Joss Stone Says She “Dabbles” With Rocks Every Now And Then

joss stone rapheal saadiq

Joss Stone blazes like it’s nobody’s business, which is understandable, but she recently made some comments about going beyond the herb:

“Weed has been given this evil stamp, but how is it dangerous? It’s going to make you laugh your arse off? You might go to sleep? I think alcohol is much more harmful.

People beat the f**k out of each other on alcohol. I don’t want to take all those horrible drugs. Although… Continue »

In White Folks Beef: Joss Stone Talks Sh*t About Lily Allen


Joss Stone is expressing her dislike for poppy stars like her fellow countrywoman, Lily Allen:

Joss Stone is not feeling Lily Allen’s singing. Joss went on record saying, “she needs to sell records because she’s not a…

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Joss Stone Trying to Buy Out Record Contract for Over 2 Milli

Joss Stone is reportedly trying to buy out her dead end record contract:

Singer Joss Stone is ready to forfeit £2million in a desperate bid to quit her record label EMI. She claims they have ‘no working relationship’ and has even recorded a song called Free Me about her wish to escape. But EMI has refused to let her go – and is taking legal action in return, claiming she is in breach of contract by failing to deliver the master tapes for her new album Colour Me Free. Continue »

BET Honors: Whitney is That You???

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BET honors 1

Last night the BET Honors were held, and Whitney Houston made a appearance. She looks better especially with that weight on her arms.

Bossip was on the red carpet last night. You know every body and they mama showed up, Mary J., Gabrielle Union(fresh from the clinic), Magic Johnson and Cookie. The biggest surprise of the night…Ne-Yo showed up with a girl on his arm.

Pop that thang and see the rest, including Bossip exclusive pictures taken on the red carpet last night… Continue »

Quote of The Day: Dallas Austin

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41 year-old producer Raphael Saadiq is pictured on the inside of 19 year-old Joss Stone’s album cover. Dallas Austin talking about Christina Aguilera and Joss Stone:

All these bi*ches are fu*kin for tracks

Click here to watch video interview.

Fill in The Blank: Raphael Saadiq and Joss Stone

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41 year-old producer Raphael Saadiq was working on something more than 19 year-old Joss Stone’s album last year. The two came out as a couple recently in London. They can be seen on the inside of her new album cover naked together.

Fill in The Blank: Raphael Saadiq probably hooked up with Joss Stone because_______________.