She Ain’t Messin With No Broke N***as: Kanye Ready To Drop A Bomb On Kimmy Cakes! [Video]

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Blonde Ambition: Blac Chyna Reveals What She’s Been Hiding Under Those Wigs!

Kim Kardashian's best friend Blac Chyna takes her Mercedez SUV for a spin in Calabasas.

Blac Chyna was spotted whippin’ her Benz truck around Calabasas — but wait til you see the hair she’s been hiding under that short platinum wig! Continue »

Oprah, Kim Kardashian, And Jack Black Sing For Jay Leno’s Last Late Night Show [Video]

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Rumor Control: Kris Jenner Confirms Whether Or Not Bruce Jenner Will Be Making A Sex Change, Talks KimYe Wedding! [Video]

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