Rihanna and Chris Brown Still Rockin’ That Thang


Chris Brown is going to be sentenced to five years of probation this afternoon for beating the brakes off of Rihanna . RiRi doesn’t feel that the protection order is necessary anymore, so she’s asking that it be removed. That’s no surprise because if they meet up to bang bang and do the damn thang, then it’s against the law. Continue »

Chris Brown Ready For First TV Interview


Chris Brown is ready to hop back into the spotlight and is in talks of giving his first televised interview to Larry King.

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Did Chris Do that to Your Head RiRi?


Rihanna was spotted arriving at a heliport with hell-a bed head after spending a weekend in the Hamptons. We wonder if Chris was there.  More pics under the hood.

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New Ne-Yo Song Is Kind of Bangin…


Ne-Yo’s new song Stormy Sunday is pretty clean. In a recent interview he talked about helping Rihanna out on her album and what he thinks about Chris Brown: Continue »

Chris Brown Doing Tats Too?

chris brown tat copy

Chris Brown is either signaling to Rihanna, “look, I will follow you wherever”, or he is just blatantly biting. Pop it to see another one of him huddled around some white guy’s calf muscle. Continue »

He Must of Gotten Some the Other Night!


Why is Chris Brown smiling so hard? Pop the hood to see why… Continue »

What Is Wrong With This Picture?


Chris is out in Manhattan and was stopped by one time… for a picture!

What Is Wrong With This Picture?

Creepin’ in NYC: Rihanna and Chris Brown Spotted in Same Hotel, May Violate Court Order


We have learned that Rihanna and Chris Brown checked into different rooms at NYC’s Trump International Hotel & Tower on Friday. The dysfunctional couple were seen using decoy vehicles to creep around in the city to prevent detection of paparazzi and the media. Continue »

HARPO Says “NO” to Michael Jackson & Hell No to Chris Brown

Oprah W.

Even though the summer time is Harpo’s off season, she says “I talk about what I want to talk about.” Oprah does not support people that hurt children and especially men that beat on women. Since that’s the case she feels she has no reason to speak on MJ’s death and Chris Brown. Continue »

Ho Sit Down: Chris Brown Is Back In The Studio


Chris Brown is back in the music studio, Stussy’d out . Last night, Chris was seen coming out of the music studio in L.A., but people are hollerin’ for the boy to sit down somewhere, at least until next year. This guy just needs to keep his mouth shut and nose clean and he will be alright.

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Isn’t He Married: Let’s Get Real Here…Is Jay-Z Chopping Down Rihanna???


This guy is doing way too much finagling with that little Riri. We know everyone else is afraid to say it, but f*ck it. Jay-Z is chopping them cakes down if you ask us:

Rihanna and Jay-Z rolled into town last night and… Continue »

Hip-Hop Beef: Joe Camel Talks About Chris Brown and BET Awards Then Calls The Game a “Groupie”

Jay-Z, breezy, game

Jay-Z must be tired of the rumors and all the hoopla. He went on a radio show yesterday and talked it all out. He addresses the Chris Brown incident and apology. After doing that, he goes hard at The Game:

On whether he had Chris Brown shut out of the BET awards:

“First let me categorically… Continue »

*Breaking News* Chris Brown Finally Man’s Up and Apologizes


Yeah, we can’t believe it either. Chris Brown finally asked his fans and society for forgiveness. Now maybe people will get over it.

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Chris Breezy’s Security Guard: I saw all the fights… AND I’m selling C. Breezy’s Shoes!!! HuH???

Chris Brown and Big Dave

Sooo Breezy’s Security, Big Dave is tweeting it up on Twitter on his day off about C. Breezy and RiRi’s relationship. He says that RiRi was insecure and they fought all the time and that they really didn’t know what love is… BUT then on the flip side, he is selling autographed Chris Brown Sneaks to the Highest Bidder… WTH???

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Hey Chris… WTF Does That Chain Mean??

chris brown new chain

Chris Brown’s new chain that he was sporting at the White Party last week is being exposed. You all knew the jeweler was looking for some type of shine by alerting everybody to his work. It looks like the chain is sort of clowning the fact he punched a girl…”OOPS!”(??)

WTF is that supposed to mean?

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