DMX Speaks With Dr. Drew About His Drug Problem [Video Preview]

dmx dr. drew

DMX will sit down with Dr. Drew on his daytime show “Dr. Drew’s Lifechangers.” Continue »

Hip-Hop Hooray? The Biggest Rap Fails Of All Time Pt. 1

lil wayne pants

These rappers made horrible career decisions and we were all there to watch. Continue »

Damnnnn Homie: A Gallery Of Celebrities That Fell Way The Eff Off


“Damnnn homie, in high school you were the mannn homie” – 50 Cent Continue »

It Could Be Purple, It Could Be Drank: A Mega Gallery Of The Most Slizzard Celebs

beyonce drunk

Celebrities like to party. A lot. Just as much as we do. The good thing is our drunkenness isn’t broadcast across the world for millions so see. Continue »

Pure Comedy: DMX Hear’s Lil B’s Album Title “I’m GAY” For The 1st Time And Reacts Like This… [Video]

DMX hear's Lil B's Album Title and Freaks

In a recent interview with XXL, DMX was asked his thoughts on what rappers do for shock value to stay relevant. Unfortunately, DMX stays in jail soooo much Continue »

DMX Talks Ten Kids & Six Baby Mommas, New Daughter Aaliyah, And How He’ll Stay Out Of Jail… Because He Wont Be Caught? [Video]

Yeah, X, You’re So Slick And That’s Why You’ve Never Been Caught Before… SMH

Rocks At The Throne: A History Of People That Threw Shade At The Camel

jay-z dame dash

Last week we talked about some stars that threw shade at Bey Bey, but her husband has gotten his fair share of insults from rappers, journalists and plain old regular people. Continue »

What These Cops Want From A Rapper: The Many Mugshots Of DMX


Throughout the history of Hip-Hop, there hasn’t been a rapper arrested more times than DMX. Continue »

Stop Us If You’ve Heard This One Before: DMX Arrested…Again


Looks like DMX’s vacation from jail may be ending soon. Continue »

Get Ya Gear Up: Some Notably Embarrassing Failed Celebrity Clothing Lines

ll cool j

Yesterday, we highlighted some celebrity sneakers that embarrassed everyone involved. Well, that’s not the only area where celebrities have stumbled. Continue »