Gossip Tranny Wendy Williams: Superhead Pregnant with Bobby Browns Baby

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According to the gossip tranny Wendy Williams, Superhead or Karrine Steffans is pregnant with Bobby Browns baby. Superhead has gone on the record and said her and Bobby are living together.

Bobby must be hitting that rock pretty hard these days to get Superhead knocked up and let a “Whitney Houston” slip away from him. SMH. Kinda psycho for Superhead to go on Oprah and talk about dysfunctional relationships like a “Dr. Phil” wannabe and get knocked up by a character like Bobby Brown who is still legally married.

Seen on the Scene: Whitney Houston, Kanye West, Usher, Halle Berry, Quincy Jones, Christina Milian

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Notorious metrosexual and fashionisto Kanye West is probably giving his fiancee Alexis some fashion tips, she looks good here. The couple were in Bel Air at Viktor & Rolf Celebrates The Launch of Their Collection for H&M Friday.

Christina Milian was also in attendance in Bel Air and was rockin the 70’s flight attendant look and apparently bringing in Valentines Day early. The usually fly Milian allows a good thing to be ruined with her shirt selection.

Usher, Clive Davis, and Whitney Houston attend the 17th Annual Carousel Of Hope Ball in Beverly Hills Saturday night. Whitney is looking better and better and it seems Bobby was taking away more than her money, her beauty as well. She looks great!

Halle Berry sporting her boy toy and “trying something new”. Halle: “I gave you brothas a chance and the only thing I got was a broken heart and bad hearing in my ear.”

Halle-Robinson Pete looking hot as hell with her husband, former football player Rodney Pete. She is doing everything right here and is clowning everyone with her well thought out dress selection. She looks great, one of the more sane looking couples in Hollywierd.

Quincy Jones: “I sure do love me some White women.” “Wonder if I have my Viagra pills in the car to try to break this thang off”. Quincy Jones and Sharon Stone who was mad because she couldn’t tongue down Halle Berry in the movie Catwoman.

Who rocked it better? Amerie rocked a plaid Diane von Furstenberg dress at a Big Apple bash, while Foxy Brown wore a red version at a NYC fashion show.

Bobby Brown with New "Mystery Woman", not Superhead

Our friends at TMZ caught Bobby Brown on the town with a new mystery woman, not Superhead. TMZ caught him with his date leaving the Roosevelt Hotel in a late 90’s Land Rover Discovery. He looks bad and like he is still on rocks.

To watch video, click here

Whitney Houston Files for Divorce

Via People:

Whitney Houston filed for divorce from Bobby Brown this week in Southern California’s Orange County Superior Court, her publicist Nancy Seltzer confirms. The move is hardly unexpected – Houston, 43, filed for legal separation from her husband of 14 years on Sept. 8, and at the time Seltzer told PEOPLE, “We’re saying she filed for divorce because that is (Whitney’s) intent.”

In the separation papers, Houston had asked for custody of the couple’s 13-year-old daughter, Bobbi Kristina, and that Brown, 37, be allowed visitation rights, the Associated Press reports.

Brown’s attorney, Phaedra Parks, declined to comment to the AP on the divorce filing, though earlier Parks had said that Brown was having a “very difficult” time with the separation.

If only she could of left this loser a long time ago. This is Whitney performing- It’s Not Right, But It’s Okay at the 1999 Brit Awards.

Bobby Paid in Full…Until Next Month

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Bobby must’ve been on his grind this week hustling up some money to pay the $11,000 owed to baby’s momma #2. Phew, just missed getting locked up by the skin of your teeth there, Mr. Brown. Wonder how he plans to keep those payments up….

Via TMZ: TMZ has learned that R& B star and Hyde outcast Bobby Brown is officially paid up on his back child support.

Patrick McDermott of the Norfolk, Mass. Probate and Family Court tells TMZ that Brown paid his two-month delinquent child support last week, a bill that totaled $11,000. Kim Ward, the mother of Brown’s teenaged daughter La Princia and son Bobby Jr., claimed that Brown owed her two months’ support for the children.

It is still not clear, however, about the status of the warrant out for his arrest. A court rep tells TMZ that it will probably be turned back in to the court as unserved and will most likely be vacated.

Brown also has one child with Whitney Houston, Bobbi Kristina, and an older son, Landon, with another woman.

We should expect Bobby to find another sugar mama to put his “Thug Lovin” on. This video is hilarious, with Bobby’s crooked mouth and air-humping…

What will become of this Bobby and Whitney crap? Will they clean themselves up and get back on the right track—be good role models for their children, or will they stay cracked-out for life??? Predictions, please.

Bobby Brown Still Wondering Why He Couldn’t Get Into Hyde

Bobby Brown and BET’s Reginald Hudlin at BET’s launch party Tuesday night. Bobby with what looks to be a New Edition hat, blood shot eyes and chronic/weed lips while rockin the same TJ Max coat he wore the previous night, may still be wondering why he can’t get in one of the hottest clubs in LA. Stick to the BET parties Bobby.

Bobby Brown is Delusional and Out of The Loop

Watch Video via TMZ

Via TMZ:

Bobby Brown was red flagged last night while trying to enter exclusive Hollywood hotspot Hyde. The doorman completely ignored Brown as Paris Hilton made her always easy, worry-free entrance right in front of him. Bobby had some fans that were just as confused as him saying “You’re Bobby Brown, don’t they know who you are??” Bobby answers, “I’m not a big celebrity or they would have let me in.”

Bobby you know your not getting into HYDE with your steez, you probably got a getter shot at walking into the Whitehouse with an AK. Whitney was the only celebrity currency you had left and now you don’t even that that pass. You need a hit (no, not from your pipe) or to try to get Whitney back dude if you want to upgrade to even a “small” celebrity again. Begging people for a car to drive, warrants, or failing to pay child support is not a good publicity mix.

Judge: Arrest The King of R&B


“A judge in Massachusetts added to Bobby Brown’s troubles on Monday, ordering him arrested if he steps foot in the state, after Brown skipped a court hearing over delinquent child-support payments to Kim Ward, the mother of two of his children.

In explaining his absence in court, Brown’s lawyer, Phaedra Parks, told the judge it was a “very difficult time” for Brown, whose wife, Whitney Houston, is divorcing him – but the judge said that was no excuse, the Associated Press reports.

“The media is very aware of this very public divorce that’s going on right now,” Parks told Judge Paula Carey, who shot back: “Whether or not he’s going through a divorce doesn’t negate the fact that he still owes child support relative to his two children that he had prior to his marriage,” she said.

Ward claims that Brown currently owes two months’ support, or $11,000.

We all know Bobby is broke. Can’t pay child support that you don’t have.

The Real Reason Behind Whitney Houston and Bobby Brown Split: All Whitney’s Money Smoked Up?

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As more and more headlines come in on Bobby and Whitney, I am starting to think that everyone has it wrong. Whitney is almost broke, desperately working on a “comeback” album while Bobby is out in Cali dealing with “business deals” with a former video ho(Jada Kiss, Jay-Z, Irv Gotti, Ice T, Ja Rule, Usher, Dr. Dre, Diddy, Vin Diesel, Shaq, Ray J,…the list goes on and on…you get the picture) .

When the former “King of R&B” has to turn to Superhead for business initiatives/projects and a place to stay there is a problem with the paper. Whitney being old and almost broke (based on her prior living standards/not yours) may have greenlighted Brown’s “withdrawal” from the marriage. New York Daily News is reporting that Bobby doesn’t have any wheels in Cali or a crib (reportedly crashing with Superhead):

“I hear that the 37-year-old Brown — who reportedly has been staying in L.A. with “Video Vixen” Karinne Steffans since separating from Houston — would appear on the African-American-oriented cable channel TV One only in exchange for a car.” Brown’s longtime friend and occasional rep, Ray Pouncey, told TV One that Brown was new to Los Angeles and didn’t have wheels, so a car would be the ideal payment instead of an appearance fee. Brown apparently wanted Taj to formally present the vehicle to him on the show as a gift.

“Brown’s longtime friend and occasional rep, Ray Pouncey, told TV One that Brown was new to Los Angeles and didn’t have wheels, so a car would be the ideal payment instead of an appearance fee. Brown apparently wanted Taj to formally present the vehicle to him on the show as a gift. “

Begging for a car when your star is not shining so bright and when the going rate is $1000 sounds like the actions of a desperate crackhead. A clean, sober, and financially lean Whitney doesn’t seem to fit with Bobby’s habit and agenda. Marriage works when money and rocks are promiscuously around, doesn’t when they disappear? You have to be smoking rocks if you think Bobby would leave Whitney for Superhead.

Whitney & Bobby: Inside Their Split

Via People:

…A relative of Brown’s says the problems started last fall. “The relationship just spiraled out of control,” the relative tells PEOPLE in its new issue. “They fought like cats and dogs. They would fight about what to eat for dinner, about who wasn’t cleaning out the dishwasher. Stupid things. But they were always yelling.”…

….Then things took a more serious turn in March when Brown’s sister Tina told The National Enquirer that Houston was a drug addict. (Although Houston has never publicly addressed the Enquirer story, she most recently underwent rehab in April 2005; Brown did the same in 2000.)…

Whitney Houston To File For Divorce: We Don’t Have Something in Common

Well, this is what rocks and “Superhead” will do to a relationship.

What a surprise. Yawn. Whitney “was” such a beauty with talent to kill, Bobby possessing the latter as well. A case of Black love and talent gone wrong. Kids and teens out there sneaking on this site for grown folks:


Via TMZ:

“Singer Whitney Houston has filed for divorce from husband Bobby Brown. Houston’s rep Nancy Seltzer confirms to TMZ that Houston intends to file for divorce from Brown, and that filing for a separation is just a “legal technicality” on the way to divorce. Seltzer did not divulge any further details concerning where or when the filings were made, and calls to Brown’s lawyer were not returned.

Houston and Brown have been married for 12 years and have one daughter, Bobbi Kristina.

When the rock smokin was in moderation.

New Vibe Magazine Editors Smoking More Crack Than Bobby Brown

The new administration at VIBE magazine has dropped a Christina Aguilera cover story in favor of Bobby Brown. Doesn’t look like the new leadership at VIBE is interested in selling magazines. Who is smoking more crack these days? Here is part of the Vibe Bobby B cover story. Some would be hard pressed to find any evidence of a Bobby B comeback in the pipeline. Having a business relationship with and/or dating SUPERHEAD is never a good sign of a comeback.

Taking it back to the good ole days.

Bobby Brown Gets Booed

Crowd Jeers Bobby (People)

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Now as much as any of us used to love Bobby Brown back in the day we all must admit he’s not all there. Recently at a reunion concert with New Edition and was up to his old bad boy antics again. While the rest of the group did choreographed dance steps Bobby was flying across the stage doing sexual and raunchy moves. He then went on stage and did a solo performance, continued his obscene moves and even mentioned things about his sex life with Whitney.

We have all seen “Being Bobby Brown” I don’t want to even imagine their sex life, in fact I could do without watching the show. Needless to say by the end of “It’s My Perogative” he was booed off the stage. I say good riddance, go home and go act crazy with Whitney.