Kanye’s “Heartless” Video

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We don’t think Yay will be too upset with himself over this video being broadcasted. This Cool World-esque cartoon is actually clean. Are you Bossipers feeling Kanye’s new vocoded out steez???

Yeezy Lights Up Liverpool

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Yeezy crossed the pond to perform with Estelle. From the brightness of that young @ss hot pink and fuchsia jacket, the crowd didn’t need any extra lighting to know where he was at all times.

More pics from the performance below.

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Kanye West’s New Jawn: “Anyway”

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Here’s “Anyway” off of Kanye’s new album 808’s and Heartbreak.

Are you feeling his new jawn? More importantly, how many of you are planning to go out and cop this ish?

Yeezy’s Panties in a Bunch… Again

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Yeezy is a little ticked off at the leakage of the Robocop song but it seems like his people leaked the single. Who else could have? Here’s a snippet of the temper tantrum found on Kanye’s blog:



He’s out here doing all this posturing and sh*t, but we know what’s up. Sell your CDs, boy.

Ho Sit Down

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Danity Kane’s ex-resident ho, Aubrey, appears to be working hard to stay relevant by any means necessary:

Sources say highly talented Kanye West was sucking face with bimbonic pop tart Aubrey O’Day . We’re told the duo were recently at 1Oak making out. “Either they actually kissed, or Aubrey was just telling people they kissed,” said our source. The buxom “Hairspray” star made headlines recently when she was kicked out of her MTV band, Danity Kane, and then romantically linked to Donnie Wahlberg. Reps on both sides had no comment.

While it’s easy to believe that Ho-Aubrey, would bend over backwards (quite literally) for even a sliver of celebrity, this sounds like a publicity stunt. Wasn’t Yeezy just allegedly bussin slob with Rihanna? Anyone remember what Kanye did the last time he had an album out?


More Kanye Leakage

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This is another leak from “808′s and Heartbreak” called “Robocop.” Another way out styled vocoder song by Yeezy. Do Bossipers think he went too far with this one??

Check it out. Robocop

Kanye Does Big Boy

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Kanye visited Big Boy’s Neighborhood and touched on losing his mother to Hollyweird and previewed his new song, “The Coldest Winter.” He also explained that he decided to try to sing for an entire album because he wanted to make the “most incredible album you’ve ever heard.” Okay Kanye….

Bitter Sweet

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Kanye may have been somewhat comforted during his grief knowing that his mom heard “Hey Mama” shortly before she passed:

KANYE WEST’s song HEY MAMA was the last tune the rapper’s mother heard before she died from cosmetic surgery complications last year (Nov07), according to her own mother. Concerns for her daughter’s wellbeing prompted Jean Roberson to rush to Donda West’s bedside after the professor failed to regain consciousness after eight hours of surgery. To wake her, Roberson took out her cell phone and played the version of West’s Hey Mama she had downloaded as a ringtone. In an exclusive interview with U.S. TV news show Access Hollywood, Roberson says, “I put the phone to her ear and said, ‘Donda, listen… “Wake up, listen. Kanye’s singing to you.’” The patient eventually did come round and was wheeled out of surgery in “an executive chair”. Donda West died the following evening.

This is a bittersweet story if ever there was one. No doubt Yeezy will use this whole experience as material for some new and creative music in an effort to continue to make Moma West proud.


Question of the Day

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Grab a gander at your boy Kanye West at his promo shoot for his new album, 808′s and Heartbreak.

If you had already agreed to go to the Prom with Yeezy and he showed up dressed like a serial-killing nerd (above), would you still go?

One more shot for you below:

Yeezy Ganked Y’all?

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NY Mag.com is saying Yeezy ganked a small piece from them for his blog:

Look, we certainly know how much work goes into maintaining a blog that updates daily — and we’re not even platinum-selling hip-hop superstars with demanding schedules that include recording albums, smashing cameras, and hiring naked ladies to stand around at our listening parties — but that’s no excuse for trying to pass off someone else’s words as your own. Which is precisely why we were so disappointed to learn that Kanye West, in a post on model Jourdan Dunn, has egregiously lifted an entire biographical timeline on Dunn from our Website without giving credit. Now, Kanye’s is still indisputably the world’s greatest blog — on the Internet or elsewhere — but this simply will not stand. We can only hope that this post was not also plagiarized from somewhere.

They are putting him on blast for the publicity rather than trying to contact him and resolve it. That is out of pocket. What do you Bossipers think??

We better source these hoes for that quote before they start crying and ish…SMH


Celebrity Tonsil Hockey

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Rihanna was allegedly seen bussing slob with Kanye:

They’ve often been snapped snuggling, but Rihanna and Chris Brown claim that they’re just close friends. Well, there may be a reason for that! The Barbadian beauty was spotted cuddling Kanye West backstage at a T.I. concert at the Key Club in Hollywood on Oct. 3. “Rihanna and Kanye hung out together after they performed their songs,” says an insider. “Rihanna was sitting on Kanye’s lap, singing along to the music. Before long, the two were full-on kissing each other.” Adds the source, “People were shocked. After a while, Rihanna must have realized people were watching, because she had her security escort her back to the dressing room.”

Now, that’s how you get a rumor started… and mono. This does not sound like RiRi’s or Yeezy’s steez at all. Unless they were both on lean, it seems unlikely that this happened in full view of the hawks. You need more people.


Yeezy’s Listening Party

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Kanye’s “808s & Heartbreak” listening party went down Tuesday night in L.A. and Bossip was in the building to witness first-hand the musical mystery that is Mr. West. The album is almost ENTIRELY singing. No cameras were allowed and to make sure some buff jughead fools were roughing up people who did snap shots. During the listening were 40 booty-hole NAKED, bad females just posted up and posing and ish. Jay-Z, Will.i.am, and Officer Ross were in attendance.

Here’s Yeezy’s thank you speech where he talks about his

undying love for autotune, and the color pink.

Although the jugheads were in full effect, we still copped an exclusive pic, take a gander below.

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Kanye’s New Jawn: “Love Lock Down”

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Here’s Yeezy’s video for his new single, “Love Lock Down.” Enough with the vocorder crap already people. It’s played. The video itself is unique, however. Hopefully it’ll encourage other artists to start thinking outside of the box.

For the direct link click here

T.I.’s Living the Life… For Now

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T.I. is definitely trying to live it up before he does his bid. Here he is showing his @ss at his Myspace album release party at the Key Club in Hollyweird. He gave the audience two special little treats: a carebear looking Kanyeezy performing “Swagger Like Us,” “Love Lockdown,” and “Heartless” and a hood @ss Rihanna ‘singing’ “Live Your life.”

Get Your Own Swag

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Jim Jones responds to being left off T.I.’s “Swagger Like Us” track ft. Weezy, Jay-Z, and Kanye:

I think it was deliberate. I really do think it was deliberate; maybe in my sick twisted mind I’m a little crazy. People know who set the precedent as far as fashion in this industry and people know who damn near changed the world as far as fashion. You look at people, they went from the urban world of clothing, back when Rocawear and Sean John was cool. And then in the past 5 years I stepped in and gave them a taste of what rock and roll looks like from my side. I guess people would say from an urban side, and it seemed to catch on like wildfire, to the point that people was going to stores and asking for that Jim Jones look. Me and Juelz had Chink do our own beat, I have Weezy’s verse in my inbox right now and we kept the hook of that song because it was a sample. So we’re going to put that as a bonus track on the album, and put it to the streets. “No one on the corner got swag like you we don’t Rocawear that’s for fags like you.”

We think it is safe to say Jim Jones is acting a little broadish right now. Maybe T.I. just forgot about you, Jim, or couldn’t find you at the hair salon getting fresh cornrows. Don’t worry, we promise not to like the song (fingers crossed).

Read the full article to see how Jim Jones really feels about Jay-Z and T.I.’s swag.

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