Kanye vs. The Paparazzi AGAIN: Should They Back Off or Should He Just Get Over It???


Kanye is SPAZZING on the Paparazzi AGAIN. In L.A., celebrities are so popular that the paps just follow them or they’re so whack (Ci-Error) that they let the paps know where they’re going to be. Even though Kanye is in the limelight, do you think that he should just accept what comes with the territory of fame or should the paps back off and give him room to be normal???

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*UPDATE*: Kanye’s Ex Brooke Responds to Bossip’s Question: Do You Think Brooke ver says… Kanye, That Should Have Been Me!!!


Yesterday, we proposed a question to ya’ll: Do you think Brooke ever says… Kanye, That Should Have Been Me!!!. With all the attention that Amber Rose gets from the media and Kanye himself, we had to ask. Before the end of the day, Brooke’s publicist contacted us and here is her response:

“Brooke is happily engaged to her fiance Christian and has put her relationship with Kanye in the past. Continue »

Kanye’s Ex Brooke Has the Ugly Face because Amber is Getting All the Attention


Brooke of BET’s Harlem Heights, who is also Kanye’s Ex, is giving the side cheek to her fiancee. By the looks of it, she doesn’t look so happy to be standing with her future husband. Brooke is thick with it from the waist down just like Amber but with Kanye courting around Amber Rose like she’s the Michelle Obama…

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Kanye West and His “Bubble Butt” on Full Blast…No Homo

Kanye West shops with girlfriend Amber Rose

Damn, Yeezy pull your muh-fu*king pants up, man! WTF. Flip the script to see more of Kanye’s bubble, him and Amber Rose shopping, and him cussing out the paparazzi again… Continue »

*Exclusive Pics*: Amber Rose Has a Full Magazine Dedicated to Her????


Here is a sneak peak of Amber Rose on the cover of Persona magazine’s first paperback issue. Supposedly the entire magazine will be filled with pics of your girl Amber. SMH.

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Yeezy Goes Topless: Part 2

Remember when Kanye looked like this last year without a shirt???? Well, he’s topless again and it looks as if he’s been getting it in hard at the gym. Flip the hood to see… Continue »

Amber Rose is on a Cigarette Workout Plan


Amber Rose was spotted coming from the gym. After seeing this, we put 2 and 2 together and found the answer to the number question that no one can figure out…
How did Amber Rose end up with Kanye West???

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New Leakage From Drake With Kanye West, Lil Wayne & Eminem: “Forever”


Talk about powerhouses? Drake, Yeezy, Wayne, and Em on the same song is almost an instant classic. This is supposedly Drake’s newest leakage from his debut album, but you never know nowadays. The song’s leakage is almost a breath of fresh air because the jawn is clean.

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Amber Rose Proves She Is NOT Carrying Around a Gut Full of Human


Just a couple of days ago, rumors were swirling around that Amber was with child because she didn’t want anyone around her smoking and she was turning down drinks left and right.  But thanks to her and Yeezy’s outings, we now know they are false. Pop the hood to see.

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Kanye Tried to “Catch Fade” With the Paparazzi… Again?

kanye copy

When we showed pictures of Kanye West and Amber Rose shopping in Soho yesterday, we thought they had a good old time and that no incidents occurred; WRONG. Yeezy started cursing at the paps that were following him and invited them over for a “dance.”

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“Run This Town” Whole Video Leaked


The most highly anticipated video of the summer or for that matter probably all year….was leaked on the net last night. The song, Run This Town, features the three heavyweights, Jay-Z, Kanye West, and Rihanna.

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Your Daily Kanye West and Amber Rose Sighting…

amber5 copy

SO-HO’s seem to appeal to Kanye West. Anyways, they say Amber had on a bracelet that read, “Yeezy.” The couple were out and about again, just doing what it do.

Pop it for more of the couple, plus solo shots of Amber and her bald head smoking with her cake to the camera.. Continue »

Freak: Amber Rose In An Orange G-String Kini Displaying Cake At the Beach With Kanye West

orange copy

Your favorite FFS’er was spotted in Miami with Kanye West with her cakes bouncing everywhere! Amber Rose does not mind showing her body off and never was that more evident than in these pictures taken.

We have over 30 shots of pure bubble bouncing and hugging it up with Yeezy…

Pop it and peep Amber’s backs; they remind us and look as tasty as a 50/50 bar in that orange and cream… Continue »

Which One Would You Hit??? Yeezy or Johnny Boy

which one would you hit3 copy

Kanye West and John Legend are seen on the set for the video Whatever You Want featuring Consequence, at LIV Fontainebleau in Miami Beach, FL. Amber Rose was there and strutting cake, but first things first…

Ladies, if you were at this shoot and received an invite back to the casa with one of these softies in white…

Which One Would You Let Hit???

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Lenny, Come Get Your Daughter: What Kind of Stuff Is Zoe Kravitz On??

Zoe Kravitz the Banger

This is how Zoe should look all the time, right?

Over the weekend, Zoe Kravitz, Kanye West, and Amber Rose were all at the Tv On The Radio and Chin Chin’s Prospect Park Brooklyn, New York show. Zoe’s dingy torn tank, puffy and greasy grill, with sweat dripping from her frizzed out crop, make her look transient like! (Way more than usual)

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