Okay Bria, We See You…

Bria Murphy daughter of Eddie and Nicole Murphy Modeling

Awwwwww shizzzzz…look at little Bria Murphy getting her model on. She’s definitely growing up to be quite the little stunner.

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Where Are My Parents?

We weren’t sure whether to call this one “Where Are My Parents?” or “Where Is Pleasure P?” Eddie Murphy and Nicole Mitchell’s daughters Shayne and Bria were spotted in Beverly Hills heading to get their nails done when they got mobbed by the paparazzi. Pop the hood for a few more shots. Continue »

Remember Us, Kobe???

Kobe and Joe Bryant Reunited Oklahoma City Thunder v Los Angeles Lakers, Game 5

Kobe Bryant, who has had a pretty rocky relationship with his parents in the past, was reunited with Pam and Joe Bryant (pictured hugging Kobe above) at last night’s Lakers vs. OKC Thunder playoff game where the Lakers were victorious.

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Damon Thomas Kicked To The Curb By Eddie Murphy’s Ex-Wife

"Nicole Murphy Cleavage"

Kim Kardashian isn’t the only woman in Hollyweird with a beef against her abusive ex-husband, Damon Thomas. Eddie Murphy’s ex-wife, Nicole Murphy, is trying to kick Thomas’ a$s out of her house. Pop the hood. Continue »

Where’s Johnny Gill?? Eddie Murphy Spotted Holding Hands With “Sex Chronicles” Actress

Eddie Murphy was seen on the scene all coupled up after the Lakers game with Skinemax soft core actress Maya Gilbert. She’s pretty damn cute, but Eddie is not fooling anyone!!! SMH.

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Mommy, Where Is My Hairstylist??

Mel B and her daughter Angel were out and about in West Hollyweird shopping yesterday.  The mother and daughter duo were seen rocking their matching shaved heads except Angel’s hair was looking real raggedy. Come on Mel you’ve got to do better.

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Like Mother, Like Daughter

Bria Murphy and her mother Nicole were spotted under the tents for Vivienne Tam Fall show during Fashion week. We’re glad she took after her mother instead of Eddie.

Could you imagine what she would look like??

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Eddie Murphy Draped in Pure White


Your favorite swirling-bisexual Hollyweirdian, Eddie Murphy, is back doing what he does best… finagling in L.A. with some blonde piece. (at least it isn’t Johnny Gill this time)

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True or False: Pleasure P is Getting it in with Eddie Murphy’s Daughter…


Pleasure P and Bria were spotted walking the streets of Atlanta looking real close, like he wasn’t boyfriend #2.

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Eddie Murphy’s Daughter Finally Gets Her Own Check

lil murphy copy

Eddie Murphy’s oldest daughter, Bria Murphy, is cheesing in the new Gucci Mane video with Usher. We think the young lady is pretty enough, although she does resemble Eddie in this pic.

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Let Us Tell You What’s Wrong With This Picture…Eddie Murphy is On Roids!!!


Eddie Murphy is closing in on fifty and it looks like he’s gotten very acquainted with HGH. Now that we think about it, we bet that is Mel B’s secret. Human Growth Hormone is the key to grotesquely extreme bodies in Hollyweird…

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Still Bangin…

Salli Richardson

Yesterday another one of Eddie Murphy’s kiddy movies dropped. It’s called Imagine That. Anyways, Salli Richardson was there and we haven’t seen her in a minute.

Do y’all still think she is bangin???

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Eddie Murphy Shows Off His Nerdy Steeze

Eddie Murphy

Eddie Murphy looks like he’s getting his Norbit on riding around in LA. Does he think those thick glasses frames are cool? Nerdy chic doesn’t work for you, Eddie. Maybe he’s getting in character for a new role. That’s what we’re hoping. Continue »

Mike Epps: “No Disrespect, But Richard Pryor Hand-picked Me To Play Him”

Posted by Bossip Staff

Mike Epps

Po’ lil Mike Epps got the shaft on the Richard Pryor movie where his performance was so highly anticipated. Word is, Eddie Murphy swooped in and is almost finished filming, but Mike believes that Pryor’s REAL wishes will still come true: Continue »

Game On

Posted by Bossip Staff


Yeezy stopped by the Staples Center to check out Kobe Bryant and the Lakers as they took down the Jazz in Game 1 of their playoff series. No shenanigans from K. West this time as the cat was just laying low.

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