Somebody Get BeyBey And Gaga On The “Telephone” And Tell ‘Em We Said Fu*k All These Preview Pics! When They Gonna Let Us See The Dang Video Already!!!

The pictures from Lady Gaga and Beyonce’s “Telephone” video continue to do a slow leak. The video is not supposed to drop until Thursday at 11:30 pm, but if they keep playing with us, we will go to the barbershop and find the bootleg. Pop the hood for a look. Continue »

Only Freaks Would Wear This To Dinner

Lady GaGa was spotted leaving a restaurant in London after a late night dinner with this get up on.  We want to know how she sits and sh*ts with this crap on.

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For Your Viewing Pleasure

Lady GaGa was spotted leaving her London hotel wearing this pointy-shouldered see-thru lace unitard with a ginormous big black hat contraption on the top of her head.  Compared to her latest get ups this one isn’t that bad.

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Lady GaGa Says She Likes To Get Her Weirdo Backs Chopped Down By Rock And Roll Guys

Lady GaGa recently gave her advice on love. Check out what she had to say on the flippy. Continue »

The Freaks Come Out At Night

Lady GaGa never seems to disappoint when it comes to dressing like a complete freakazoid. This time she outdid herself as she walked the streets of London after dinner.

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Gaga Scissorhands Poses Topless, Has A Meltdown, And Acts “Weird”

Here’s Lady Gaga on the cover of British rag “Q” Magazine without a shirt and rockin some Edward Scissorhand/Freddy Krueger-esque gloves. Word is that lil miss Gaga pitched a fit at the photoshoot and started crying and acting like a crazy person.

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What The Hell???

Lady Gaga was on the red carpet for the The Brit Awards in London today looking like this.  This chick gets weirder by the minute, but at least she doesn’t have to worry about any slip ups with this outfit on.

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Fashion FAIL, BeyBey’s Copycat Bikini Costs Her The Right To Rock “VideoPhone”

Beyonce is finally paying the price for her swagger-jacking ways! Apparently a Bulgarian bikini designer decided to sue over a bootleg version of their bikini which BeyBey rocked for the “Video Phone” video and a German judge agreed, ruling that the clip can no longer be distributed in Germany. Pop the hood for the dirty details. Continue »

Are You Feelin GaGa’s Snowmaggedon Get Up???

Lady GaGa decided to step out last night in NYC to attend the amfAR gala wearing this all white panties, bra, some body spray, jacket, hat and pearl trinkets fit. It’s colder than a witch’s tit*y in New York right now, so why this chick came out wearing barely nothing is beyond us…SMH.

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Who Had the Best Performance at the 52nd Annual Grammy Awards???

Every artist that performs at the Grammy’s always wants the title “Best Performance” for that year. Last night, there were a lot of fun performances but who do you think rocked the Grammy’s the best???

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Jennifer Hudson’s Grammy Glam Goodness

This is the best we’ve seen Jennifer look in a minute…

More pics of JLo, Jhud, Gaga, etc when you… Continue »

For Your Viewing Pleasure: Lady GaGa Arrives at the Grammys

Lady GaGa just arrived to the 52nd Grammy Awards looking more like someone’s science project than an artist.  Crazy to us…but typical for her.  More pics of GaGa once you pop the top. Continue »

It Goes Down Tonight…

It all goes down tonight. The 52nd Annual Grammy Awards will air LIVE from the LA Staples Center, and you don’t want to miss it. From Beyonce with 10 nods to Lady GaGa with 5, tonight’s show will be one to go down in the books.  Continue »

Bey Bey and Gaga Needed Some Hot Chocolate… Guess Who Filled Their Order?

After the success of “Video Phone” Beyonce and Lady Gaga are making a video together again … we’re guessing for their duet “Telephone” which is on Lady Gaga’s Fame Monster album. But this time they’ve added a leading man to the act. Look under the hood to find out who it is.

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WTF?!?! Who Wants To Wear Roadkill On Their Head???

We thought Lada Gaga had some freakish getups, until we found the broad that’s been been known to outfit her a time or two,
Reid Peppard, who uses taxidermy to turn dead creatures, namely roadkill rodents and vermin, into wearable accessories for her fashion line RP/Encore. Look under the hood for more Continue »