Sneak Preview of Hova, Yeezy, and Rih’s “Run This Town”


It kills us how videos these days have “trailers”….here is the Run This Town video preview, and we gotta be honest here. Rihanna’s voice sounds like she is just wailing out of control. The movie will have a Mad Max feel to it and that is not very original. SMH.

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Lady Gaga To Kanye… “My Shows Are Gay And They Will Stay Gay On Our Tour!”

gagakanye copy

Lady Gaga is going on tour with Kanye West, but first she had to clear some things up. She told Ye that gay people will be everywhere, “Hermy’s” will be plentiful, and flamboyant people will be abundant… if she has anything to do with it:

“Before agreeing to tour with Kanye West this fall, Gaga told the rapper, ‘I just want to be clear before we decide to do this together: I’m gay. My music is gay. My show is gay. And I love… Continue »

Kanye and Amber Outing Number…. Hell We Lost Count for the Week!


Looks like Kanye is really on his “put a chick on” steez as he’s been seen toting Amber around more than his LV backpack.  This time around the two pranced the streets of NYC hitting up Soho and earlier in the week, kicked it in BK at the Celebrate Brooklyn Concert Series. More flicks underneath the hood. Continue »

Rihanna and Amber Rose Plus Jay-Z and Kanye West: Run This Town Behind the Scenes

rihanna-run-this-town-music-video-01 copy

Rihanna, Kanye, and Amber were accompanying Jay-Z on the set of his latest video Run This Town. The video looks like it will have an all black leathery feel to it. Rihanna on the other hand… well she looks like one of them characters from the J-Lo movie The Cell.

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Amber in the Color Rose


Robocop is never too far these days. The other day when Kanye performed for G-Shock in New York, she made sure she was there, front and center. Maybe she figured out that she’s better off sticking with the “D” that put her on. Continue »

Kanye West…”Dance N**ga Dance!”

Kanye West

Someone snuck some video footage out of Cipriani’s G-Shock event the other day of a very controversial song  performed by Kanye. The song he dropped is decadent towards the media, but also his own fame and fortune.

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The Roc is in the Building… Jay, RiRi, her Cakes and Kanye on the Jay Leno Premiere


Bossip has learned that Jay will be performing on the Jay Leno Show’s premiere along with Kanye and Rihanna.

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Reality or Real TV: Kanye’s Old Jump and Christian from Harlem Heights Are Engaged


According to reports, Kanye’s Ex-girlfriend Brooke Crittendon and her reality co-star Christian are engaged.

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Kanye West and Amber Rose Get a Pack of Pimps

amber rose copy

Kanye West and Amber Rose were spotted yesterday in SOHO, NY. She needed a pack of Newports and like a good little boyfriend, Ye’ rushed to the store with her to cop.

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Amber Rose to Star in Kanye’s Next Video

Kanye Rose3

The other night when Amber Rose was backstage at the Young Money Tour, MTV caught up with her for a hot sec to see what she has been up too, besides kissing on C. Breezy and s*cking Kanye Continue »

Kanye Calls Out “New King of Pop” Lies and Says Something People Need to Digest

amberkanyemadonnathreesome copy

Kanye hit up his blog and said that the reports of him saying that he is better than Michael Jackson are false, also he goes into something young people and aspiring stars should take heed too:


Fact or Fiction…Did Kanye Break up Kim and Reggie?


A suspect source says it was more than distance and time constraints that broke up the once happy pair. Continue »

Kanye West and Amber Rose Are Partying It Up!

kanye and rose6 copy

Kanye West and Amber Rose were seen in  NYC partying it up. Rumors are flying around now that Kanye chopped up Amber Rose and Nicki Minaj’s fake cakes over the weekend. They say that Amber can talk a bulldagger into lingerie. Interesting…

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Amber Rose Popped Backstage Doing What???


Amber Rose was spotted backstage at a Lil Wayne concert looking like she was trying to get it in with one of the members of Young Money…

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Kanye: I’m the New King of Pop!


Just when we thought Kanye couldn’t put his own LV sneaker any further down his throat, he hops out the woodworks with this statement. Continue »