Catch Fade: 50 Cent Brings Meek Mill On Stage And Tries To Scrap With Old G-Unit Member Trav [Video]

50 about to catch fade with Trav… Meek plays peacemaker.

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50 Cent Talks G-Unit, Jay-Z, And Chris Lighty! [Video]

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Young Buck Is Mad Folks Don’t Buy His Music: New Young Buck Music Video “I’m Done With Yall” [Video]

SMH @ Buck Still Trying To Come Back From The Famous Phone Call With Him Crying To 50 Like A Schmuck…
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Another Day, Another Reality Show: Mashonda, Olivia, And More To Star On “Love & Hip Hop”

mashonda gold bathing suit

This should be interesting:

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Twitter Files: Game Still Wishes To Reunite G-Unit


Game wants peace with 50 Cent and is asking for a chance to reunite the entire G-Unit crew. Continue…

Bossip Exclusive: Olivia “I’m Still Making it Rain on Hoes My Bags are People’s Rent Money”

Former G-Unit artist Olivia is back on the scene with a new album and a new attitude.  BOSSIP sat down for a quick interview with Olivia to clear up those 50 Cent rumors and see what the hell she’s been doing during her downtime. Check it out under the hood. Continue »

Another Day, Another Arrest: Lloyd Banks Detained By Authorities

Reports and further details have come to the surface as G Unit’s Lloyd Banks is now under police custody on assault and robbery charges after an incident that occurred Friday Night. Continue…

40 Glocc Still Mad At Young Buck For Fighting With 50 Cent

40 Glocc is still beefin about Young Buck not being loyal to G-Unit, claiming the Tennessee rapper wanted 50 Cent’s spot and should have been disciplined for his wack behavior. Pop the hood to hear what he has to say.


What Happened To Olivia??


Olivia lost her shine a long time ago, but the former first lady of G-Unit may have grabbed a new gig.

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