Top 10 Chocolate Cakes And Twerkers Of 2013!: Eudoxie, Deelishis, Beyonce, Tahiry, And More [Video]

top ten cakes

From Deelishis to Eudoxie all the way over to Tamar Braxton, Paula Patton, and Beyonce shaking their cakes… Continue »

Deelishis And Her 45 Year Old Humoungous Cake Do “The Dougie” Off Up In The Club [Video]

Shouldn’t she be at home taking care of them kids? SMH

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Deelishis and her Gut Full of Human Cover Sister 2 Sister

looks like she was about to pop during her photo shoot with Sister2Sister magazine. In her interview, Deelishis goes into detail about her pregnancy, music career and marrying Orlando. She has definietly come a long way but still the fact that she was all up on Flavor Flav is just disgusting.

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Deelishis’ “Poisonous” Experience Spawns Haters Recovery Group

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Deelishis sits down on a video below and explains how a situation last yr, where a woman tried to poison her, helped her start a organization for haters to channel their energy. SMH

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Seen on the Scene: Tigger’s 36th Birthday Party

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Check out Tigga at his birthday party all hugged up on Flavor of Love ho, Black, and the little dude from The Wire.  Melyssa Ford was there minus Raekwon, along with more Flavor hoes, and that Raven Simone probably trying to pick up stragglers.

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Some Afternoon Deelishis

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This is Deelishis in the November issue of Smooth giving her best effort to stay relevant. We thought some of you might want to start the weekend off on a good foot, so here you go.

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Enter At Your Own Risk

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Yeah, yeah, yeah, gentlemen; we already know you’d beat that thing like she stole something. Get over yourself. Just don’t expect us to send a search squad when you get sucked into that abyss and can’t find your way out.

More Deelishis pics below.