Are You Feelin This Get Up???

lady gaga


She dresses to shock so often that Lady Gaga’s outrageous outfits are almost becoming boring. But the singer outdid herself last night – wearing nothing more than shorts and T-shirt made of fishnet stockings. Continue »

Lady Gaga The “Yayo Snorter” Breaks VMA Record With 13 Nods, Says God Put Her On Earth To Make Gay Videos

lady Gaga monster gets 13 VMA nods

Gaga and her illuminatism is making it rain all over the VMAs:

Lady Gaga isn’t just smashing records on the pop charts, she’s also making awards-show history. The Grammy-winning singer, 24, scored 13 MTV Video Music Award nominations Tuesday Continue »

In White Folks News: Grammys Change Rules So Lady Gaga Can Win

Lady Gaga Snubbed at Grammys

We always knew the Grammys were rigged. This year, Lady Gaga won 2 Grammys, but apparently that wasn’t enough. The cross dressing man-lady wanted to win for Best New Artist.

Pop it to see why she’ll probably get what she wants next year. Continue »

Question Of The Day: Did Lady GaGa Have To Tuck Her Jimmy For This Photo Shoot??

Lady Gaga As A Man In Vogue

Lady GaGa is now a male model. The alleged ‘chick with a d*ck’ has posed for Vogue Hommes Japan as male model Jo Calderone.

Check out more details and androgyny when you… Continue »

Who Looked More ________??? GaGa Vs. Grace

lady gaga grace jones

Lady Gaga and Grace Jones attended The 12th Annual White Tie and Tiara Ball to Benefit Elton John AIDS Foundation this weekend in the UK. We wonder how this event went since Grace Jones expressed the fact that she’s not a big Gaga fan back in April.

Additional interesting imagery when you… Continue »

Lady GaGa Confesses To Having Illuminati Dreams: The Devil Tells Me “If You Want Your Family To Be Ok, Then You Will Cut Your Wrist…”

"Lady GaGa Illuminati - Bad Romance"

Lady GaGa tells Rolling Stone the Devil is trying to takeover and gives detail about her reoccurring Illuminati dream:

“I have this recurring dream sometimes where there’s a phantom in my home and he takes me into a room, and there’s a blond girl with ropes tied Continue »

Lady Gaga Falls In Airport While Rockin Some Ridiculous A$s Frankenstein Boots….Pure Comedy

Lady Gaga Trips _ Falls At Heathrow Airport

Lady Gaga and her attempt to be the weirdest most outrageous looking person in Heathrow Airport in London failed. This wacky broad and those crazy a$s boots above took a major L.

Peep the comedy when you… Continue »

Lady GaGa Covers Rolling Stone But Is Still Trying To Prove A Point… Saltine Crackers Minus The Vienna Sausage!!!

"lady gaga covers rolling stones"

Lady GaGa seems to have a complex and it’s somewhat our fault. Ever since we questioned whether or not Lady GaGa is a chick with a d*ck, she always seem to pose with her cakes or va-jay-jay exposed… Like Photoshop doesn’t exsist!!!

Pop the Top for a Peek at Lady GaGa’s Rolling Stone Cover Continue »

Lady Gaga Too Drunk, Belligerent, And Skanky For The Yankees

lady gaga drunk at the yankees game

Lady Gaga’s “classy actions” are no longer welcome at the Yankee Clubhouse:

A fuming Hal Steinbrenner informed Yankee Stadium executives that Lady Gaga is permanently banned from the team’s clubhouse after her boozy antics Continue »

4-Yr Old Lady Gaga…”Baby Gaga”: End Of Days Y’all?!

Lady Gaga’s influence has gone far enough with this “Baby Gaga” being born. We can’t believe it either readers, but wait till you see the video.

Click Here For “Baby Gaga” On

Lady Gaga Is Such A Lady: Guzzling Brew, Flipping Birds, And Walking Around Half-Naked At The Mets Game

Lady Gaga Mets Game

Lady Gaga attended the Mets game wearing this bullsh*t up top. Now we all know that Gaga never wears pants and tries very hard to be this crazy freak of nature type creature artist thingie, but this is just wack.

Pop the hatch to see more images of her flipping off the paps and looking a god-awful mess… Continue »

Lady Gaga New “Alejandro” Music Video *Bossip Premiere*

Lady Gaga New Alejandro video

Lady Gaga‘s new video for “Alejandro” dropped today. Pop it to have a gander… Continue »

Some Sunday Swirl

Lady Gaga On Woman

Here is Lady Gaga getting some ‘yacht lovin’ from a black lady…SMH.

Peep more Gaga Girl Swirl action when you.. Continue »

Caption This

"Lady Gaga shows off her Crack and her World Music Awards"

We’d say Lady Gaga must be losing it, but to be frank we’re not sure she ever had ‘it’! The pop superstar literally showed her A$$ to her Paris audience at Bercy theater last night. Pop the hood for more shots and don’t forget to Caption This! Continue »