Eddie Murphy to Play Richard Pryor

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Funny is as funny does, and so it shall be that Eddie Murphy play the role of his idol, Richard Pryor, in an upcoming movie:

The first time Eddie Murphy worked with writer-director Bill Condon he earned a nomination for best supporting actor at the Oscars. That was for playing a fictionalized version of singer James Brown in “Dreamgirls” back in 2006 (he lost to Alan Arkin, “Little Miss Sunshine”). Now the two are reuniting to make a movie about Murphy’s longtime idol — the late Richard Pryor. Continue »

Eddie’s Deadbeat Days Are Over

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Mel B is giddier than a mutha behind the judge’s child support ruling: Continue »

Dead Beat Dad – And Lovin’ It

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Eddie Murphy 209

Dig Eddie Murphy‘s weak ass excuse for being a dead beat daddy: Continue »

Eddie Murphy Likes Absent Backs

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Eddie Murphy was kickin it with his posterior-challenged jump-off at Bank Nightclub in Las Vegas last night. Peep more of Eddie getting his swirl on – and Johnny Gill attempting to ‘join in’ when you Continue »

Eddie & His Freak-Jawn

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Eddie Murphy was spotted living it up at a nightclub in St. Barts last night. Damn. Check out bro’man’s eyes. It looks as though that wheffah is giving buddy boy an exorcism. We pray it’s not that chickadee with the emaciated backs. Surely Eddie can do better than that…Right?

Get a load of Eddie getting his freak on right about now Continue »

One Little Reason Eddie Murphy Shouldn’t Swirl

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Get a load of these two snow bunnies to whom Eddie Murphy crooned. SMH at that poor thang on the left looking like a 10 year old white boy who cross dresses in that bikini. Damn those cakes.

Eddie Murphy’s Role in Batman a Riddle

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There are conflicting stories about the talk of Eddie Murphy playing the Riddler in Batman: Continue »

Eddie’s Play House

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Apparently Eddie Murphy and Johnny Gill have been letting the balls fly as they host weekly bowling tournaments with DJ Ruckus on the 1s and 2s:

The hottest after-hours party in Hollywood isn’t at a club – it’s at Eddie Murphy’s Beverly Hills bachelor pad. One source said, “Eddie has taken the after-hours party up a notch since he’s been single. Murphy and Johnny Gil [who lives in the sprawling manse's guesthouse] have been holding bowling tournaments in the house’s bowling alley almost every weekend. He even hired DJ Ruckus to spin one party.” Guests have included Busta Rhymes, Bobby Brown and Dallas Austin. “When Bobby was there, they messed with him and kept playing songs by [Brown's ex] Whitney Houston.”


Eddie Murphy Celebrates With A “Pussy”

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Not that kind, nasty asses. Eddie Murphy was in LA celebrating Melody Thornton’s (Pussycat Dolls) birthday at Les Deux. You all are just disgusting. We know that hound, Eddie, is on the prowl so we sure hope Melody left her little kitten in the cage at home with an alarm…and a chastity belt, for good measure.

More pics of Melody’s party when you look under the hood… Continue »

It’s About Time That….

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Eddie Murphy retire from the movie making biz:

Eddie Murphy is dishing about leaving the movie business for good after the release of his latest film. “I have close to fifty movies and it’s like, why am I in the movies?” he said, adding, “I’ve done that part now. I’ll go back to the stage and do standup.”

Murphy, 47, said that while a “Beverly Hills Cop 4″ flick was in the works, he didn’t want to do it, because “the movie wasn’t ready to be done.” Murphy said he agreed to do “Cop 3″ because of the large fee he was offered. “They said this is how much we’re going to pay you. I said, ‘let’s go shoot it! I don’t care if the script ain’t right.” As for Eddie’s love life, the new bachelor [said] he is currently looking for a woman with “just honesty and some other things.”

Hmmm. Wonder if by “other things” he was referring to an adams apple and the old twig and berries?

Eddie’s most recent films have been sooo ass, he should’ve let that ship set sail years ago. The real question is: Sure, he may take the stage again, but can the brotha recover from years of doing wack ass kiddie movies ‘n’ shyte? Only time will tell…..

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Jet’s Hollywood Hot Shot of the Week

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Check out Will Smith on the new Jet Magazine cover. Jet gives us a glimpse of what we can expect this summer from Hollyweird’s finest:

“‘Hancock,’ starring Will Smith, which follows a sarcastic superhero who constantly leaves a wave of destruction in his path; sci-fi comedy ‘Meet Dave,’ which teams up Eddie Murphy and Gabrielle Union, chronicles a ship from outer space that lands in New York City to learn the culture of Americans.”

“Hancock” sounds quite interesting – but we don’t know about Eddie’s new film. Y’all remember his last attempt at Sci-Fi by the name of ‘Pluto Nash’ (yikes!). We don’t want to write him off completely, so we’ll just have to do a ‘wait and see’ on this new jawn.

Beverly Hills C**k

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Mel B is putting Eddie Murphy on blast for being a dead-beat dad to little Angel Iris:

“The working title on my new song is Beverly Hills Cock because that is what he is. He never bothers with his daughter. I mean, what kind of man is that?”

Come on Mel, you knew you were dealing with a disconnected down-low brotha from the jump. And not that we agree with Eddie’s behavior, but somehow we have a feeling that dropping a track about his poor fatherhood skills won’t really help matters either.


How Sweet

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We enjoy a some wholesome family photographs from time to time. Here is Scary Spice and her little cutie Angel Iris Murphy Brown. Too bad Eddie Murphy’s chump ass is missing out on that baby’s life. Even her K-Fraud is doing his part– toting around the purse and the diaper bag.


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Coupled Up

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Nicole Murphy is beginning to look less and less like a tranny each time we see her. It must’ve been mandatory when she was with Eddie Murphy to look as much like a man as possible with his tranny fetish. She looks happy with this Mike Strahan character. Good for her.


View pics of Dr. Dre and his wife Nicole under the hood… Continue »

Coupled Up

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Eddie Murphy’s ex Nicole and Michael Strahan seem to still be going strong. Here they are at the Sport Museum Of America opening night gala in NYC last night.  Nicole doesn’t even look as tranny-ish as usual.  That real lovin must be doing her good.

On a side note, by the looks of everyone in suits and the fact that it was a ‘gala event’ ANTM reject Camille just looks a wee bit out of place in that get up…see below:


View more pics from this event coming up next… Continue »