For Discussion: Do Black People Combat Negative Racial Stereotypes By Faithfully Serving White Folks With Dignity?

the butler

Could YOU ever serve a white person/family with a smile on your face? Continue »

Seen On The Scene: Oprah, Forest Whitaker And More Attend ‘The Butler’ LA Premiere [30+ Photos]

Lee Daniels' The Butler LA Premiere

Last night Oprah Winfrey, Forest Whitaker and more came out for the premiere of the Weinstein Company’s ‘Lee Daniels’ The Butler’ Continue »

A-Alikes: Celebrities That Portrayed Other Famous Characters And Nailed It!

Over the years we’ve seen many actors and actresses play historical figures, musicians, even some of their fellow thespians in a plethora of films. We’ve amassed a short list of some of the best performances where it became hard to tell the difference between the actor and the real person. Continue »

Matrimony-dom Bliss: Forest And Keisha “Feed Me Please” Whitaker Coupled Up In Hollyweird

Forest Whitaker and his wife are seen leaving Bodhi Tree Bookstore in Hollywood, CA.

Forest Whitaker was spotted coppin’ books with his bangin’ but extremely slimmy trimmy wife-piece Keisha Whitaker in Hollyweird. Continue »

Happy Birthday: Keisha Whitaker Turns 38 With A Gang Of People In NYC

Everyone came out to celebrate Keisha Whitaker’s birthday at a private dinner at NYC’s Juliet Supper Club. Looks like everyone had a great time.

Pop the top to see who hit up the party scene and to see more pics of Forest and Keisha coupled up and kissy faced. Continue »

Some Morning Handsome

Lance Gross attended the premiere of the new flick “Our Family Wedding” looking all chocolatey and scrumptious. Eva sure is one lucky chick..

More images from the premiere when you.. Continue »

Which One Would You Hit??

Lenny Kravitz tweeted this pic over the weekend of some handsome and talented brothas having a wonderful time in Hollyweird.

Ladies, if you had to choose one of these kind fellows to soak up the drawls…which one would you let get it???

Newark Mayor Gets a New Show


The Sundance Channel has a new documentary series about the city of Newark, NJ and its Mayor, Cory Booker.  Pop the hood for a sneak peek. Continue »

What is Wrong With This Picture??

Wesley Snipes attends Prince Faisal S. Al Saud of the Saudi Arabian Royal Family birthday celebration at the Sky Bar at the Mondrian Hotel2

Here is your boy Blade at the Prince Faisal S. Al Saud of the Saudi Arabian Royal Family birthday celebration at the Sky Bar at the Mondrian Hotel. We’re not quite sure what’s going here. Maybe you can help us out…

Pop the hatch for more Wesley, Forest Whitaker and Charlie Murphy!!!!!! Continue »