SMH: 10 Rappers Who Let Jail Mess Up Their Money

dmx jail locked up

Being a rap star seems like the life. Unfortunately, a limitless amount of money, hos and clothes isn’t enough to ensure the industry’s brightest acts Continue »

Next Question, Please: The Most Awkward Interviews Of All Time

lil wayne couric

Being a journalist is a tough gig. They have to investigate, discover facts and try to navigate huge egos. Continue »

Must Be Nice: Ja Rule Gets A “Stay Out Of Jail” Pass To Finish His Album

Ja Rule

Ja Rule might have better lawyers than any other criminally minded rapper. Continue »

Venni Vetti Vecci: The Rise And Fall Of Ja Rule

Ja Rule main

This may be a surprise to kids out there, but there was once a time long ago when Ja Rule was more than a punchline. In fact, he used to be one of the biggest music stars in the world. Now, all he is a once-famous rapper that’s on his way to the clink. Continue »

Twitter Files: You Knew 50 Was Gonna Have Something To Say About Ja Rule’s Sentence


Another day, another rapper heading to prison. Ja Rule pleaded guilty to attempted criminal possession of a weapon in a New York City courtroom and was promised a two-year prison sentence. 50 wasted no time in taking it back to ’03 all over again and taunting his rap rival.


Flip the page to see Ja’s response and what happens next…

Breaking News: Ja Rule Sentenced To 2 Years In The Bing!!!

Today, Ja Rule appeared in court to see “Your Honor” about his looming gun charge from back in 2007. Continue »

Ja Rule Is Back With A New Jawn… “Man Is Down”… Literally!!!

Ja Rule New Music - Man is Down

Ja Rule’s got a new jawn called “Man Is Down”. All we can do is laugh when we hear this jawn. If they were to shoot a video for this all they would need is Keyshia Cole’s mama hollering “MAN DOWN CODE 10… SHOUT OUT TO G-O-D!!!”

Hate It or Love It?!?! Continue »

SMH: Ja Rule Gets Freaky In VIP With Blond Playboy Snowbunny

Ja Rule and Kristina Shannon

Mr. “Has-Been” aka Ja Rule got it alllll the way in last night with Playboy Twin Kristina Shannon at Club Bliss in NJ. We mean alllll the way in. Man…he had that girl on one.

Pop it to see the pics… Continue »

Ja Rule Tries To Convince Us He’s Still Living “The Life”

Apparently Ja Rule isn’t satisfied just acting alongside the Lil Cheetah Ho… He still hasn’t given up music and is currently working on a new album VvV 2010. Pop the hood to hear the latest from him and let us know if we should give him another chance or call 50 Cent to end his career again. Continue »

When The Checks Stop Coming In: Ja Rule And Lil Cheetah Ho To Star In New Flick

What does one do when his/her music career is going nowhere? Star in a low-budget that will most likely only air on BET!!:

Ja Rule and Adrienne Bailon will topline faith-based drama “I’m in Love With a Church Girl,” Continue »

Poor Thang: Ja Rule Celebrates His Birthday And No One Comes Through

Ja Rule celebrated his birthday at Quo Nightclub in NYC last night and he was the only celebrity there.  Damn we knew he fell off but not into the Z-list category.

More pics on the flip of Ja Rule on his “me myself and I” steez. Continue »

Another Day, Another Rapper in Jail: Ja-Rule May Be Headed to Prison for 3.5 Years

Although it’s been years since Ja Rule made a real statement in music, he’s seeing his name brought up in headlines, this time for a possible upcoming prison sentence.

A federal judge ruled against Ja, real name Jeffrey Atkins, in court after he asked for a dismissal of a gun possession charge. …Continue

Is Cherri Dennis Smokin Rocks?

Bossip was in the building for the Strike Out The Violence Celebrity Bowling Event For New York Peace Week in Harlem last night and look who decided to show up.  Former singer and Bad Boy artist Cherri Dennis.  We haven’t seen this chick in ages and now we see why.  Is she on something???

More pics under the hood from the event. Continue »

Seen on the Scene: Pep and her Homegirls in NYC

Pepa and her girls hit up Quo nightclub in NYC to celebrate her new show “Let’s Talk About Pep”.  The whole gang came out to support even Salt. 

Pop the top for a ton of flicks from the event and more. Continue »