Tracey Edmonds Is A Banger

Tracey Edmonds dines at BOA Steakhouse this evening in Beverly Hills

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No Gifts For You: Dads That Don’t Deserve Sh*t For Father’s Day

arnold schwarzenegger

We’ve already showed you the best celebrity dads in the world to make you feel all good and warm inside. But not every dad out there has his kid’s best interest at heart. Continue »

Arnold Isn’t The Only One: Celebrities Who Fathered Illegitimate Children

lil wayne eddie murphy

Although Arnold may be in the hot seat for his latest scandals, he isn’t the only well known male to father an illegitimate child. Continue »

Get With The Program: 10 People That Somehow Haven’t Joined Twitter Yet…But Need To

dave chappelle main twitter

Twitter is one of the most popular things in the world right behind sex, oxygen and pizza. Everybody seems to be doing it, but some celebrities have refrained. Continue »

Who Looked More Bangin’: Bria Murphy vs Shane Murphy

Dark & Lovely Brand Ambassador Unveiling

Last night, the Murphy family came out to support Bria Murphy as she took over Nia Long’s old gig as the Brand Ambassador for Dark & Lovely Continue »

Random Encounters: This Is The Last Person We’d Expect Nicole Murphy To Be Cool With

Nicole Murphy

Nicole Murphy was out in Hollyweird spending some mother-daughter time with her three youngest girls, when one of her ex’s rumored romantic interests popped into the nail salon to say “Hi.” Can you guess who it was? Continue »

When The Checks Stop Coming In: Nicole Murphy Blew Her 15 Million Dollar Divorce Settlement On Bullsh*t

eddie murphy Nicole

Damn, Nicole!!!

Eddie Murphy’s ex wife Nicole has blown her massive $15 million divorce settlement in just four years – and now she’s millions of dollars in debt. Continue »

Friday Freakfest: Happy Halloween Countdown Of Bossip’s Best Hood Horror Flicks

Blacula Black horror movies

For better or worse, 1972′s Blacula started a legacy of low-budget horror movies made for the hood. Continue »

Some Old Banger Belly

Michael Strahan grabs a bit to eat with a few friends and his fiance Nicole Murphy

Eddie Murphy’s ex-wife Nicole Mitchell Murphy was spotted having lunch with her new fiance’ Michael Strahan, his BFF Dr. Ian and another friend in NYC. She popped out all them kids for Eddie and that body is still BANGIN!!! Continue »

Mel B’s Daughter Spends Father Day With Stepdaddy And Not Donkey

Melanie Brown and her daughter Angel Iris Brown and Melanie's husband Stephen Belafonte enjoy Fathers day at the Grove

Melanie Brown, her husband Stephen Belafonte, and little Angel Iris Murphy Brown spent some family time together at the Grove in LA for Father’s Day.

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How Nice…Lil Angel Iris Murphy Brown Spends Quality Time With Her Sister Bella

Angel Iris Murphy Brown, Mel B, and Bella Murphy Spend Time Together

Look what we have here. After Eddie Murphy decided to stop acting like a deadbeat jackass towards his youngest seed, Angel Iris Murphy Brown, she has been spotted hanging with her sister Bella (Eddie’s youngest daughter with Nicole).

Good to see them together, but Mel B is gonna HAVE to do something with that child’s hair. SMH.

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Is Donkey Done Being A Deadbeat Dad?

"Mel B and Eddie Murphy have mended fences for the sake of their daughter Angel"

After acting a donkey for the first couple years of his daughter Angel’s life, Eddie Murphy has finally come around. Ironically enough, it was while doing press for his recurring role as Donkey in the Shrek franchise’s latest installment Shrek Forever After for the Tribeca Film Festival that Eddie came around. Pop the hood for details. Continue »