the Queen B is preparing to dominate the box office and the music charts. The singer says her new album, coming in November, is her most personal to date. For the first time ever, she opens up to ESSENCE about paparazzi, the wedding, the rumored engagement ring, and what we all missed!

This sounds like it could be interesting but we bet she’ll give the same ol’ non-answer answers that she and Jay are good for.

We would like to issue a cautionary advisory to the Stans: please do not mame, puncture, or assault one another before, during, or after the stampede to the news stands. We will not be held accountable for any of you catching a case behind this. SMH.


Kim and Her Adorable Paychecks

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These are hands down two of the cutest babies in Hollyweird and it’s fitting that these miniature models be trendsetters straight out of the womb. Don’t you just want to pinch their chubby little cheeks? Diddy can be aggravating but he is down right tolerable when seen holding Jesse and D’Lila.

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