Janet Jackson Goes for Custody of Michael’s Kids


Janet Jackson has put her bid in for custody of the late singer, Michael’s, three children. Michael allegedly discussed his wishes for his children with Janet before his passing. Continue…

Michael Jackson Home Movies with Janet and Macaulay Culkin

Check out some home videos with Janet and Michael Jackson. They are seen here having a fun-harmless time on Neverland Ranch. We see genuine love being displayed here with Macaulay Culkin and Janet, who was very pretty at the time this video was taken!

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In Case You Missed It: Michael Jackson Memorial Photos and Video


Paris Jackson and the rest of the Jacksons touched our heart. Some knew Michael as an iconic figure, some as a weirdo, but they knew him as brother, uncle, cousin, and dad.

Chris Brown, Usher, Jennifer Hudson, Kobe and Vanessa Bryant, Magic, and even Blade showed up to grieve.

Pop the top for the video of his 11 year old daughter, Paris, paying her last respects as well as over 15 pictures…R.I.P. Continue »

MJ’s Doc Prescribed Medications to Janet Jackson?

Janet Jackson and Michael Jackson

It wasn’t bad enough that MJ’s doctors have all come into question regarding his death and the fact that they facilitated the destruction of the world’s greatest performer but now its being said that one of MJ’s doctors might have been hitting Janet off with some illegal prescriptions too.

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Janet Jackson Speaks Out on Behalf of the Jackson Family

Bet Awards 2009 023

Janet repped the rest of the Jackson clan last night at the 2009 BET Awards. She was visually shaken but delivered a clear message of how much Michael Jackson will be missed and how his legacy touched everyone around the world.

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Jesse “Messy” Jackson Descends Upon Jackson Family Estate


This is a picture of  Jesse “Messy” Jackson meeting with Joe Jackson outside the late Michael Jackson estate. Joe Jackson looks to be handling it well in this photo, but we all know that losing a child must be one of the toughest things to go through, especially a pillar like Michael, who took care of the family financially and emotionally.

We are praying for Joe Jackson and the rest of the Jackson family.

Pop it and see more of Joe and Jesse with a couple of Janet arriving in Van Nuys… Continue »

Janet Jackson’s Gettin’ Thick With It

prince azim and janet jackson

Janet has been seen out and about quite a bit over in Europe these days. She’s seen here hanging with her favorite Prince, Prince Azim. Guess the Europeans don’t mind the extra baggage Miss Jackson is toting. Continue »

Miss Jackson Debuts a New Dunk

Janet Jackson

Damn, Janet is toting a whole lotta @ss and hair these days. Pop the hood for more pics of Janet and her brother Jermaine kickin’ it in Nice, France Continue »

Jermaine Makes it Permanent with Janet

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Jermaine gave Janet a very special gift for her birthday. He inked a gigantic tat of his lady on his stubby little side. Pop the hood for a close-up look of the tat Continue »

Miss Jackson’s Nipples are Back On Trial

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The Supreme Court is back on the Nipplegate controversy as if there aren’t more pressing matters to deal with. Damn Janet, your nipples got folks talking 5 years later. Flip the switch for more Continue »

Remember The Luckiest Janet Jackson Fan Ever?

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We just received a reminder by the crazed fan who was strapped down in a concert a couple years back and literally, ridden into the stage by Janet Jackson. The footage is extremely detailed and sexual, the simulated sex is on the heels of being as extreme as 2-Live Crew’s on stage sexual antics…

We are not mad at you Mrs Jackson. Pop it and watch it… Continue »

T.I Confirms That JD and Janet Jackson Are Already Married?

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jd and janet

On the last episode of T.I’s Road to Redemption, T.I. slipped up and said that Janet Jackson and JD are already married: Continue »

Go Time

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Janet and Jermaine

Janet Jackson and her lil’ fella, Jermaine Dupri, are seen in the pic above leaving the quite popular spot, the Waverly, in NY.  They’re a good looking older couple, so to speak.

More pics when you Continue »

Live @ LaGuardia – Bootleg & The Bohemian

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Janet & Tasia

Fantasia & Janet Jackson (along with sawed off lover Jermaine Dupri) were spotted at LaGuardia airport yesterday – each with an interesting choice of attire. Tasia looks like she’s feeling awfully frisky in them tights. Pop it for a nice booty view and more of Janet in her chic moo-moo. Continue »

The 16 Sexiest Black Women Alive

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This past Sunday,  TV One Access aired the 16 Sexiest Black Women Alive. The 4 ladies up top are in the 16, naturally.

Pop the hood to see the list and make your decision on who is the Sexiest Black Female Alive Continue »