Say What? Who’s Replacing Whitney In ‘The Bodygaurd’

Whitney Houston Rihanna

Her name has echoed the loudest in the flurry of names for stars that could possibly touch a new Bodyguard project. Continue »

Who Owns It??

Pepsi We Inspire Photo Booth Essence Magazine Women of Hollywood

Here are Brandy, Serena Williams, Mary Mary and Kimberly Elise hamming it up for the Pepsi We Inspire photobooth at Essence Magazine’s Women Of Hollywood event in L.A. Continue »

Caption This

Tony Dovolani Brandy Maksim Chmerkovskiy Rolling Stone Awards Weekend Bash

Here’s Brandy getting some suspect swirl-y sugar on the red carpet at Rolling Stone’s Awards Weekend Bash. Continue »

Dayuuum!! When Did Omar Epps Get So Old???

Omar Epps, Brandy Norwood

Here are Brandy and Omar Epps kicking the truth to the young Hollyweird youths yesterday. Continue »

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Bing Presents The 5th Annual "Two Kings" After Party

Here is Rihanna and Jay-Z sharing a ‘toastworthy’ moment at the “Two Kings” after party. Continue »

A “Lil Positivity”: Shaunie O’Neal & Brandy Host A-List Charity Shopping Event

Trina Shaunie O'Neal

Brandy and ‘Basketball Wife’ Shaunie O’Neal hosted a celebrity shopping event at L.A.’s Louis Vuitton Store on Rodeo Drive this weekend, bringing together stars for a cause. Continue »

Clive Davis Still Throws The Best Pre-Grammy Party, Hands Down (40+ Photos)

Brandy’s Dirty Tattoo Got A Facelift

Brandy Ganesha Tattoo

Right after Christmas, Brandy showed off her latest tattoo of the Hindu elephant god Ganesha… and most of us noticed the same thing. Continue »

Our New Favorite Non-Couple Help Ray-J Celebrate

Brandy Ray J YRB Magazine

Looks like Brandy and Terrence J are doing their best not to look too boo’d up in public. Continue »

Who Owns It: Brandy And Ray J Cover Kontrol Magazine

Kontrol Magazine

Brandy and Ray J take their Wonder Twins act to the cover of Kontrol Magazine’s “Winter Style Issue” this month. Continue »

Who Looked More Bangin: Ray-J’s B-List Edition

Ray J Birthday Pure Nightclub Caesars Palace

Ray J celebrated his 30th birthday in Vegas last night, and the three B’s in his life – Brittany, Brandy and Lil B – were on hand to celebrate. Continue »

Wackness: 10 “Celebrities” That Failed At Rapping

Chet Hanks rapping

Tom Hanks’ lame, poor excuse for a rapper son released an ode to his school, Northwestern University. Continue »

Terrence J Isn’t Claiming Brandy Just Yet, But…

Terrence J and Brandy attend the Toronto Raptures vs New York Knicks game at Madison Square Garden

We’ve been seeing Terrence J and Brandy boo’d up in public for about a month now. Continue »

Brandy’s 8-Year-Old’s Christmas List: Blackberry Or iPhone 4… Kids Don’t Want Toys And Bikes Anymore???

Brandy and Sy'rai

Brandy’s daughter is 8-years-old and Santa Claus is non-existiant but that hasn’t stopped her seed from creating a Christmas list. In a recent interview, Brandy speaks on her child asking for a Blackberry or an iPhone 4 for Christmas. Growing up in an age where parents can’t seem to put their Blackberrys and iPhones down and videos games are allowing kids to play and move around without going outside, it’s really no surprise when a kid wants to have the same things their parents play with everyday. Continue »

Aaaaw! Isn’t Brandy Just The Sweetest?!?!

Brandy Norwood

We don’t buy that “I didn’t have sex for six years” thing for a minute. But we do absolutely believe that Brandy‘s good girl persona isn’t an act. Continue »