Crazy Must Run In The Family: Halle Berry Reveals She’s Related To Sarah Palin

Sarah Palin Halle Berry

And in related news, DNA experts believe they’ve found the gene that causes women to be crazy beyotches… Continue »

Who Looked More Bangin?? Alicia Keys Vs. Halle Berry

Alicia Keys At EDUN Spring/Summer 2013 Fashion Show in NYC

Halle Berry was seen at the Toronto Film Festival and Alicia Keys attended some shows at New York’s Fashion Week. Continue »

Fill In The Blank: Halle Berry Still Hates Former Co-Star Robert Downey Jr. For Breaking Her _______!

Halle Berry and Robert Downey Jr. at the World Premiere for Gothka

Seems like Halle Berryis always beefing with some white guy or other, doesn’t it? Continue »