Fact or Fiction…Did Kanye Break up Kim and Reggie?


A suspect source says it was more than distance and time constraints that broke up the once happy pair. Continue »

Kanye West and Amber Rose Are Partying It Up!

kanye and rose6 copy

Kanye West and Amber Rose were seen in  NYC partying it up. Rumors are flying around now that Kanye chopped up Amber Rose and Nicki Minaj’s fake cakes over the weekend. They say that Amber can talk a bulldagger into lingerie. Interesting…

Pop the top to see the Amber Rose cake shots as well as a small interview talking about her future plans. Oh yea, Nicki Minaj is standing by during this… Continue »

Amber Rose Popped Backstage Doing What???


Amber Rose was spotted backstage at a Lil Wayne concert looking like she was trying to get it in with one of the members of Young Money…

Pop the top and find out who the lucky member is

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Kanye: I’m the New King of Pop!


Just when we thought Kanye couldn’t put his own LV sneaker any further down his throat, he hops out the woodworks with this statement. Continue »

For the Children: Kanye West’s Hometown Performance Plus Q&A’s From Kids

Kanye did a benefit concert in Chicago, his home town. He got real personal in this show because he even took questions from the kids in the crowd he is trying to help. Continue »

Teairra Mari Featuring Kanye West and Pastor Mase: Diamonds Remix


Teairri Mari, Rev. Mase, and Kanye West have decided to help out T Mari’s song, Diamonds. We don’t know what to think of Mase’s verse!

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Michelle Williams Looks Sickly At Her Birthday Party With Jay-Z?

michelle williams

Michelle Williams is out in London celebrating her 29th. Also in attendance was Jay-Z, with some young pieces huddled up around him. In other Jay-Z news, we have also acquired a leaked song from the Blueprint 3, featuring Rihanna and Kanye. The song is called “Run The Town.”

Pop the top for pictures and a listen of the new song Run This Town Continue »

New Kid Cudi Video Featuring Common and Kanye West: “Make Her Say”

This Kid Cudi jawn is pretty hot. The beat and verses on this song are remarkable. Let’s be honest, Kanye is still making good Hip Hop and Common’s adage is always genius.

Amber Rose First Ford Modeling Pictures Leaked and She Responds to The Game Diss!

amber rose

Amber Rose is really doing the Ford Modeling agency thingy…despite not having any feet. We won’t hate, we will congratulate, we guess… We wonder if Kanye is getting any type of residuals from her career boost.

On a different note, Miss Rose responded to The Game diss and we have another picture from Ford when you… Continue »

More Incriminating Pictures of Chris Brown Trying to Kiss Amber Rose’s Neck At White Party


Amber Rose released a statement saying that she didn’t get it in with Breezy at Puff’s White Party:

“I know Chris, cause I did the Ludacris and Chris Brown video……. However, there is nothing romantic between the two of us, whatsoever, and I was definitely not kissing him. This is total fabrication by the media, but I don’t let that kind of stuff bother me…I just laugh it off.” – Amber Rose

But now new pictures have arisen, and lets just say… Kanye might be able to read between the lines here. Where there is smoke, there is usually a fire.

Pop it and look at Amber and Chris real close to each other Continue »

Two Big Boobied Broads From Team Drake “Best I Ever Had” Video

best i ever had8

This is Ms. Cat from the Drake video “Best I Ever Had” directed by Kanye West. We have been getting a bunch of questions asking about these video hoes.

Funny though, when they were in all the other videos no one asked a thing. We are not sure if it was the Kanye direction amplifying their “talent” or the summer heat, but whatever the case is, the readers are asking for them.

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Amber Rose and Breezy Have Kanye West Looking Somber and Dejected


Kanye West is out in the UK and reportedly just did a show last night with bronzed naked women. We don’t know if that is a message to Amber Rose, or him just beeing Yeezy, but the dude looks cheerless in these photos.

Come on Amber,  please stop kissing on woman beaters.

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Bad News For Kanye: Breezy Tongue’s It Up With Amber Rose at the ‘White Party’

amber and chris brown

The rumor mill is going crazy this morning saying that Chris Brown and Amber Rose got it in at the White Party Continue »

Amber Rose Changed it Up to Booger Green on You Hoes!


Amber Rose is back walking the Hollyweird streets again. This time the ex-ho is looking like a Newport box, shorts. Mind you, she’s got to be the freakiest and most well put together box of pimps we have ever seen. Don’t know where Kanye was…

Pop it for more of Amber, stag Continue »

Amber Rose Goes From Ho to Household Name

Amber Rose

Amber has figured out that she has finally graduated from cheap video trick to full fledge working whore after signing her contract with Ford Modeling Agency. We love how she waxes all philosophical about her ascent from a rented side piece/jump off to a real model/actress.

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