Hi Hater: Madonna Throws Shade At Lady Gaga For Biting Her Whole Steez

Madonna Doesn't Understand Lady Gaga's Obsession With Her

As much as Madonna‘s ego may love it when these little youngsters source her as their inspiration, she isn’t feeling Gaga‘s stan-ness. Continue »

In White Folks News: Britney Spears Gets Her “Girl-On-Girl” Smooch On For The VMA’s…Again

lady gaga and britney spears almost kiss at VMAs

Well we’re not sure if it counts if Lady GaGa was dressed in drag Continue »

What Is Wrong With This Picture???

lady gaga as a man on you and i single cover

Here is Lady Gaga’s cover for her new single “You and I”. Continue »

RihRih Says Madonna Helped Inspire Her To Do Ho Isht

Madonna Rihanna Lady Gaga

We probably have Madonna to thank for Rihanna’s love of streetwalker wear and chameleon ways. Continue »

Lady Gaga Gets Egged In The Land Down Under

Eggs were thrown at Lady Gaga as she entered ARQ Nightclub in Sydney, Australia.

Lady Gaga was targeted by vandals outside of ARQ nightclub in Sydney … and they were armed! Continue »

Identity Crises: Stars With Too Many Doggone Split Personalities And Nicknames!

beyonce sasha fierce

Did your mom ever tell you to be yourself? Well, these celebrities didn’t get that memo. Continue »

A Countdown Of The Queens Of Pop… Take A Wild Guess Who Came Out On Top?

Mariah Carey Beyonce Britney Spears

There have been a number of Princesses to rule the Pop charts but there can only be one Queen. Continue »