Coupled Up: Dr. Dre And Wife Nicole, Bill Maher And His Young Swirl Piece Hit Up David Geffen’s Beverly Hills Soiree

Dr. Dre and his wife go to Beverly Hills for the David Geffen party.

Dr. Dre and wife Nicole were spotted coupled up in Beverly Hills Tuesday night for a special event. Continue »

Coupled Up: Andre “Dr. Dre” Young And His Wife Spotted Leaving NYC Telly

Music producer Dr. Dre was seen leaving his NYC hotel with his wife Nicole Threatt in New York on October 17th, 2012

At least she looks like a normal wife and not some overdressed hussy headed to a “Love And Hip-Hop” taping. Continue »

Making It Rain On Them Hoes: Forbes Magazine Announces The Top 5 Wealthiest Artists In Hip-Hop

Forbes Magazine announces the 5 wealthiest men in hip-hop

Make this money, take this money, ain’t no way you gon’ take this from me… Continue »