Lloyd Speaks on Leaving ‘The Inc,’ Ja Rule, and Ciara

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Now that  Lloyd has left Murder Inc. for greener pastures, he gets to be more real when talking. In a radio interview, he says some interesting things about Ja Rule and explains more about his reasons for calling Ciara a “brand new b*tch.”

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Ja Rule Duped By White Folks and Being Investigated Now

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Ja Rule is out in Australia at the moment. A radio station host got Ja to drive  her “Mum’s” Toyota Seca around the block. The passengers were as scary as a white kid going to Crenshaw High:

After months of battling immigration officials for permission to enter Australia, US rapper Ja Rule has jetted into Sydney – and straight into trouble. Not long after touching down with his blinged-up entourage, the rap artist with sales of 20 million albums to his name, hopped in a car and terrified motorists in Pyrmont by driving on the wrong side… Continue »

Breaking News: Lloyd’s Leaving The Inc. and Kissin’ Irv Goodbye


We received an official press release statement from Lloyd’s management team. The letter states that Lloyd wants to part ways with Murder INC and Irv Gotti. Shocking! Continue »

For the Children: TI and Sharpton Head the Anti-Gun Rally

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anti gun3 T.I.Al Sharpton

Al Sharpton, TI, Queen Pen, Ja Rule, and others came to lift a hand in supporting the Anti-Gun rally. Permed up Al probably got paid for the event, TI needed to do this one on G.P.. Good looking out fellas.

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Ja Rule in Not So Thug Attire

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Ja Rule was in L.A. visiting the Laguna Hills Jeans Co. We have never heard of them, nevertheless, we couldn’t help but notice the suspect Buffalo-Stance that R-U-L-E is in. Is anyone checking for Rule in 09, or is Jeffrey Atkins still living in the past?

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They’re Probably Real Salty Right Now

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Will Smith and Jada Pinkett-Smith along with some other folks out in Hollyweird came out last night to support the Lakers in game 4 of the NBA Finals. Too bad the Celtics made it rain on them in the second half, and are leading the series 3 games to 1.

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Today in NYC…..

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Ashanti put those thick hams on display at the Good Morning America’s Summer Concert Series. And what do we have here? Ja Rule performing along side of her? He must’ve been happy than a mf for this media op. Check out more pics of Ashanti on GMA and C-Breezy’s performance on the Today show just below.

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Two For One

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Ja Rule 529

Ja Rule is in the news again. Word is, he had a run-in with the law recently. Click HERE to read more about this ongoing fiasco.

C-Breezy knows that diamonds are a girls best friend. Click HERE to find out how much he dropped to shower Rih Rih in a storm of ice.

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Judge to Ja Rule: These Broke Niccas Gotta Post Their Own Bail

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The judge has ruled that Ja Rule’s co-defendants must come up with their own bail money, even after Ja made some type of arrangements for it to be paid:

State Supreme Court Justice Micki Scherer said Wednesday (Feb 27), that Ja, born Jeffrey Atkins, “put himself in the position of perhaps controlling the outcome of the case,” adding that she felt it could pose a big problem. Ja Rule was arrested on July 22 along with limo driver Mohamed Gamal and Ja’s road manager, Dennis Cherry, following a Lil’ Wayne concert at the Beacon Theater in New York. The charges resulted from a .40 caliber handgun discovered in the rapper’s Maybach by police, who searched the vehicle after detecting the smell of marijuana. The following day, Ja posted Gamal and Cherry’s combined $170,000 bond, as well as his own $150,000 bond, using his $3.5 million Saddle River, NJ home as collateral. Attorney Stacey Richman, who represents all three men, said the defense would make other arrangements for Gamal and Cherry’s bail. Prosecutors in the case are also seeking to obtain DNA evidence from the three defendants, to determine the rightful owner of the recovered handgun.

Good luck to them. SMH at Ja having to use his house as collateral. He might have to find a new hustle. The rap game ain’t too good to people these days.


Pinky and the Brain’s Top Bangers

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Irv Gotti is hilarious. Here is a video of him and Ja Rule discussing the hottest female bodies in the industry right now. They didn’t give Janet Jackson any love. SMH.


Money Makes You Lose Religion

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Ja Rule was featured in the December issue of S2S Magazine sharing intimate details regarding his upbringing. Before hitting the streets, he was raised in a Jehovah Witness household by his grandparents:

I had a difficult childhood. My grandparents were Jehovah’s Witnesses. So, as a young child, I had to deal with no birthdays and no Christmases. See people don’t understand that. When you’re a child, it’s worse than being made to go to church on Sunday. Like people complain, “I have to go to church. My grandmother made me go.” So it’s 10 times that. Do you understand? It’s no birthdays, it’s no Christmas, and it’s no being outside with other children that are not in your congregation. It’s alot of rules that are hard on children. So once I was old enough to go and live with my mom-which was about 11, 12-that’s when I ran wild.

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Ja Rules Thinks No Cents Has Admiration for Him

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Ja Rule is still talking sh*t on Curtis:

“He wanted to be where I was at. He wanted to be me. He just didn’t know how to go about it. He didn’t know how to go about and say, ‘Yo, Ja, I want to do a record with you.’ So his thing to get in the game was to insult everyone in the business. I think he really, really admires me. He admires my work, he admires my music, my talent level. He admires all of that. But I don’t see him as a talent. Because for me he’s more of a spectacle. And that’s why he’s not meeting the bar [right now]. When you come in this business as a spectacle, you’re gonna have a short-lived career. Because now every time you drop, you have to meet that spectacle. People aren’t looking for the music anymore [from him]. It’s [a matter of,] can you match the intensity of the spectacle you created on your last project? His projects aren’t even about the music. Every record he puts out is about the other artist he’s [been] aligned with [to battle].”


Ja Rule Ft. Ashley Joi

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Here is Ja Rule’s new video ‘Body’ featuring Ashley Joi. Click here to listen to our exclusive interview with Ja.

Gabrielle Union Kicks It Again

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Resident Party Hopper Gabrielle Union was spotted kickin it with Too Short and Hill Harper at the Maxim Style Awards in Hollywood last night. Her “look” seems to never change and is rather boring, but she still seems to pull it off well.

Is that an Obama pin chillin’ between her breast? What a way to draw attention to your cause. Or maybe it’s to draw attention from how zooted they all look in that pic.


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Exclusive: Ja Rule Talks 50 Cent, Superhead, and Curl Kits

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Ja Rule’s crazy ass dropped the dirt on Bossip last week. In a two part interview, he tells why 50 Cent is a marketing genius, talks about smacking up 50 in a studio, and for the first time, discusses the Superhead book and how it has affected his personal life.

He also discusses his relationship with DMX, a night in jail with Lil Wayne, and his reaction to Irv Gotti’s comments about sleeping with Ashanti on Wendy Williams.

Part 1

Ja Rule snaps at 50 Cent and the real deal on “Superhead”.

Part 2

Ja Rule talks about his collaboration with Game, his relationship with DMX, the infamous night in jail with Lil Wayne, and his “naturally curly hair”.

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