Isaiah Washington Close to Being Fired

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Isaiah Washington may be on his way out. I just received word from a highly placed source within the Touchstone/ABC family that ABC and Disney executives are currently considering the option of firing Isaiah Washington from Grey’s Anatomy, effective immediately, without having him appear in any kind of farewell episode. According to this reliable source, if the network does follow through with this option, the producers are likely to run a full-screen announcement at the beginning of the first Burke-less episode that announces Isaiah Washington is no longer part of the show.

Isaiah fired his publicist yesterday and is desperately trying to keep his job by meeting with gay organizations. The show’s creator Shonda Rhimes recently said the following:

“I found (those rumors) not only ridiculous but offensive that we would consider replacing a member of our family. And also the (idea) that one black man was interchangeable with another seemed disturbing to me.”

I am sure some outside agitators don’t like the fact that a hit show has it poppin with a Black creator and Isaiah over there. Wouldn’t rule out some Hollyweird sabotage here. If they were going to fire him, they should have fired him last year when he allegedly called T.R. Knight a “f*ggot”.

Isiah Washington and Jenisa Try to Repair Image in Hollyweird

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Jenisa: Really, he is a nice guy, he isn’t crazy and my husband doesn’t beat my ass at home, everyone is getting Isiah wrong.

After reportedly outing gay co-star T.R Knight and getting into a shouting match with Patrick Dempsey on the set of Grey Anatomy, Isiah is hitting some events trying to repair his developing “angry black man” image in Hollyweird. Isiah and his wife Jenisa attended the MOCA event Friday night.

Not a good look to have his fist balled up like that and rock that angry psychotic smile while trying to repair his image in Hollyweird. Based on his behavior on Grey’s and Soulfood on Showtime, Jenisa may be getting her ass beat back at the crib. SMH at his balled up fist, what is all that for?

Via TMZ:

In the year 2000, Washington was shooting the TV show “Soul Food” for Showtime in Toronto. Washington and an actress, who played his wife, were shooting a scene in which Isaiah was supposed to give the woman a superficial kiss. We’re told to the horror of everyone, Washington grabbed the woman and planted a “forceful, aggressive kiss.” The actress became irate, which then infuriated Washington who began screaming at her. At that point the director stepped in to correct Washington, and the actor went off on him. Executive Producer Tracey Edmonds then took over and Washington went off on her.

Isaiah Washington Stirs Up Trouble On The Set Of Grey’s Anatomy

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Insiders told that recently on the set of the hit show Grey’s Anatomy actor Isaiah Washington said some “disgusting things” to actor Patrick Dempsey. The National Enquirer and The New York Daily News put a twist on the story saying that Washington actually choked Dempsey.

According to the ABC lot where the show is taped the production came to a screechinghalt when Dempsey left the set and was een sitting outside by himself. I say this is just another case of the angry black man syndrome. It’s ok brotha we got your back but please maintain your cool before they really do begin to label you the angry black man. Sounds like Isiah may be getting a little full of himself as well, he tells People magazine:

“Our faces are too beautiful for that!,” says Washington, who plays Dr. Preston Burke. Dempsey plays heartthrob Dr. Derek Shepherd, otherwise known as “Dr. McDreamy.”

“In close families arguments happen,” Dempsey’s rep tells PEOPLE. “They worked it out.” Washington even learned a little something about his costar. “I’ve never been that close to (Patrick) before,” he says. “He has really pretty blue eyes.”

Isiah you got a hit show, relax, start thinking you’re on the same ground as Dempsey and “acting up” on the set and you will probably go back to the “N” list with subpar roles in no time. SMH at Isaiah pulling a Latrell Sprewell. Don’t get drunk with your “new found” status. BTW, a guy should never say his friends eyes are “pretty”. SMH, sounds like a bitch fight to me.

Grey’s Anatomy Season 2 DVD Launch Pics, Eddie George at Gridiron Gang Premiere

Actor Isaiah Washington and wife Jenisa Marie Washington attend “Grey’s Anatomy” Season 2 DVD Launch at Social Hollywood on September 5, 2006 in Hollywood, California. A weave, a wig, hat-something is needed here.

Actors Isaiah Washington, Chandra Wilson and James Pickens Jr.

Retired NFL running back Eddie George arrives at the premiere of Gridiron Gang in Hollywood September 5, 2006