Diddy’s in Stitches

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Kim & Diddy

Poor Diddy had a boo-boo:

“Although a report stated the hip-hop mogul received 40 stitches after cutting his foot on a champagne glass while partying at his Miami home last weekend, TMZ has exclusively learned that it was actually just five stitches. Diddy wound up having to miss Russell Simmons’ Art for Life event last week”

That’s the official story. One wonders if he’s not covering up the real story: He was cut as a result of Kim trying shank his creepin’ ass. One can wonder…..


Diddy The Commitment Phobe

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Puffy is clueless when it comes to marriage:

“I don’t know how marriage works. If you’re raised by a married couple, you see how they interact; their good days, their bad days, how they work through things – you see the love. I wasn’t brought up like that and I still don’t know to do it. I never saw (my parents’) relationship up-close, so every time I’ve been in a relationship I haven’t known what to do and that’s really scared me.”

Not like this is a surprise or anything, but Kim Porter needs to just throw in the towel right now. Apparently this cat is never gonna get married, he’s too busy swimming in actresses and side deals.


Chunky Babies

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Here is a pic of Diddy and Kim Porter’s twin baby girls and “Babies of the Year” D’Lila Star and Jesse James with their cute little chubby cheeks and thunder thighs. They just look so squeezable, like they haven’t missed out on any meals.

Babies of the Year

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D’Lila and Jesse Combs landed on US Magazine’s Babies of the Year list. With the last name Combs, these girls are sure to land on a few more. Future Hilton sisters? We hope not.

Where is Al B. Sure!? Part 1

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Everyone’s been wondering about the whereabouts of Al B. Sure! following his no-show at his and Kim Porter’s son Quincy’s Stunna 16 party this past weekend. It looks like Mr. Unibrow is too busy relaunching his career. Here is his new video “Princess” with Fabolous and a group called Duo Live.

Hopefully, he will make enough money to throw his son a stunna party next year too.

Shout out to ICEDOTCOM for the video

Where is Kim Porter? Part 44

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Diddy and Kim Porter hosted Quincy’s ‘Stunna 16′ birthday party last night in the ATL. Chris Brown, Lauren London, Jermaine Dupri, Bow Wow, Omarion, and a slew of other celebs also hit up the party.

Diddy copped Quincy, who is Al B Sure’s son, a new Range Rover and a 1964 Lincoln Continental for his birthday.


Quote of the Day

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Kim Diddy Cassie

Puff Daddy is denying the in-love with Cassie claims and recently states:

“I am still single and am not in love with anyone.”

Forget about Cassie, poor little Kim Porter is never gonna get any love. Hopefully she has some jumpoff action going on herself, otherwise she is the dumbest broad on the planet. This dude has dissed her consistently for several years even after she shat out three of his children. SMH.


Where is Kim Porter? Part 41

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Diddy celebrated his 38th birthday in Miami this past weekend, chartering a jet and scooping up over 100 of his closest friends for a trip to his Miami mansion. Kim Porter was “allowed” to make the trip. This was a delayed birthday party, Diddy turned 38 on November 4.

Where was Cassie??? Awww, Kim and Cassie get to take turns. Team players.

Image via People

Blast From the Past: Al B. Sure!

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Kim Porter’s baby daddy numero uno, Al B. Sure! (yeah, he used to have the exclamation point at the end), has come a long way from rockin that young jean jacket in the “Night and Day” video. Looks like he still has that unibrow though.


Get ready for an Al B. throwback right about now… Continue »

Where is Kim Porter? Part 36- Some Family Publicity

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After recently admitting to a new baby mama, Diddy and Kim Porter were spotted together in LA over the weekend. SMH at the soft lookin’ Suge Knight in the Sean Jean shirt.

Click here to watch Kim looking drunk on the attention and publicity she gets while being with Diddy in public.

Where is Kim Porter? Part 33- Is Diddy Hittin’ Cassie Again?

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Bossip exclusively reported almost a whole year ago that Puffy and Cassie had a relationship that was beyond music and “friendship”. Now VH1′s blog has suggested that the two are “knocking boots”. Diddy and Cassie have been leanin’ on each other at NYC clubs all month.

I guess ya’ll will believe it now. Damn, Diddy just seems like he don’t give a f*ck. Two babymamas that have known each other for years, parading his young meat around while having his puppet Kim on the other arm. SMH.

Where is Kim Porter? Part 32-The Baby Mama and Jump-Off Wars

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It’s Kim Porter B*tch! The Baby Mama war is on and Kim and Sarah are playing it out in the press. In the new issue of Essence Magazine, the high-self esteem and very intelligent Kim Porter says:

It’s one thing when you don’t know (the man in the relationship); then you get a pass. But if you know and you’re still doing wrong, then that’s a problem. I’m not going to befriend, or even deal with someone who would go there”

Now it’s time for Kim to ride on Sarah, she says she won’t let Diddy’s kids go near Sarah’s daughter, their own blood sister:

Christian’s got two beautiful sisters. He ain’t thinking about the other one. , trust me when I tell you. That situation is over there, and this is over here and I ain’t got nothing to do with that”

Someone tell this broad she has a lot to do with it. We can hear Kim Porter on the phone ridin’ on Sara’s voicemail now, “who is getting more checks b*tch”?


Essence scans via Gheto Fabu

Where is Kim Porter? Part 30: What is a Bottom B*tch????

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This sure is a nice-looking family……..The most delusional and the down bottom bi*ch the game, Kim motherf*kin Porter was spotted looking at Diddy like he was Jesus at club Tenjune this week. Via New York Daily News:

Kim Porter can’t make up her mind. She loved then left Diddy, but the two were closer than ever at Tenjune Wednesday night at the club’s one-year anniversary bash.

“She was just gazing into Diddy’s eyes,” said a spywitness. “Their faces were literally inches apart. It looked like they were still very much in love.”

This is all looking like a publicity stunt and Diddy and Kim are probably being slick and feeding all this to the media. Diddy is a family-man businessman, of course he is going to keep her. Kim Porter is Kim Porter, of course she is going to take him back.

Where is Kim Porter? Part 28—The Real Reason She Left

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Kim Porter is finally opening up about her packing up her and the kids sh*t, moving out, and dumping Diddy. In the October issue of Essence Magazine Kim talks about her relationship with Puffy, her rings, and why she really left. Via Essence.com:

ESSENCE: After our last article (“No Ordinary Love”, Essence, December, 2006), some readers responded by saying Sean was disrespecting you by not getting married. They said you should be trying to get that ring on your finger.

KIM PORTER: Do you know how many rings I have? I don’t even have enough fingers (laughing). That’s not why I left.

ESSENCE: So if he called you today and said, “I want to get married, right now….”?

KIM PORTER: I would say “No.” And not because I don’t want to get married, but because he’s not ready to get married. When I get married, I want to stay married. I want both parties to be on the same page at the same time, and to leave a certain type of behavior behind. That’s a commitment I don’t think he’s ready for.

ESSENCE: If it wasn’t over the marriage, then why did you end the relationship?

KIM PORTER: I left because at this point in my life I want something different for myself. I invested ten years, I have children, and I’ve always stood by him. But now it’s time for me and what I want to do for Kim.

ESSENCE: How have you two been getting along since you left?

KIM PORTER: You know how when two people go their separate ways, most of the time there’s animosity? It’s not like that with us. Sean and I have this bond, this friendship. It’s not about ‘if you’re faithful to me, if I’m being faithful to you.’ We’re friends. I’m the person he can tell his inner most thoughts to and he’s that person for me. He still calls me everyday and we talk. There’s no ill feeling or ‘I can’t stand you, I hate you, don’t call.’ There’s none of that. We have three children together so that’s just not an option. We’re committed to our children even if we couldn’t commit to each other.

ESSENCE: Speaking of being faithful, there have been rumors about Sean and a baby in Atlanta swirling around for a while. Is this why you left the relationship?

KIM PORTER: Hmmm… Well, that definitely was part of it.

Maybe it’s just me, but that sounds like same ole crap she was talking before. When she starts saying, “Yeah I left that b*tch nicca ’cause he paid some broad that he knocked up in Atlanta a million dollars to keep quiet about her pregnancy while I was pregnant,” or “That no good bastard was out sneaking around with some British slut (Sienna Miller) while I was at home with our brand new twins,” that will be the day.


Where is Kim Porter? Part 27- It’s Cheaper to Keep Her

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Diddy and Kim Porter made-up and may be back together. Via New York Daily News:

Sean Combs and estranged girlfriend Kim Porter kissed and made up (at least for Labor Day weekend) at the rap mogul’s “Real White” party on Sunday. Though Porter angrily ran off to L.A. with their twin babies this year, she returned with the kids for the annual bash at his East Hampton estate. “Diddy and Kim looked very lovey-dovey,” standing on the balcony, where he had once kissed her rival, Jennifer Lopez, a spy tells us. “We’ll see if Kim can stay strong.”

Click here for pictures from the party.