What Is Wrong With This Picture??

ciara party2

It looks like the Ciara Party after the BET Awards was hard on brothers with sloped heads. Ciara and her girlfriend look like they just cut his brakes…

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A Kardashian Birthday Is Like Abolished Apartheid…Black Folk Everywhere!


Khloe Kardashian just turned twenty four. Her sister and their black friends came out the wood works. We hear Khloe got what she “wanted” for her birthday, which was black meat.

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Kim K: “I Dated One of Michael’s Nephews!”

Kim Kardashian

Peep Kim K sending her condolences and slyly throwing in that she dated one of MJ’s nephews. You mean one of Tito’s sons? From 3T?! Continue »

More Kim Kardashian Swirl: Reggie is Out of Place

hard rock5

Last night Kim and Reggie Bush attended the AXE Instinct launch party at the Hard Rock Live in New York City. The couple look more comfortable in this picture then we have seen in a minute, but… Reggie was sticking out like a sore thumb up there last night.

He matched the general color theme, at least.

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Who Looked More Bangin’? The Swirl Edition

Who Looked More Bangin' Reebok Edition

Mel B, Kim Kardashian and flat backed Kendra Wilkinson were representing yesterday for the Reebok Easy Tone Footwear Collection. We are not feeling Bruce Jenner’s jeans on Kim, plus Kendra’s gettin’ her blond bimbo on real tough, as usual, but Mel B is holding it down even though she’s wearing more clothes than we’ve seen in years.

Who Looked More Bangin??

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Who Looked Like More of a Sell-Out?

hank, kendra, kim and reggie

Hank Baskett and Kendra Wilkinson, plus Reggie “Sucka” Bush and Kim Kardashian, attended the Transformer 2 screening in L.A. last night. Look at Reggie’s face then look at shucking and jiving Hank “Hey Y’all’s”. Hank doesn’t have a clue, does he?

Y’all know we have the gall to ask… Who Looks Like More of a Sell-Out??

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Random Ridiculousness: Can You “Do the Kim Kardashian?”

Kim Kardashian

Lil’ Flip done lost his damn mind. How does one make a song called “Do the Kim Kardashian,” and Kim’s @ss can’t even dance? Peep Kim K’s commentary about the song below and a vid under the jump of this ignant fool who is sure to brighten your day:

This video is so hilarious!! When I head that Lil Flip had written a song about me, I was really flattered, but I’ll admit, I did wonder what exactly it meant to “do the Kim Kardashian.” So when I saw this video of a guy who submitted his own moves for the dance, I couldn’t stop laughing. Lil Flip is asking people to send in their own submissions for a chance to star in his video for the song. Have you submitted your videos?

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Kim Kardashian: “Lady Gaga Better Watch Her Back”


Seriously, why does everyone in Hollyweird think they can sing? Kim Kardashian thinks she has what it takes to be on top of the pop charts like Lady Gaga or Beyonce. Uh, fareal though Kim, play your position and stick with “reality tv”, photo shoots and pressuring Reggie Bush to wife that @ss. Continue »

Kim Kardashian Flexes Her Skills

kim with short hair6

Kim Cakes is on the cover of the new Muscle & Fitness. Guess those new workout videos are the real deal or is it just a case of some serious Photoshop?

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Kim K Parties Hard in London with New BFF CiCi

kim and ocean

Kim Kardashian has a new “spread” in Oceans Magazine and is in London at the moment kicking it with Cici.  Her and her boytoy Cici seem to be kicking it pretty tough.

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Who Looked More Tacky?

Kim Kardashian and dania ramirez

Look at Kim Kardashian in those cheap looking shorts and throwed’ jacket. Now look at Dania Ramirez in that sky blue ensemble with the dog hair. They both came to the DJ Hero Launch looking cheap.

Out of the two ladies… Who Looked More Tacky?

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*Update* Lauren London Tweets in Response to Bossip: “I’m Very Happy”


Within hours of posting today’s baby shopping story, Lauren tweeted about her supposed happiness which we here at Bossip took to be directed at us. Pop the hood for the tweet: Continue »

Kim Kardashian Wants Reggie Bush to Propose…Like Now

kim rollerblading

Kim cakes is putting the lasso around Reggie Bush’s neck and going ring shopping with her friends instead of him:

Kim recently fueled rumors she is getting engaged to her boyfriend, American football player Reggie Bush, when she admitted she had been looking for an engagement ring with her friends. The couple only celebrated their two year anniversary in last month, but divorcee Kim is determined to marry the New Orleans Saints running back. She said: ‘He definitely knows all of us went ring shopping. I definitely scared… Continue »

Kardashian’s Miami Boutique ‘Dash’ Tagged by Graffiti While Kim K. Poses in Bikini Nearby

Posted by Bossip Staff


The Kardashian’s new boutique ‘Dash’ in Miami was vandalized yesterday while Kim K. flashed her fake cakes and pounds of makeup on the beach for some random photo shoot. Continue »

Some Morning Swirl: Reggie Bush is Keeping Tabs on Kim K.

Posted by Bossip Staff


Reggie Bush and Kim Kardashian are seen here leaving a hotel in Miami after Reggie just beat the botox out of her loins. He looks nice and satisfied. What do yall think?

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