Don’t Get Struck Down! When Stars Call Themselves “God” And Other Blasphemous Acts

jay z

Momma always said “don’t play with God”. Clearly these celebrities never heard of that. Continue »

Lady Gaga Fires Laurieann Gibson After Getting An Attitude With Gaga! [Video]

When the checks stop coming in… Continue »

What’s Wrong With This Picture?

Derma Blend Zombie Boy Ad Campaign

This 25 year old male looks like a normal guy that would hold a normal job but he’s not. There is something very strange about this dude…

Take a Look at the Video to figure out what it is:

This is the new ad for Dermablend’s 2011 Ad Campaign and they picked the perfect candidate. If you’re saying this guy looks familiar, then you’re right. He was the zombie guy Lady GaGa had her arms around. This is insane! Why he would do this? He must be crazy but… At least if he ever wants to look slightly normal again, he does have options.



Here Are ESPN’s Top 10 NBA Players Jamming On The Court And Swagged Out Off The Court! Agree With The List?

lebron wade

The good folks at ESPN decided to pass time in the lockout by listing the 10 best NBA players in the league. Continue »

It Could Be Purple, It Could Be Drank: A Mega Gallery Of The Most Slizzard Celebs

beyonce drunk

Celebrities like to party. A lot. Just as much as we do. The good thing is our drunkenness isn’t broadcast across the world for millions so see. Continue »

Simon Cowell Says: Beyonce Is One Of The Most Boring Singers To Listen To, She Needs TV…”


Simon Cowell and his bloody opinions are always stirring up some controversy! Continue »

Illuminati Files: Did Lady Gaga Take A Bath In Human Blood While Staying At A High-Priced London Telly?!??

Lady Gaga Bloody

We knew Lady Gaga was a nasty beyatch, but we have a hard time believing she’s THIS nasty! Continue »

“Bullying Is For Losers”: Lady Gaga Performs Tribute To 14-Year-Old “Little Monster” Jamey Rodemeyer [Video]

Before taking his life on September 18, 14-year-old Jamey Rodemeyer sent one last tweet to Lady Gaga. Continue »

Lady GaGa’s Hairstylist Quits And Says She’s A Devil Worshipper That Speaks In Tongues With 666 On Her Scalp

Lady GaGa Demonic

After two years, Lady GaGa’s hairstylist Michael Pooter ups and quits claiming that the singer is a certified Devil Worshipper. Continue »