Twitter Files: Drizzy Does His Damndest Not To Fall Under Erykah Badu’s Spell

Erykah Badu Drake

Drake has been showing Erykah Badu a lil Canadian hospitality during her visit to Toronto… and the singer couldn’t help but to make a few jokes about the urban legend regarding her prowess over rappers. Continue »

Some Bangin’ Kinky Girls: They Make Us Feel Like Choppin’ Down A Natural Woman


Let’s take a moment out of our day to show a lil appreciation to the beauty embodied by our Black queens Continue »

Who Is Our Non-Rapper Hip-Hop Daddy?

These two little ladies were their DJ daddy’s date to Tupac’s 40th Birthday Celebration in Atlanta last night. One of them used to tell you to “Pay Attention” over her daddy’s mixes. Can you guess who he is? Continue »

And We Thought Shanequa Was Bad… Cute Celebrity Seeds, Crazy Names

Jermaine Jackson and Jermajesty

We all know that parents in Hollyweird can be a bit eccentric when it comes to baby names. Continue »

Erykah Badu & Odd Future Perform At Fader SXSW Fort

Erykah Badu Tyler the Creator

Erykah Badu knows a thing or two about spotting talented rappers, so it’s no surprise that she came to show love to the head wolf Tyler The Creator from the skyrocketing group Odd Future.

The raucous crew performed cuts from their respective releases like Tyler’s hit single “Yonkers,” while rocking ski masks over their faces and prompting the crowd to chant “Golf Wang” as they stage dove into the audience.

Erykah Badu then took the stage, and played drums with indie duo Matt & Kim, who are credited for inspiring her controversial “Window Seat” video.

After the set, Tyler made sure to tell the world via twitter about his experience with Miss Badu, by saying:

“I Fu**ing Love Her!”

Check out photos and video from the show at

Who Looked More Bangin? SXSW Showdown Edition

Erykah Badu and Janelle Monae at SXSW

Erykah Badu and Janelle Monae showcased their eclectic styles at the South By Southwest Music and Film Festival in Austin, TX Continue »

Pure Comedy: Meet Your Favorite Rappers’ Animal Alter Egos

Lil Mane

Over the past couple of years, illustrator Patrick Moberg has been drawing some of your favorite rappers as animals. Continue »

Janky Promoters: Epic Pre-Superbowl Concert Featuring Prince And Erykah Badu Cancelled At Last Minute!

Dear Janky Promoters, This isn’t a club night that’s being hosted by some C-list rapper, this is PRINCE cotdammit! Continue »

Transformed: 10 Celebrities That Went From Wholesome To Hoe-y

Keri Hilson Hoe-y

Hoes are taking over the world. Either beat them or join them. It seems as though a few celebrities out there have chosen to join the ranks of hoe-dom after their not-so-hoelike actions didn’t get them the attention they wanted. Continue »

Which One Would You Hit??? Soul Train Awards 2010 Edition (60+ Show Photos Inside!!!)

the 2010 Soul Train Awards at the Cobb Energy Center on November 10, 2010 in Atlanta, Georgia.

The 2010 Soul Train awards went down last night in Atlanta and LOTS of interesting characters were in the building wearing some pretty funky getups… Continue »

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