Live and in Concert: John Legend

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John Legend

Check out your homeboy, John Legend, as he performed in Tucson, AZ hellbent on getting those ladies’ loins hotter than a southwest summer day at high-noon. By all means, Johnny, get it in.

The legend that is Johnny below.
John LegendJohn LegendJohn Legend

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A-List Celebs Lined up for HBO Inauguration Concert

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Entertainers and speakers are flooding D.C. to be a part of the countries greatest historic moment in ours and maybe our parents life span. The list is as star studded as it gets, Beyonce, John Legend, Stevie Wonder: Continue »

John Legend and Estelle Break Vegas

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John Legend and Estelle were in Las Vegas last night performing at the Pearl in The Palms Casino Resort. John and his scarf-steez’ have been doing the damn thing. Bossip might catch up with him on Tuesday.

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John Legend in Bliss

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John Legend

John Legend couldn’t be happier as he ushered in the New Year with his sunshine, Christy Teigen, and various other persuasions with a certain pigment deficiency. Get in where you fit in, we ain’t mad.

More pics of John Legend and Christy partying it up at Prive Nightclub in Miami.
John Legend and Christy TeigenChristy TeigenJohn Legend and Christy Teigen

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John Legend Plays With Himself at Birthday Party

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Christine Teigen and John Legend

Check out your boy, John Legend, and his boo boo, Christine Teigen, posing at his 30th Birthday party at Lucky Strike. Whoever got the gift of a bowling ball with a geekazoid version of him inside literally shouldn’t have. SMH

More pics below.
John LegendJohn Legend and Christine TeigenJohn LegendJohn Legend and Christine Teigen

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Last Night in NYC…

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John Legend and Christine Teigen attend Denver Nuggets game

John Legend & girlfriend Chrissy Teigen got all cozied up with each other at the Denver Nuggets game. Is it just us, or does Johnny boy kinda resemble a beat down Mr. Potato Head from this vantage point?

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Which One Would You Hit?: John Legend and Raphael Saadiq

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John Legend and one of the smoothest crooners ever, Raphael Saadiq, performed together at the Tower Theatre in the City of Brotherly Love. If you felt so inclined as to spread some of your love, which one would you hit?

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John Legend on the Cover of Jet

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John Legend

John Legend popped up on the cover of Jet Magazine and he seems to be doing some new and big things as of late. Pop the hood to play a quick game of True or False. Continue »

Which One Would You Hit???

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Hill Harper, John Legend, and Terrence Howard attended the CNN Heroes event this weekend in Hollyweird.

If you can get over the fact that Johnny Boy has suit pants tucked in his boots, which one of these kind gentlefolk could get it?

More images from the event:

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Saturday Style

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John Legend is on the cover of Philadelphia Style and attended a party in Philly at the Comcast Center to celebrate. That’s a great accomplishment and the boy does look sharp, so on the count of 3, let’s give him a big, “You Go, Girl!”

A few more for you below.

Images via WireImage

Seen on the Scene

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John Legend was snapped while tricking on his swirly girlfriend, Christy Teigen. She’s kind of cute and we’re mostly just glad she’s a female.

Check out Johnny Boy rocking his heterosexual steez.

Brokeback Mountain-The Legend Continues

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Holy Cow…Look at John Legend with his eyes affixed on some young stud who he wants to make a real cowboy out of. Our suggestion is for that stud to hop on his horse, no pun intended, and get the f*ck outta dodge!

More pics from the Pur Jeans Halloween Bash in Cali below:

Yaki Swag

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TRL was busy yesterday. Brandy, John Legend, and Jada Pinkett Smith pssed through. Check out John steaming it up in that thumb and Brandy singing her poor little heart out.

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Soul Men Premiere

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John Legend and actress Sharon Leal attended the premier of Soul Men last night, looking clean. Samuel L. of course was present, along with Star Jones and others. This is one of Bernie’s last movies before his death.

Pictures below of  J.C. Williams from New York Undercover and Michael Jai, sporting his Naughty by Nature vest…

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MiMi Throws Nick Cannon a B-Day Bash

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Mimi doesn’t play when it comes to her cornball husband, Nick Cannon. She spared no expense as the party raged on to celebrate his birthday at Pure Nightclub in Caesar’s palace. Even though they aren’t planning on making any Lil’ Mimi’s anytime soon, stranger things have happened in Vegas…

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