Diddy Feels that Whitney Houston Threw Bobby Under the Bus… GTFOH!!!


Diddy has been on this relationship tip lately. While on Big Boy’s Neighborhood morning show he expressed that he felt some type of way when Whitney put Bobby on blast.

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Coupled Up: The King of R&B and His Latest Baby’s Mom on the Scene

Bobby Brown and Alicia Etheridge

For anyone who has seen Bobby Brown’s “Behind the Music,” you know how this dude used to get f*cked up something serious. Looks like he’s trying to turn his life around, and here he is ‘semi-sobered up’ with girlfriend Alicia Etheridge at some store opening in LA last night.

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Fatty McGhee’s Join VH1′s Celebrity Fit Club: K-Fed & Shar Jackson


K-Fed and Shar Jackson have both signed up for the new season of Celebrity Fit Club. This season could be the best one yet. They have crackhead Bobby Brown and this ex-Swirlin’ Couple. We know some kind of drama is going to pop off.

Remember When They Were Little…

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Bobby Brown : “Behind the Music” Preview


Bobby Brown on VH-1′s behind the music is like watching the inside of a rehab facility for 24 hours straight.

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Whitney Houston Can’t have All the Shine… Bobby “Boo-Boo” Brown Set to Do Reality Show


Bobby Brown has signed on for a reality show and spoken out against the Whitney interview with Oprah. It comes as no surprise that his unhealthy self is back in the news right after Whitney threw him overboard :

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When Broke Becomes the New Trend: Bobby Brown Faces Charges on No Child Support Again!


Bobby Brown may be due back in court again for non payment of child support.

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Pure Comedy: Eddie Winslow Speaks Out About Superhead

dariusskarrine copy

These dudes sound like they are talking about a killer in the video below! This interview and interlude with Darius acting like he is 13 is comedy. Please do not knock over the computer when he starts talking about Bobby Brown’s screw face and him being right about Superhead. Let us not even talk about Norwood shaking his neck and head in the video. (SMH)

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Look How Good Whitney Houston Looks On Her New Album Cover!!


We cannot believe the transformation that happened to Whitney almost immediately after she let that demon Bobby Brown go. Last night, she and Clive were debuting Whit’s new album cover for “I Look To You”. “Wow,” is all we will say about Miss Houston. It takes a strong person to kick an addiction and turn their life around; Kudos.

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This is Your Brain on Drugs

WI-Bobby Brown performs at DJ Cassidy's 28th Birthday Celebration2

Why are they still letting Bobby Brown’s ole rocked out sloppy ass perform? The “King of R&B” was doing his usual gyrations and tongue licking at DJ Cassidy’s 28th birthday party. Poor thang.

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Whitney Spotted Without Crack Pipe


Whitney Houston is looking good. Her hair is done and her clothes fit her. She looks like the woman we remember pre-Bobby Brown. Its so nice to see her gettin’ her life back in order. Check the expression on the airline security. Even he seems proud of Whitney’s transformation.

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Bobby Brown Makes Yet Another Baby’s Mama


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Calling All Whitney Stans

Whitney Houston

Whitney’s new album is coming out in the early fall. Her stans have been waiting for this moment ever since the ink dried on her divorce papers from crackhead @ss Bobby Brown.

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Whitney, The ‘King’ of R&B Is Dead!

Posted by Bossip Staff

bobby and johnny

Here are some notes about Bobby Brown’s performance on the Tom Joyner Fantastic Voyage cruise:

The’King’ is ‘dead’

There were plenty of empty seats. Most cruisers seemed to attend out of curiosity, not because they wanted to jam to “My Prerogative.” Bobby had the same three energetic female backups and a young energetic band, all 20-somethings in age. His Sunday night performance was shocking to some, but the Monday night performance was more painful to watch.

Why? Bobby put forth effort, but he just didn’t have anything in the gas tank, so to speak. He couldn’t move and he couldn’t sing. So he played all the live performance tricks: his mike was turned down; he let backups and the band have solos while he went offstage to catch his breath; he prompted the audience to sing along. His set was only 30 minutes long, and people were getting out in a hurry again from the first song. Bobby tried to blame his performance on an undisclosed medical condition, saying, “My doctors said I shouldn’t come, but I didn’t want to disappoint people.” (Too late for that.) Continue »

Whitney Breaks Her Bobby Addiction with a New Man

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The former Mrs. King of R&B is on the arms of a new man. Seen out in Beverly Hills with a gorgeous mystery man, the diva is finally getting on with her life and leaving Bobby’s wack ass behind.

The 45-year-old pop star was spotted with a mystery man outside the Beverly Hills Hotel after allegedly spending the night there, reports the China Daily. Continue »

When The Checks Stop Coming In

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Bobby Brown - yuck

After having a meal with some of his many offspring, Bobby Brown found he had no means to pay the bill: Continue »