A “Lil Positivity”: Kelis Sure Has Some Nice Looking Legs

Kelis decided to ditch her crazy a*s weirdo gear for a short a*s dress that showed off her nice a*s legs while performing at Liv in Miami the other day.

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Coupled Up: Kelis and Dania Ramirez in Hollyweird

Kelis and “BFF” Dania Ramirez were seen leaving Voyeur night club in Hollyweird walking arm-in-arm. We know it’s just frivolous speculation, but how many of you think that your girl Kelis has chopped that little Dania down???

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Are You Feelin This Get Up???

Kelis was in the building for the The First Annual Data Awards in Hollywood last night wearing this bullshizzzzzzz. We know Kelis is “different” and “edgy” and all that good stuff, but damn…are y’all feelin this foolishness she’s rockin right here???

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Ho Sit Down: Kelis is Hard up on Child Support Checks But Avoided Nas at Sundance Festival

Kelis has been really going hard at Nas to get her child support payments, but when she had the opportunity to see him up close and personal while they were at the Sundance Film Festival in Utah, she avoided him. Pop the top for more details. Continue »

Kelis is Not Done Telling PETA to Kiss her Raccoon, Fox Wearing A$$ets!!!

Kelis made one more appearance at the Sundance Festival and she made it as furry as possible. After PETA sent her such a heart felt letter about the furs she was sporting, it’s obvious it went in one ear and out the other…

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Are You Feeling This Get Up???

Kelis showed up to perform at the Sundance Festival’s the Film Lounge At House of Hype looking like this. Granted, we’ve seen her looking much worse, but what’s up with the Rapunzel-esque weaved up liberty mullet??? Pop the hood for a better look at her weirdo steez. Continue »

Ho Sit Down: PETA Bites Back at “Gold-digging” Kelis and her Letter Stating That Those Animals are Rodents

PETA decided to answer back to Kelis’ letter that she wrote them via Myspace.  Check the flippy to see what they had to say about Kelis and her fur-inspired fits. Continue »

Kelis to Nas: I Need My Check Boo… You are in Contempt!!!

Apparently Kelis has been watching Law & Order because she thinks Nas should be held in contempt. Nas has not made Continue »

Kelis Tells PETA to Kick Rocks: “Minks and Chinchilla are Rodents Anyway.”

Kelis received a letter from PETA regarding her mink and chinchilla get ups.  Pop the top to see how Kelis responded. Continue »

Does Kelis Have The Same Hair Stylist As Jermaine Jackson?

Kelis landed back in Los Angeles looking like Claymation Jermaine, with a twist. Pop the hood for a better look. Continue »

Are You Feelin This Get-Up???

Kelis stepped out in London this weekend looking like she’s not having a problem spending Nas’ checks on some fine fur.

We know it’s been extremely brick lately, but damn. PETA is gonna f*ck her up for this fit…SMH.

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Kelis Speaks on New Album and RiRi Jacking Her Swag

In this interview, Kelis still sounds wacky and talks about her upcoming album. Her random obnoxious laugh is something else. She also talks about Rihanna swagger jackin…

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The Final Verdict Is In: Nas has to Pay Half a Milli to Kelis for Spousal Support

Nas and Kelis went to court yesterday and the judge finally gave the final amount on exactly how much Nas has to give Kelis every month for child support, spousal support, and then on top of all of that, her attorney fees. They were not lying when they say, “It’s Cheaper to Keep her!!!”

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Kelis and Her “Poodle Mullet” Get a New Gig

Mrs. Ex-Jones is on the come up:

Kelis, the Grammy-nominated singer/songwriter and continual pain in the a*s for Mr. Nasir Jones is embarking on a new venture. The mother of baby Knight is announcing plans to give up on mooching off her ex and return to the music scene circa her 1999 “Caught Out There” days. She won’t be alone in this endeavor; however, because she will be backed by none other than Mr. Jimmy Iovine and his Interscope Records home team, as well as, Will.i.am of the Black Eyed Peas. Continue…

Are You Feelin Kelis’ Mullet Concoction?

Kelis was spotted partying it up in LA over the holiday weekend debuting this interesting new hair style. 

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