We Don’t Believe You, You Need More People! Rap Albums We’re Starting To Believe May Never Come Out


Rappers make promises all the time, hyping their new projects that are going to shake up the world. But often these albums never see the light of day. Continue »

Hide Yo… Narcotics: DMX Is A Free Man Doing Interviews Again [Video]

Just 15 minutes after getting out of the big house, DMX was already all the way back in celebrity mode.

Check out what he told AllHipHop.com about his plans.

When Rappers Act: The Good, The Bad, And The Ugly!

will smith acting

For years, rappers have been part of the mainstream society, with dolls, endorsements and movie roles being a part of their multi-faceted stardom. Continue »

Hopefully He’s Off The Rocks: DMX Scheduled For July 6th Prison Release, Wants to Focus On Reality Show, Fiancée And His 10 Kids [Photos]

DMX and fiancée Yadira Borrego

On July 6, 2011 Earl Simmons, better known as DMX, will be released from Arizona State Prison Continue »

So Sensitive: Men Who Aren’t Afraid To Cry

chris brown crying

Valentine’s Day is a little less than a week away. It’s time for the men to get in touch with their sensitive sides. Continue »

Lawked Up: A Gallery Of Rapper Mug Shots

dmx mug shot

Spoiler alert: rappers go to jail. A lot. The funny thing is most of them don’t get to jail until they start rapping because their tales of past thuggery are all fabricated. Continue »

Jesus Take The Wheel: DMX Moved To Mental Health Unit Due To “An Undiagnosed Mental Condition”

dmx mugshot 2010

Man, at this time, you gotta just pray for Dark Man X: Continue »

The Dog is Back In The Kennel: DMX Sentenced To One Year In Prison

DMX Back in Jail

Ol’ boy just can’t get right. SMH Continue »

Potluck: What Would These 10 Celebrities Bring To Thanksgiving Dinner?

Kanye West Thanksgiving

Turkey Day is upon us, finally. We at Bossip are having a fantastic feast and all are invited, including some of our most popular celebrities. We sent them emails asking them to come to our dinner and this is what they said they’d bring. Continue »

DMX Is Pretty In Pink With Black & White Stripes In Jail Sounding Like TI: I FAWKED UP AGAIN… I’m Sick!

DMX Back in Jail

DMX is back in jail for violating his probation… AGAIN! Just last week before his concert in Scottsdale, AZ, he interviewed with Fox 10 news station stating that if he did something foolish, it would be all over the news and he would be back in jail. Now… DMX is back in front of FOX 10 with matching chrome bracelets giving his TI sob story: Continue »

DMX Disses Plies, Says He’s One Of The Worst Rappers Out

DMX and Plies

DMX has gone on record to voice his feelings on rapper Plies. Continue »

DMX Pulled Over For Speeding Moments After Being Released From Jail


DMX just can’t seem to stay away from the police. Continue »

DMX Is Out The Box Early


DMX has been released from prison… again Continue »