Who Are My Singer And Rapper Parents???

Guess Who???

Who could have possibly created such a precious little girl? Continue »

Shots Fired: Erykah Badu Dissing Nicki Minaj At Afropunk Fest “Btch You Don’t Beez In No Trap” [Video]

Yeah, she went at her a lil…

Erykah Badu Disses Nicki Minaj Calls Her A Btch

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TwitterFiles: Erykah Badu Goes HAM On Video Director!!

Keep in mind that I’m an artist……and I’m sensitive about my shhhh… Continue »

Solange Sure Looks Different… Without A Bra

Solange Knowles   The Hennessy 'Wild Rabbit' campaign launch event at the Highline Studios -

Solange put her missiles in the air for the Hennessy Wild Rabbit campaign launch Continue »

Erykah Badu Tears It Up In New Orleans With a Jazzy Performance [Video]

Watch as Erykah Badu performs with Mos Def and Mark Ronson for a New-Orleans inspired song. Continue »

The Game Ft Lil Wayne & Tyler The Creator “Martians Vs Goblins” Video: Diss Rihanna, Tyler Perry, Lebron, Bruno Mars, And Lil B [Video]

Didn’t Jay Electronica already threaten the hip hop game not to mention Erykah Badu in cuts no more??!! Continue »

Setting The Record Straight: 15 Black And Latina Women That Definitely SHOULD Have Been In The “Hottest Women Ever” List


We’ve seen the travesty of the hottest women list that was released last week. Now let’s set the record straight. Continue »