Chilli is Looking Light and Breezy…

chilli and samuel l4 copy

Chilli and Samuel L. Jackson were seen real cozy at the NBAF Midsummer Gala: Brazilian Cool event in Atlanta this weekend. Chilli looks like an old soul that would like older men, hmmm…

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Frankie Attacks Chili of TLC… Keyshia Cole… Get Yo Mama…


Frankie must seriously be on the pipe again. Keyshia Cole needs to put a muzzle on her mom. Frankie attacked Chilli of TLC at party all because she didn’t take a picture with her and Frankie tells Chilli ” You think you better than me… my daughter is better than you any way”

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V-103 Gets Everyone and Their Momma to Come Out


V-103 had a Car Show/ Bike Show hosted by the madam of the ATL, Monica. Everyone came out; Frankie, Chilli, Mario, Dream and his FFT Queen, one of the ATL Housewives click, Busta, hell everyone…

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Looking Suspect: Yung “Joc”

what is wrong with joc

At the V103 Celebration for Ryan Cameron Yung Joc was spotted in this Buffalo Stance. SMH

Why is Joc Looking So Suspect??

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Guess Who’s Got a New Reality Show?


Every celebrity’s got one. Irv Gotti, Salt & Pepa, Hammer and now Chilli. She’s droppin’ a reality show on VH1 looking for the man of her dreams. WTF?

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Rozonda Thomas Out and About

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Chilli was at Mr Chow’s…and y’all know we like us some cute lil Chilli. She must be sippin’ from the Fountain of Youth on the daily cuz she looks sensational. What do you Bossip Folk think…

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Seen on the Party Scene

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Mary J Blige, and Monica were pictured at  a BET soiree were they announced their new BET channel.  Pop the thang to see the festivities, as well as  Melyssa Ford, Toccara, Mary J., Monica, Chilli, and Maxwell & Kerry Washington at the Chanel joint… Continue »

Are You Feeling Our Get Ups?

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chilli vs teyana

Chilli hosted the Dasani Ultimate Style and Beauty Lounge in NY. Remember Chilli’s promo pictures for Dasani?  Teyana Taylor is the only other semi-celeb who came out yesterday. Teyana, the weird fits and that big hair are always a little crazy. We’re not too sure about Chili’s gown either, so…

Are You Feeling These Get Up’s??

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Chilli Channeling Pocahontas

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Our boy, Derek Blanks, just shot these stylish pictures of Chilli. We all know Chilli handles her self with some class, if we must say so ourselves. We guess they were going for a play off of Chilli’s Indian baby hair steez.

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Chilli the Banger???

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Chilli and her son Tron have new promo pictures for Dasani Water. We think Chilli has been cute…Is she a banger, though?

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We Gotta Be Fair

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Chilli was spotted at the Hawks and 76ers basketball game over the weekend. Even though we love us some Chilli, we can’t lie; her hair looked a mess. We just don’t understand what possessed her to make that type of appearance. SMH

Polow da Don was also on the scene, without white girls, which is strange…

Chilli, is That You?

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Chilli was recently featured in Upscale Magazine looking not quite like herself but d@mn good. She’s still a beauty. Usher, do you snort coke or something? Check out Usher’s ex- below making his bride-zilla look even more like Magilla Gorilla.

Chilli and Her Son Dancing…How Cute

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Chilli and her son, Tron, got some shine at DJ Unk’s video shoot for “Show Out.” We know some of ya’ll will be mad but…did Chilli really approve of the Chris Cross braids in lil’ Tron’s head? Okay, okay, we will stop, but you can’t shelter him forever…

Ludacris Has His Own Weekend

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Ludacris, Chilli, and her babyhair were photographed at the opening party for “LudaDay Weekend” where they will kick it and do good deeds. Chris Luva Luva has evolved into such fine young gentleman. Good for him.

Images by FreddyO

Seen on the Scene

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Mary J. Blige performed at the Essence Music Festival over the weekend rockin the snake skin boots. More pics of the illustrious event, including Keyshia Cole and Chris Rock and wife Malaak in the thumbs.

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